Triple H Net Worth and Bio

Triple H Net Worth and Bio

Triple H (Hunter Hearst Helmsley) is a professional wrestler who has the nationality. He is one of those respective wrestlers these days, which has been enjoying great success in the wrestling world. Aside from being a professional wrestler, he is known as an actor who also appeared in a number of movies.

Net Worth: $25 million
Income Sources:Last year, Triple H the only and only in his boat where he earned a revenue of $ 1.9 million each year. But as the years go by, he entered the corporate world. In fact, he is known as the founder of the agency wrestling WWE NXT, which is the development arm of the WWE. The large increase in income his acting career in Hollywood, not to mention the support of the product that he had done.

Full Name:Paul Michael Levesque
Born: 27th July, 1969
Marital Status:In 2003, Triple H got married a professional woman wrestler and professional Stephanie Marie McMahon. So far, they are still having 3 children together.

Height/Weight: He stands 6 feet and 4 inches, and weighs 116 kilograms.

Personal Background

Triple H was raised in New Hampshire Nashua progressive city in the US state. He is the son of Paul Levesque, Sr. and Patricia Levesque. At the very young age of 5, she was already a strong interest in the ship. He first saw a wrestling match where the head of the statue was involved Jay Strongbow. Just like his idol, he also wanted to be a professional wrestler when he grew up. Why try bodybuilding at an early age 14. After high school graduation was the main reason, he then asserted itself in a number of bodybuilding competitions. Triple H just do not know who the most beautiful world in one of the wrestlers, joining in 1987. Way back in the early years. In fact, way back in 1988, he obtained Teenage Mr. New Hampshire title.

Career Graph

When it was launched in the year 1992, Triple H’s career in professional wrestling. The boat was handled by the agency as International Wrestling Federation. The very first ring name he had known that soil Ryzing. In 1994 he signed a contract under the WCW (World Championship Wrestling). The agency, was a French Canadian aristocrat named his wrestling gimmick Jean-Paul Levesque. After his WCW contract expires, he decided to work as a professional wrestler under the management of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It happened in 1995. In this arrangement, they have a ring of real Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Later, at the end of Triple H right to hold the title was changed after WWE Championship in 1999, he became a regular in the main event wrestler in WWE. He said the boat had stood for two decades. During this time period, he caught 14 world championship titles. Starting 2010 until this very moment, they would have entered the corporate world, which they rarely appear in a number of WWE wrestling events.

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Triple H Net Worth and Bio

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