Top 20 Best Fnny Pick Up Lines

Top 20 Best Fnny Pick Up Lines

Hey! For the expert conversationally. Pick Up Lines seriously? This is hilarious. Well, who do you spice up your conversations will stop the raging fire in your way? Consider taking some strange lines and will not do anything. But, man, we got your back. Though just to be safe. In your area, you can not keep. But here’s the catch. Be yourself. Do not underestimate a person’s ability to get attention. Who knows? What your funny side of things will continue. Come and read some of our FUNNY pick up lines. (A reminder: Just do not get slapped myself).

20: Are You From Korea? Coz You’Re My Seoul-Mate

Well, well, well, here comes the 20th LINES Pick the funniest. I’m afraid you have to use for the land of Korea. If you are a friend is in a Korean girl, geography and social studies or try to get someone, you never make a mistake in choosing this line. Just do not forget to open the topic related to women’s interests. In particular, before you throw a liner speech for you. Good luck in finding your civil partner!

19: Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just You?

This is one of the most used line in the top 20 picks. For those who opt for the dirty side, you can try it out. A pleasant atmosphere in a bar or partying or whatever the gals who like to talk dirty which will be a disco for a girl. Know whom you are communicating. If you do not want to punch in the face that it can not help the old school Mademoiselles.

18: I’M Not Obtuse, But You Are Cute Girl


Geometry How about this time? They get attraction 360 yourself by geometric accents spilling! Although it is the most widely used for the subject line. But admit it; you earn a point. You can not have a score in geometry, but of course, if you can pull it off with this guy line. Who would not love math angle?

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17: Was That An Earthquake Or Did You Just Rock My World?

Here you go earthly creatures. Earthquake science initiative. The mating technique.You soul or you are crushed brag lines can only tell you to have a rocking chair by any attempt to include natural disasters in the ground. A plus point will be increased an attitude to your game. Those killer eyes and crack them with a sexy smirk. This is only one step away to rock both the worlds.

16: Do I Know You? Cause You Look Just Like My Next Girlfriend

Now, it may give you the impression of a proud tone. Be careful using this one though. A big blow will destroy your tricks. Then take instead of hitting the mark itself of its precious anointing, then downhill you are not wise enough to choose the appropriate time and place to do it yourself in a whirlwind you say when the line will will.

15: Are You A Drug? Because I Am Addicted To You.

Here we are again with addiction. Here’s a tip. Someone like a drug addict. You try to use it to your SO When you make sure that no addict. The pharmacist will be good for women.

14: There Is Something Wrong With My Cell Phone. It Does Not Have Your Number In It.

If you want to have a cell phone number badly, it’s a way to get a hold of it. Just very, very smooth. After all, who would not be happy with a smart ass? You can not take place in a FUNNY lines, they better be serious. But if, you have just said to you, brother!

13:Are You Google? Because You Have Everything I’Ve Been Searching For.

World Wide Web is its contribution to the chit-chats. Aside from providing you with LINES Pick the top 20, it also allows you to use Google for your performances. I can not help you with web nothing about.

12: Is Your Name Wi-Fi? Cause I’M Feeling A Connection

How about a line from a computer geek? Improve your connection with using female gadget terminology. Wireless Fidelity, you say? Push. Atta boy!

11: Honey, You’Re Sweeter Than Pi

Mathematicians have to go! 3.14 score even when you are flirting. Recipient pie and mathematics can not be interpreted as ‘PI’. But who cares? If you have something even cheesier. Man, you’re killing two birds with one stone!

10: Hey My Name Is Windows. Can I Crash At Your Place?

Oh no, this can insult a company of Windows. Here is a computer programming enthusiasts. Your girl as somewhat dirty or vulgar, but unless you mean not repulsive as well as provide it in the tone not insulting or cool enough for this interpretation, go are good for.

9: Hello. Cupid Called. He Says To Tell You That He Needs My Heart Back.

It is two impressions. First, it tells us that you feel something for him. Second, it indicates that the person to break your heart. However, the pick-up line is a literary pundits out.

8: I Hope You Know How To Do A Cpr Because You Take My Breath Away

A twist on medical terminology. This is one of them. Of course, the stigma of a doctor in a society, we consider all the medical people as smart. Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, huh? The word itself can take a breath. Laughs.

7: If The Universe Compelled Me To Assign You A Number, You’D Be My Number 1

Destiny and how the universe is not new, recalling the plot to you two meet. But sure, it’s still sweet. It never mean what you say you are wonderful words to a girl, especially if it is unsuccessful.

6: Your Name Must Be Grace Because You Are Amazing

Do you hear him sing? If yes, do you hear that line from that song, Amazing Grace. If you are a Christian and you have a receiver, then a perfect match for both of you in heaven. A plus point will be used Christian terms. Every Christian is the definition of endearing Christian men.

5: I Must Be Using Apple Maps Because I Keep Getting Lost In Your Eyes.

Apple knows almost everyone on earth. And brand know who those people are? They love it. This line will be a big plus for avid Apple user. Most of all, this way you have of being lost in the eyes. A woman must be embarrassed to hear this from a gentleman.

4: Will It Be Breaking The 8th Commandment If I Steal Your Heart?

Get the Bible you will find a big point. Of course, beyond being an on Christian teachings you will receive. For God’s women, no delicious smells than a man who walks with Christ. Cool or without sound braggy. Just a humble tone, amped up with a Christian attitude is enough to win this.

3: I’M Binary, And I Think You Are The 1 For Me.

The language used in computer technology will create a whole minute. If you do not like it? Well, everyone knows that ‘binary’. Just be sure to use knowledge from this line of computers. Otherwise, you will be all the more abhorrent stare you ever received a fake, ha ha, well received in all my life! (OK, this is too much). But do not lose hope. There are some people who like nerds.

2: Hi, My Name Is Doug. That Is ‘God’ Spelt Backwards With A Little Bit Of U Wrapped Up In It.

Now, it’s creative! It is not a routine using the name for a pick-up line. All you need is for your mind to how the letters turn, are tricks, opposite the letters turn, and spice up the astonishing discovered something extraordinary to be used on a liner speech. Who would not appreciate the effort just to win the heart of a man?

1: If Beauty Were Time, You’D Be An Eternity.

Ahh! This line. The heart and very special sound romantic in spirit. We talk about all of its beauty and heavenly aspects, can sink to when they are in the word itself, women, in particular. Here’s a tip. Online is like honey. No additional performances but the sweetest and most sincere you can stare at a woman’s life. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Now, you see the girl smile.

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