Worst Best: Ranking the Harry Potter films

Worst Best: Ranking the Harry Potter films

Harry Potter was a worldwide hit like any other stories and films. But, unlike any other films, Harry Potter began as a book written by J.K of Rowling. The book has been known to die of the Harry Potter series tied anticipation for this book was very rare that leaves hard fans.

Harry Potter big screen style was released in theaters when the fans were not left disappointed.

Harry Potter directors of the audience left the audience with witches and wizards among them, love problems and show the world what a great job satisfaction. Below are the best to worst ratings Harry Potter films.

8. (2001) The Philosopher’s Stone 2001


The Harry Potter film was directed by Chris Columbus and found Rotten Tomatoes rating of 80%. However, compared to the rest of the Harry Potter films, this is not one of the better and neither was impressive. Still, a great philosopher able to recognize up plans for a series of brilliant film.

The film made a very good start planning for the next Harry Potter film. Director who made a great choice in selecting the cast, Chris Columbus. They did an incredible job of setting the book in Rowling’s wizards in the film.

7. (2009)The Half Blood Prince


Harry Potter film series has been a 84% from Rotten Tomatoes and was directed by David Yates. But this film was a favorite of J.K Rowling and it has a lot of incredible landscapes, it also had its weaknesses.

First, the film is not so happy ending. Then, the film was different from the somewhat forced and rushed, which appeared to be like Ginny and Harry teasing romance, like the episodes where the movie. This is just one of the film’s flaws, but it does not mean that the film is not good or upset.

6. (2002) The Chamber of Secrets


The film was directed by Chris Columbus got a rate of 83 per cent of the Rotten Tomatoes. It was the longest film Harry Potter 161 minutes. Just like any other Magic films where good always wins over evil and good. As the first film of the Harry Potter series, followed by the Chamber of Secrets film’s tone or style of this extraordinary film flow dissatisfaction brought in some of the audience.

5. (2007) The Order of Phoenix


Half the same, the film Blood Prince got a score of 79% from Rotten Tomatoes and directed by David Yates. Order of the Phoenix is the shortest film at 138 minutes, but the little we knew the story of Harry Potter series is the longest book.

The cut scenes from fans expectations disturbance and the Order of the Phoenix for the welfare of the edited film is shown. Rotten Tomatoes, the Harry Potter series was the lowest score from the film. All series, Order of the Phoenix got the more “high school” because of the feeling of understanding of his superiors student rebellion and the stage of adulthood.

4. (2011) The Deathly Hollows Part 2


Deathly Hollows film was one of Harry Potter’s David Yates continuity which got a score of 96% from Rotten Tomatoes recipe. The film director of the film with a series of die-hard work was not invited ending that left fans. At Hogwarts: the Deathly Hollows story where the main events of the show started almost eliminated because of the nature of the place in an opera.

Yates’s film made the audience emotionally connected with the story. Moreover, Yates thought the audience would not put anything over mortality in many surprising ways. Many times the Harry Potter film series may have gone wrong, but there it is, but, as the film has made possible the team most film audiences with high quality same as with other series over that’s interesting.

3. (2005) The Goblet of Fire


This rotten with Mike Newell as director received a 87% rating from tomatoes. Harry Potter series, was also an extra in the film midway stage. It showed how the film were wizards and witches from all over the world.

The film the scenes really somewhat competent and realistic Potter film was handled well by the team was that the film has passed with flying colors. And climate scene in the cemetery, fear Newell, the director made an environment that is full of T leadership to the next level.

2. (2010) The Deathly Hollows Part 1


It was one of David Yates Harry Potter film directed. Deathly Hollows part had a rating of 76% Rotten Tomato 1 movie. Although the film was the combined score of the succession of Harry Potter, Deathly Hollows Part deserved recognition for being a great movie 1 movie is.

As the part, Deathly Hollows Part 1 was an amazing movie, but it is this alone, the film may still be that good to be appreciated if it is done in different points or scenes was. However, this does not mean the movie does not have any good points.

1. (2004) The Prisoner of Azkaban


The film received Rotten Tomatoes rating of 91%, which was directed by Alfonso Cuaron. The film can be a lot of twists and turns, but overall, this series has been widely praised by many.

Harry Potter, the film received the highest grossing film of the lowest but it was also found that the highest rating from Rotten Tomatoes film.

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