Top 50 architectural beauty, boasting the most beautiful colleges

Top 50 architectural beauty, boasting the most beautiful colleges

What you decide to join us that you think is important in the college campus? Yes, because choosing college students decide experts consider as education, extracurricular activities and sports, but they think not only about active college campus. Looks great on a college campus plays an important role in the definition of college. Today the Dream colleges are popular for their astounding vast green campus. Therefore, colleges and universities began to be a great value for their campus to offer an excellent first impression for new students. In addition, the actual colleges provide convenience and safety. The students to draw, colleges, libraries with excellent features, the designer should be included in the campus dorms. You are in a position to choose the best college and you want to know the most beautiful colleges are proud beauty of building science and art? This article will guide you a lot. Here in this article I have listed the most beautiful colleges with their skills. Start your campaign!


Most Beautiful College Campuses

1. Bard College

Campus Road Annandale-on-Hudson New York 12504-5000

Bard College campus in woodland and parks with a look than a typical campus. The campus covers 500 acres of forestland and farmland. Usually near the Catskill Mountains and Hudson River that adds extra credits for college location attractive. College dorm gives students room to enjoy the scenery from the campus. The residential halls & mostly silent houses, wellness and wine contains free themes. More than 70 buildings are in a different architectural styles on campus. College campuses subsequent modernity and is inspired by the Gothic style. Travel + Leisure awarded the

College as one of America’s most beautiful college campuses.

2. Berry College

2277 Maratha Berry Hwy NW Mount Berry GA 30149

Berry College expansive and beautiful campus room and hikers from the region, from Joggers, cyclists, horse riders and attract. The campus covers 27,000 acres around the Earth. Lovely vistas, is to enjoy the rolling hills and abundant wildlife. Viking Trail, runners, walkers, rollerbladers and cyclists paved the way for a 3mile runs between the campus and the main campus of the mountain. The College is one of the most famous trails. DNR (Department of Natural Resources, Georgia) makes a deal with Barry College and manages 16,000 acres of wildlife management on campus. In addition, DNR hunts also offers suppression, fire and public safety including extensive service berry property management. In 2013, he was recognized as Barry Nation No.1. Best National Liberal Arts College.

3. Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr College Communications 101 N. Merion Ave. Bryn Mawr. PA -19010-2899

Since 1885, has been considered as America’s premier college for college women. BRYN Mawr campus nation is recognized as one of the most beautiful. Regal stone buildings on college campus feel secure in the Collegiate Gothic architectural style was the 1st example. As many other campus templates were designed by taking their building. At present, there are 40 buildings on campus covers 135 acres. . BRYN Mawr awarded Travel + Leisure as one of America’s most beautiful college campuses. Here are some of the attractions on campus

  • Erdman Hall Dormitory
  • Blanca Noel Taft Memorial Garden
  • Rhys Carpenter Art & Archaeology Library
  • M. Carey Thomas Library
  • The Marjorie Walter Good hart Theater

4. Colgate University

13 Oak Dr Hamilton New York 13346, United States

Colgate campus Preserved architecture, mountainous setting and immaculate grounds leads her to consider it as one of the most beautiful campuses list. It is friendly to students with need for lifelong bond with close-knit college campus. Covers around 575 acres with 88 buildings on campus. With the sides of the roads there are approximately 2,300 trees. The most common sugar maples and red top tress in North Campus. It shared most of the alumni of the college he Cardiac Hill, Swan Lake can not forget their experience of climbing events in Taylor Memorial Chapel.

5. College Of The Atlantic

105 Eden Street Bar Harbor ME 04609-1198

Most tourists in the wonderful campus of the College of the Atlantic and they are willing to spend more money to live on campus. It consists of students from 38 countries in the international famous college. Most people describe when they step on campus, they realize that it is home. The breathtaking beautiful French Bay is a notable focus on campus. All college fun, challenging and most preferred way to experience mind blowing. This is the best place for education and entertainment. There is no time to feel bored students. Artists college campus, outdoor types, adventures, go-getters, is the best place to look for critical thinkers, questions, seek, solution suppliers and voracious learner.

6. Cornell University

Ithaca New York, United States

If you visit the campus of Cornell University, you will find many opportunities. Campus is in a rural setting and covers around 2,300 acres. Cornell College allows you to experience the traditional college campus that includes residence halls, eateries of buildings, libraries, educational institutions, research centers and libraries. The campus, which is offered to the city campus of the expected sense. HRLR (Human Resources and Labor Review) “300 was ranked 14th in a list compiled – Cornell this list of the best global universities” in 2011. His intelligent design magazine “America’s best architecture and design school”, the annual edition as No. 1 in the nation Cornel University Bachelor of Architecture program is consistently ranked. (2000 2002, 2005, 2007, 2011, 2009).

7. Duke University

Durham North Carolina, United States

Duke University is known for offering many opportunities for students to enjoy campus life. 7060 acres of land, including the University of Duke Forest, with 8470 acres with 220 buildings that spread around the Earth. East, West, Central Campus and Medical Center: There are four main areas on campus. Free bus service connects all major areas. Sarah covers around 55 acres P. Duke Gardens is one of the most public appeal. Duke students present Collegiate Gothic architecture refers West Campus “approach nickname campus with a gothic wonderland”. The academic quadrangles resemble buildings that serve Italian and French style. United Travel + Leisure as one of the most beautiful colleges in the US were in college. Search for East Campus, music, the art history, philosophy, literature and women’s studies department of home.

8. Evergreen State College

Olympia Washington, United States

Evergreen State College, and civic covers around 1,000 acres. College campuses are mostly research is the use by students and staff as a natural area, which includes space for “Puget Sound waterfront”, with large areas of land. Apart from the main campus, the college also includes organic farm and urban campus.

9. Flagler College

St. Augustine Florida, United States

A Grand Resort, formerly Hotel “Ponce de Leon” Flagger is the central piece of the college campus. This imposing structure inspired by Henry Flagger historical mix-style hotel in 1888.. It takes place in the beautiful college campus grounds are extensive & impressive interior murals of the stone panels with our list of the most beautiful colleges, ornate hand wood and stained glass windows craved Tiffany- . It is the main campus houses 4 other historic structures, a student center, a library, a gymnasium, auditorium, a laboratory, an art museum, 5 residential halls and radio stations. Ringhaver Student Center is located in the center of town halls and includes 3

  • Three lounges
  • The College Bookstore
  • A Bistro
  • Class Rooms
  • A Multipurpose room

10. Florida Southern College

Lakeland Florida, United States

It is then no wonder Florida that holds a place at South College, the most beautiful colleges list allows you to experience Frank Lloyd Wright and Hollingsworth Lake attractive landscapes of interesting architecture. 100-acre research of campus space, ivy-covered halls, comfortable meeting areas, state-of-the-art classrooms, performing arts complex, high-tech computer labs, brilliant there are first-rate and 60 buildings with resources fitness center , a comprehensive library and more. Off-campus residence hall apartment in college, the traditional halls, leaning like 18 communities living extraordinary powers. Hollis Garden, Lynn Garden, BABCOCK garden and other outdoor recreation areas, campus events, serve as assignments to complete and perfect place to relax with friends.

11. Furman University

Greenville South Carolina, United States

furman university in order to suburban style and size of the campus covers 800 acres. On the picturesque campus of the University is nationally acclaimed for its beauty. University Henry David Thoreau, features an Asian garden, like a spring-fed lake, Florence Bell Tower, an 18-hole golf course, and the cabin. 40 acre lake is the main attraction in the wild campus. Most are affected by Georgian-style architecture of the buildings on campus.

12. Grove City college

100 Campus Dr Grove City Pennsylvania, United States

Grove City College was founded in 1876, is in rural areas and the size of the campus covers 180 acres. Regional attractive area of the campus, was unique, and it is helpful. This is one of the most beautiful colleges in the United States. The following are some of the attractions on campus.

  • McConnells Mill State Park
  • Moraine State Park
  • The Springfield Restaurant Group
  • Foxburg Group
  • Wendell August Forge
  • Presque Isle State Park
  • Grove City Pemium Outlets

13. Haverfrod College

370W Lancer Ave Haverford Pennsylvania 19041, United States

Wooded area, the gardens, with paths and duck pond Heuer Ford 3.5 acre campus is considered as the most beautiful colleges widely. 2.25 miles Walking the nature trail is one of the best ways to experience the awesome landscape of the campus. Hever campuses to Ford’s “oldest project serves as a” college landscape. Carefully lower the gardens of 200 acres of the campus intact, a Pinetum, natural trail and black squirrels scampering. Holds 2,500 labeled trees on campus, including Penn Treaty elm, oak maples, Carvill state champion trees and historic trees.

14. Illinois Institute of technology

3300 s federal Street Chicago IL 60616, United States

That cover more than 120 acres of IIT’s main campus is located approximately three miles southwest of the Chicago Loop. Around the 31st and 35st streets, college campuses, Dan Ryan Expressway and is surrounded on Michigan Avenue. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a modern architect, designed the campus. The plan set for van der Rohe campus was one of the projects. American Institute of Architects in 1976. “United 200 Architecture priority” list in the IIT campus, as commented the National Register of IIT College’s main campus “Historic places in 2005.” I appending was honored by.

15. Indiana University

107 S Indiana Avenue Bloomington IN 47405, United States

Indiana University campus landmark building and green space covers some 1933 acres of homes. Travel + Leisure at the university campus as one of the most beautiful colleges of America. Campus flows through the “stream called River Jordan” adds an extra attraction for the university. Dunn Woods, Arboretum, abundant flowers, trees, offers breathtaking scenery limestone buildings on campus. Indianapolis and Bloomington are places where the main campus of the university. The beautiful campus of the University, to the ideal college experience with a great tradition and international culture that attracts students from all different countries.

16.Kenyon College

Gambier OH 43022, United States

Gambier Kenyon beautiful 1000 acre campus, 45 miles from Columbus, is located in the state capital. It consists of 480 acres of nature preserve, is included in the list of the most beautiful colleges. Kenyon’s statement about the highlights of the campus, is the way one thing that we should note embedded with modern traditional. Campus Facilities science show the state of the art quad athletic center. College of architecture is stunning. Sleek contemporary glass and stone centaury old students on campus made to feel that they are in a beautiful colleges in the nation.

17. Lewis & Clark College

Portland OR, United States

Lewis and Clark College campus includes well-stocked libraries, remarkable historical architecture and award-winning green building. Rogers Hall Manor House and Frank are excellent in campus architectures. The campus covers 137 acres. Focus on the wonderful natural environment, the college campus Travel + Leisure, nominated by the Princeton Review and independent architecture blog as one of the most beautiful colleges in the United States.

18. Mary Washington

1301 College Avenue Fredericksburg, VA 22401, United States

The architecture of the campus in Washington, or Jefferson’s neoclassical George. 176 acres of land to expand the campus. The college buildings are named for notable women in American history. For example,

Popular support for women’s right to honor Francis Willard Hall

Anne Carter Hall was named to honor Robert E. Lee’s mother Campus

Martha Jefferson Randolph Randolph Hall pays tribute to the daughter of Thomas Jefferson

Goolrick Hall University men’s and women’s swimming, men’s sexy, it serves as a chief venue for the women’s basketball and volleyball.

19. Miami University

501 E High Street Oxford OH 45056, United States

At present, the size of the 2000 acre campus of the University. All 1st and 2nd year students of the college need to be on campus. The program comes under the halls LLC campus – students can choose their Hall 35 Series LLCs (learning communities). Examples focused themes LLC program “Technology and Society Program” and “public relations”. This method allows students to live with on the interest people. The campus includes a wide variety of dining options with twenty different dining location. The university is outstanding for its food. Three basketball courts, are in a rock climbing center, Olympic size pool, weight room and outdoor pursuit center premises.

20. Princeton University

Princeton NJ 08544, United States

President Shirley M. Tilghman described in the “college campus as a” one of its most valuable assets. The campus has been designed to support the main objectives of the university. It offers space for lively engagement and quiet reflections. College Central Campus Travel + was named as one of the most beautiful colleges of entertainment. Campus Jacob Epstein, Alexander Calder, Isamu Noguchi, the sculptor Henry Moore and Pablo including Putnam Collection includes works by Picasso. On the southern edge of the campus, you have to respect the name of Andrew Carnegie can find Lake Carnegie, a man-made lake. Other important buildings in Princeton University Campus

  • Residential colleges
  • Art Museum
  • Murray Dodge Hall
  • Nassau Hall
  • University Chapel
  • McCarter Theatre
  • 21. Rhodes College

    2000 N Parkway Memphis TN 38112, United States

College students are often complicit in Memphis, are the country’s most beautiful college campuses in the center of a fun, political, economic and cultural center. Memphis College campus covers 100 acres tract. Campus construction is often notable for its Gothic architecture style building. Currently thirteen buildings of the campus “has a place in the National Register of Historic Places lists. Rated Henry Hibbs Hall Kennedy, Palmer Hall’s original plan of buildings like Robb & White Hostel. H. Clinton later Parrent planned buildings.

22. Rice University

6100 Main Street Houston TX77251, United States

Rice Boulevard, Greenbriar Street, University Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard and Main Street campus of Rice University five streets away. The campus size is 295 acres. Holds several buildings that are remarkable for its design at Rice University campus Byzantine architectural style. Edgar Odell stressed the importance of architecture style of the 1st President of uniform university Lovett was given. Rice emphasized the majority of buildings on the campus courtyards, brick cored facades, pillars and archways. Notable exceptions are the Mediterranean and the name, “the representation of both historical and modern architectural styles, including the brutalism college to get a” beautiful colleges. Some of the buildings on campus

  • Rice Media Center
  • Humanities building
  • Allen Center
  • Lovett Hall
  • Oshman Design Kitchen
  • Dell Butcher Hall
  • Cohen House
  • Hermann Brown

23. Scripps College

1030 Columbia Avenue Claremont California 91711, United States

Scripps College is often cited as one of the most beautiful campuses in America. Scripps College is also famous for two graduate institutions of higher education and 4 with a liberal arts undergraduate colleges and other university-style environment. Gordon Kaufmann, the architecture design Scripps College’s 30-acre campus. The college is also notable for its good looks, landscape planning by Edward Huntsman-Trout. Jack Balch Hall Janet Sumner Hunt outstanding design. Browning and a rose garden that is located between halls tools enhance the beauty of the campus. This Orange, including several trees around campus, including pomegranate, grapefruit, kumquat and loquat the campus environment. It is common to find olive trees throughout the campus.

24.Sewanee, The University Of The South

735 University Avenue Sewanee TN 37383, United States

University campus is the second largest campus with 13,000 acres of land. Campus offers plenty of opportunity for research and entertainment efforts. Are mostly Gothic architectural style of the buildings on campus. In 2011, Travel + Leisure has named as one of America’s most beautiful college campuses. Apart from classes, the university provides opportunities for students to rock climbing, cave, mountain bike. College students are required to live on campus, with a discount for those who got permissions.

25. Smith College

33 Prospect Street Northampton MA 01063, United States

Smith College Campus urban environments and more than 147 acres in size. At present, it is one of the colleges of the United States largest college for women in the United States. Today, the campus includes 100 educational, residential, administrative and residential buildings. Physical beauty, building autumn colors reflect the colors of New England pond where the architecture is similar to heaven college campus environment. Smith offers not only significant for the beautiful natural environment, but it is equally important to the learning environment.

26. St. Olaf College

1520 Street Olaf Avenue Northfield MN 55057, United States

St. Olaf College’s beautiful 300-acre campus academic and administrative buildings 17, 10 sports facilities and 29 student residences are included. Restore the woodlands adjacent to the campus of St. Olaf, 325-acre lake and is maintained & owned by long grass pasture St. Olaf. Utility grade wind turbine offers 1/3 RD college daily electricity needs. Steensland library, Thori & Omeyar and two buildings on campus that takes place in a planned, long and National Register, a list of planned “historic places by Haglin by Old Man. In 2011, travel to college by + Leisure was named as one of America’s most beautiful college campuses.

27. Stanford University

450 Serra Mall Stanford CA 94305, United States

Flatlands and foothills of Stanford’s campus sits on 8000 acres. Once the place was used as a horse farm, so he is still fondly referred to as “form”. College main campus of Stanford Avenue, El Camino Real, Sand Hill Road is located adjacent to and surrounded by Junipero Serra Boulevard Palo Alto. “In 2011 was listed in the camps by Travel + Leisure’s list of America’s most beautiful college campuses.

28. Swarthmore College

500 College Avenue Swarthmore PA 19081, United States

Garden Design Magazine Adam Levine described Swarthmore College campus as “one” of the most beautiful campuses in America. The cafe within walking distance of the college, is located next to a wonderful village with a food co-op and coffee shops. Swarthmore’s campus idyllic 425-acre wooded hills hiking trails and features a creek, rolling lawns. The campus houses several student lounge, administrative offices and student housing. Travel + Leisure 2011, “the Swarthmore listed in the” list of beautiful college campuses in America.

29. Sweet Briar College

134 Chapel RD Sweet Briar VA 24595, United States

Sweet BRIAR offers to see for visitors as well as college campuses in 3250 acres of the size and experience of the students and much more. Most people describe as sweet as a place that gives BRIAR campus living experience home. Virginia Campus is located within the hills of the Blue Ridge mountains and meadows. Campus six nature sanctuaries, features an extensive network of two lakes, horseback riding, hiking and walking trails.

30. The College Of William & Mary

Williamsburg Virginia, United States

William and is America’s 2nd oldest college. Harvard holds the first place. William and Mary College is named to honor the founder of Regal English. Brick Wren building safe campus. The campus size is 1,200 acres. Travel + Leisure in 2011. College named as one of the most beautiful college campuses in the United States has plants Lake Matoka, a manmade lake and forest. College is exposed to natural elements dedicated preservations. This beautiful landscapes & well kept intact historic architecture college.

31. Trinity University

1 Trinity Pl San Antonio TX 78212, United States

The red brick buildings on the Trinity University campus, beautiful grounds, it is stated for the live oak and sparkling waterfalls. University campus encompasses 117 acres and is located in San Antonio. The college campus learning setting & it’s a perfect place around the world as well as to increase the campus provides environment with resources, encouragement, cooperation in the classroom. Therefore, there is no surprise for prizing the university as one of the most beautiful colleges. Campus in an urban environment.

32. UC Santa Cruz

1156 High St Santa Cruz CA 95064 United States

UC Santa Cruz also mentioned as one of the known UCSC, often art of award winning architecture and redwood forest environment, open meadows and most beautiful colleges in the world for its combination of natural sea views Is. Among the many interesting natural point on the campus of UCSC, “Porter Caves” is the most popular site is located on the western side of the campus. UCSC 2010. hiking trails, “the world in multiple views of the Redwoods Pogonip and was included in the 23 most beautiful campus” list by Forbes magazine to promote the college’s natural wonders. Campus in suburban setting and 2,000 acres around this size.

33. University Of California

Santa Barbara CA 93106, United States

Along with the University of California at Santa Barbara, known as UCSB. University with its own beach is one of the few universities in the United States. University campus is divided into 4 areas:

  1. Main campus (or East campus)-includes all the academic and undergraduate units.
  2. Stroke Campus
  3. North Campus
  4. West Campus

Island Vista around the entire campus community. Pacific borders three sides of campus. The campus has its own mile lagoon, beaches and Goleta Point, which is also popular as the “Campus Point”. USCB is known for its extensive bike system. William Pereira and Charles Lukeman planned project most of the architecture of the campus. Campus in suburban setting and encompasses 989 acres.

34. University Of Texas

Austin Texas, United States

University of Texas is one of America’s largest public universities. University owned a total of about 1438.5 acres, 423.5 acres of the main campus. It contains 150 buildings in the main campus. Seventeen libraries of university degrees more than 9 million volumes and precious as the 17th largest academic library in the United States. University includes an extensive tunnel system that connects all the buildings on campus. University of Texas includes things like sites visits

  • Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum
  • Texas State Capitol
  • Sixth Street & Warehouse Entertainment District
  • Congress Avenue Bats
  • Highland Lakes

35. University OF Chicago

5801 S Ellis Ave Chicago IL 60637, United States

With an urban campus setting located in the University of Chicago in Chicago Hide Park region. Rockefeller Chapel, was contributed by the Rockefeller family is one of the main features of the college. Is the very best architectural features in the college campus. Most of his English competitor imitates older buildings in the Oxford Collegiate Gothic architecture style are affected. There are several buildings on the campus, “National Register of Historic Places”, you can get a chance to enjoy while visiting the campus of Chicago. Campus that you feel the contrasts and convergences as well as the historical and forward-degree ancient and modern, old and new. Campus in the urban environment and encompasses 211 acres.

36. University Of Cincinnati

2600 Clifton Avenue Cincinnati OH-45220, United States

In recent years, many experts as one of the most beautiful university campus colleges have gained the attention of architects and campus planner. The size of 473 acres around campus and West Campus, Victory Parkway Medical Campus and the campus is divided into 3 camps. Most homes are located in the West Campus of the University’s undergraduate colleges main campus. In 2010 included in the list of Forbes 13 most beautiful colleges in the world, awarded the college. Medical campus includes 19 buildings covering 57 acres. Victory Parkway was formally campus of the College of Applied Science.

37. University Of Hawai

2500 Campus RD Honolulu HI 96822, United States

Years of his career in the Hawaiian Islands, but many of them may not be aware What about air received hundreds of thousands of visitors to enjoy, including a famous university called the University of Hawaii. The most popular Waikiki Beach is located a few steps from the new volcano Diamond Head views One remarkable feature of the campus. The campus is located on the most beautiful place in America. Campus urban environment and it covers around 320 acres. Campus Lyon Arboretum and includes the Polynesian Cultural Center that offers a chance to explore the history of the Hawaiian Islands.

38. University Of Colorado

Boulder CO-80309, United States

University of Colorado is known for its social features offered great facilities and experience for student life. Several times to the western end of the campus, “Hill” that houses students stay away from the dormitory setting, shopping, restaurants and residential space. Sandstone and red-tile roofs were planted with the multi-product that includes most of the campus buildings. C4C, support for students at the University Center for Community students “is one of the outstanding features state of the art”. Campus in an urban environment and covers around 786 acres.

39. University Of North Carolina

Chapel Hill North Carolina, United States

Campus University of North Carolina with sub-urban settings. The campus encompasses 729 acres. When Dean Dome, Michael Jordan and baby blue Jersey comes in our mind, we are thinking about university. In addition to basketball, there are many more to discover in the university campus. McCorkle and Polk campus is divided into place. Stunning old well is the most popular place on campus.

40. University Of Notre Dame

South Bend IN 46556, United States

University of Notre Dame is the best. Whether the person who does sports, I like to include visual arts, music, outdoor activities, be sure that you will get a chance at university. Holds Campus Potawatomi Zoo, parks, ice skating and more. The main feature of the university is that it is in a place that is very close to Indiana Dunes, Lake Michigan, and Saugatuck. Architecture campus affects the Collegiate Gothic architecture. Innocent landscape, the sculptures and lakes enhances the beauty of the campus.

41. University Of San Diego

5998 Alcala Park San Diego CA-92110, United States

San Diego University campus offers a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. In fact, the university encompasses 180 acres of land around is famous for its beautiful campus. University strolling around campus boasts breathtaking views of the island, San Diego Harbor and La Jolla and Coronado. Most 16th-century Spanish Renaissance style architecture affects the buildings on campus. Studying pleasant and beautiful environment to improve students’ educational experience-it’s strong belief in the founding of the university. Travel + Leisure respect it as one of the most beautiful colleges in the United States.

42. University Of Virginia

Charlottesville VA, United States

University campus for its stunning architecture Jefferson praised for especially popular Rotunda. As every year, thousands of visitors visit the colleges. The campus covers around 1682 acres of land. Beautiful buildings on the campus of the University of Honor “contribute to making proudest achievement” of American architecture in the last 200 years. Campus greenest campus in the rate list. Most tourists are very impressed with the impact of Roman imperial architecture.

43. University of Washington

Stealth Washington, United States

University of Washington Portage is located on the shores sector union. The campus boasts breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains, Mount Rainier and the Cascade Range. The campus covers 703 acres. To attract the most students on campus and peeled cherry trees as a favorite place for them. During the 1895 construction of Denny Hall, the oldest building on campus is famous. Spot for Red Square and canceled several events in the student’s work as a center for communication. The sixth man, the BLEEP 😕 Down the rabbit hole, some of the movies that have been filmed in the game there are university campus.

44. University Of Wisconsin
Madison Wisconsin

With the urban environment encompasses 936 acres of land around the university campus. Campus offers an abundance of activities including athletic events and to participate in the art performance, historical, natural and architectural wonders. The main campus named Monona and Mendota is located in the center of the Great Lakes. Four national landmarks, BASCOM hall remains as a focal point for student life. Works like a small city campus offers many activities for the students. Geology Museum is one of the main attractions on campus. This museum minerals from around the world, rock & Fossils features. Cave, some of the Baring walk highlights the backlight room and there are meteorite fragments.

45. United States Military Academy (USMA)

West Point New York, United States

Based on the revolutionary war and the ruins of the military academy, was the concept as the national historic landmark of the Academy area. Charles Dickens once visited the campus and shares it difficult to find the most beautiful grounds of this campus. Overlooks the Hudson River as well as a memorable trophy serves as the point home; therefore, it most as well as the visit is as natural sites on campus. Buildings affects the neo-Gothic architectural style that was built with black and blue granite. The campus covers 15,000 acres around the Earth and it is superb views of the Hudson River and Highland. The campus also serves as the final resting place for many famous members of the nations. William Westmorland, Winfield, George Armstrong Custer and some of them are.

46. Vanderbilt University

2201 West End Ave Nashville TN-37235, United States

The university campus is approximately fan shape. Is renowned for plenty of campus oldest area of green space and trees. It stands in contrast to the natural environment around the cityscape. The campus encompasses 330 acres of surrounding land. With the Association of Arboreta and Botanical Garden, was chosen as a National Arboretum campus. Holds nearly 190 different kinds of campus trees and shrubs. Garland Hall and Rand Hall Bicentennial of Oak Tree has been confirmed as the oldest living thing on campus.

47. Virginia Tech

Blacksburg VA 24061, United States

Virginia Tech excellent faculty, renowned for groundbreaking research and dynamic project. Campus in an urban environment and covers around 2,600 acres. Most Hokie Stone buildings on campus affects the Gothic Revival architectural style. Virginia Tech campus is both beautiful and dramatic. Burruss, McBryde halls, War Memorial is testimony to the beauty of the campus dining hall and gym.

48. Wellesley College

106 Central St Wellesley, MA-02481, United States

Wellesley College campus covers 500 acres and includes a golf club, a lake, hardwoods and conifers trees. The stunning stone and brick buildings are appreciated complement to the campus. Features a view of Lake Waban through every window Pine trees on campus. Henry Fowle Durant, the founder of what college should be educated in the middle of the beauty of young girls. Frederick Law Olmsted, the Junior Campus Design.

49. Whiteman College

345 Boyer Ave Walla Walla WA-99362, United States

Whiteman cover 117 acres around the college campus was built around the ponds, streams and natural beauty of many outdoor sculptures. Ankeny Field, is the largest area in the main quad area on campus. Whiteman Johnston Forest campus college campus serves as a place for social events. As the venue for the Quad internal Arena. Artificially created lake “Lakem Duckum” serves as a habitat for many ducks in the center of campus.

 50. Western Michigan University

1903 W Michigan Ave Kalamazoo MI-49008, United States

Do 143 covers more than 1,200 acres of land & buildings in Western Michigan University has many Finest facilities in the campus area. Downtown is located near the main campus of Kalamazoo that 6205 is a place for students to live. Campus large, well equipped state of the art facilities for students in the chemistry, business, health, science, human service and visual and performing arts as a leisure center. The campus is divided into 5 Western Michigan University

  • East Campus
  • West Campus
  • Parkview campus
  • Oakland Drive Campus
  • College of Aviation

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