Top Famous Female Bodybuilders

Top Famous Female Bodybuilders

If you’re wondering what some of the world’s most famous female bodybuilders are some, well, here is the distinction from the surface with a list of when these photos. This is the greatest female bodybuilders lists known for their overall level bodybuilders and fitness the most important and most of the women. Historically, have worked hard to become the best bodybuilders they can be, so if you are a girl wants to be a bodybuilder, then these people should be your inspiration. Two of these women to help them achieve their personal goals!


Chyna is an American former professional wrestler, actor, bodybuilder, and porn actress. Laurer professional wrestling promotion World Wrestling Federation in 1997 at the height of the fame, he’s under the ring name Chyna and … More “was billed as the Ninth Wonder where Rose

Age: 45
Birthplace: Rochester, New York, United States of America
Profession: Bodybuilder, Pornographic actor, Wrestler, Actor, Singer
Credits: WWF Raw, Beyond the Mat, Cougar Club, Illegal Aliens

2 Lisa Marie Varon

Lisa Marie Varon is an American professional wrestler and former bodybuilder and fitness competitor. Varon best ringname Victoria, where he is known for his time with World Wrestling Entertainment under a former two-time WWE Women’s Champion and ringname directly under the boat in action … More

Age: 44
Birthplace: San Bernardino, California, United States of America
Profession: Bodybuilder, Wrestler
Credits: WWF Raw^!WWE Smackdown!^!Tarafied^!WWE Divas Do New York

3 Nicole Bass

Nicole Bass Fuchs has been working for an American bodybuilder, actor, professional wrestler and valet past such extreme championship wrestling, global companies Federation, XPW, and National Wrestling Alliance Wrestling. Bass has made numerous appearances as a guest on Howard Stern … more

Age: 51
Birthplace: New York City, USA, New York, Middle Village
Profession: Bodybuilder, Wrestler, Actor
Credits: Private Parts, Howard Stern on Demand, Xtreme Pro Wrestling, WWE Heat, XPW Wrestling

4 Betty Pariso

Betty Pariso Carmichael’s is an American professional female bodybuilder. The competition was the worlds oldest active bodybuilder. More

Age: 59
Birthplace: Cynthiana, Kentucky, United States of America
Profession: Bodybuilder

5 Nikki Fuller

Nikki Fuller is an American professional female bodybuilder. At the time, Fuller weighed 200 pounds and measured 18 in his biceps. It’s all of 10 reps on the bench press lifts and 275 pounds to 1,200 pounds for multiple reps on the leg press. More

Age: 47
Birthplace: Dayton, Ohio, USA
Profession: Bodybuilder, Actor

6 Rebekka Armstrong

Rebekka Lynn Armstrong is an American HIV / AIDS activist and former model and bodybuilder. She was Playboy Playmate of September 1986. After eight months, she was the first Playmate to announce publicly that HIV positive. More

Age: 48
Birthplace: Bakersfield, USA, California
Profession: Bodybuilder, Nude Glamour Model
Credits: The Immortalizer

7 Tonya Knight

By Tonya Knight is an American professional female bodybuilder. More

Age: 49
Birthplace: Ashland, Oregon, USA
Profession: Bodybuilder
Credits: American Gladiators

8 Yaxeni Oriquen

Yaxeni is a professional female bodybuilding champion Oriquen- Garcia Venezuela. The Pro Women’s Bodybuilding and Fitness Bodybuilding ranking ranks as the second-best bodybuilder in the list International Federation. More

Age: 49
Birthplace: Cabimas, Venezuela
Profession: Bodybuilder

9 Sharon Bruneau

Leigh Sharon Bruneau, a Canadian model and former professional bodybuilder and fitness competitor. More

Age: 51
Birthplace: Timmins, Canada
Profession: Bodybuilder, Actor
Credits: Tornado Run, Nemesis 3: Prey Harder

10 Melissa Coates

A Canadian professional wrestler Melissa Coates, bodybuilder, fitness model and actress. He is perhaps best known for the Game Show Network shows appear in the first two seasons of Extreme Dodgeball. More

Age: 41
Birthplace: Thunder Bay, Canada
Profession: Bodybuilder, Actor
Credits: Deep South Wrestling, Extreme Dodgeball

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