Top Most Beautiful Black Actresses

Top Most Beautiful Black Actresses

Black History Month in February 2017. With political and social equality that African Americans have finally received will be here again, it made it possible for them to break into Hollywood. Today, some of the most beautiful women in the popular black actresses in Hollywood as white colleagues. Halle Berry was time to change the game in 2001 and a best actress Academy Award winning became the first African-American actress. So, here are the 5 who are the most elegant and beautiful African-American actresses really a stunning beauty.

1. Halle Berry
Back in 2014, which is the former partner Gabriel Aubrey Hill and in the current understanding of life Olivier Martinez had a literal war, it is definitely worth the fighting for. Not only die one of the most beautiful black actresses of all time, even in the hottest movies of the characters in which no such monster hits the ball on another day and the X-Men series.

Hill, flawless shine, smooth and youthful color that’s almost like he’s in his 20s, look, even though he is 50 years old surprise. Before acting, Hill has also done a lot of modeling and participated in beauty pageants. In 2001, Hill became a major best-actress Academy Award winning actress in the black.

2. Kerry Washington
Hit political thriller television series as well as star scandal, Kerry Washington is the face of Neutrogena. Obviously, this means that when it comes to makeup, she is very serious. As well as beautiful natural being, apparently is a bit of an emo guy expert when it comes to beauty products.

It is hard to believe that Kerry grew up struggling with severe eczema and that’s a good thing that he was able to manage it. Kerry himself that “beauty is outside the claimed” and why he is so special about nutrition, which is flawless and radiant skin clarity. It turns out that she had a weakness for beauty products ever since childhood.

3. Angela Bassett

2016 Prime Time Emmy Awards, which saw a very beautiful Angela Basset have been taken aback by the way, despite the age of 58 years, saw that. It looks like more than 30 years Angela after the big and the small screen glory is hard to believe that it has been passed, yet they age barely a year old or aged in reverse.

They will assume that it covers itself in cosmetics, but that’s not really the reason behind the aging resistance, appearance and color. Obviously, they do not like to wear too much makeup. Instead, Angela therefore it is always clear who is the mother of credit to help develop awareness for its skin. In addition, he is planning his debut as a skin care line for black women plan.

4. Meagan Good
Meagan is the youngest actress on a black list, and they are so beautiful and elegant. Currently she looks very sexy as the leading female stars of the series in prime time NBC soap opera fraud. He is one of 45 minutes of exercise, four to five times a week, is that bodyweight exercises include walking and jogging / running because apparently causes Meagan looks beautiful.

She eats healthy as I was easily able to maintain the weight of her body in her 20s, she apparently was. Some of its other beauty secrets, not to drink plenty of protein without the shakes and taking vitamins. He is busy, the beautiful actress, they keep it all to rest, tries to consume a lot of water, and moisturized.

5. Nia Long
Nia Long has been acting for more than 25 years and come with the years, they look great and have found that to stay young. NIA believes that there is nothing better than a natural. For the skin, it is best to use natural based products appeared. As a plus point, they appear to have contributed by its beauty that he eats a healthy diet after growing a vegetable.


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