Top 15th Birthday Party Ideas

Top 15th Birthday Party Ideas

List of 18th birthday party ideas. Very fun and exciting way to celebrate your 18th birthday. I like to go out or to stay in your home, you should be memorable 18th birthday. Or invite friends and family to celebrate with you at a local amusement park can host a fun theme party.

1  Day at the Beach

Enjoy some fun in the sun celebrating his 18th birthday at the beach. Organize a sand volleyball tournament and then bring a Frisbee lots of activities to enjoy with your friends. Do not forget sunscreen!
2Amusement Park

You ride your favorite roller coasters 18th birthday at a nearby amusement park. Indulge in your favorite theme park food and a fun photo with your friends for this special event.

3  Paintball Party

Get a group of friends together and head out for a unique 18th birthday was a paintball facility. Many paintball sites where pizza party rooms after the match, cake, open presents and eat.

4  Limo Night in the City

And where ever you want to celebrate a famous rock star by renting a luxury limousine to pick up his word. Dinner and go out for a play or just cruising sites around the city. However, it will be a birthday to remember.

5  Club Night

18, you can get at most night clubs. Put on your dancing shoes and check out the local scene to celebrate this momentous anniversary.

6  Glow-in-the-Dark

Hire a DJ and glow sticks birthday hand to create a unique and wonderful experience. The location light with black light to effect an increase in glow in the dark.

7  Tattoo

You are finally legal age to 18 years old and a tattoo or a piercing. Do you want to support you in getting the body art you get a group of friends. Make sure you think long and hard about the tattoo shop and you want to get the research design.

8  Backyard BBQ

To celebrate the 18th anniversary with a backyard barbecue invite your friends. Grill up your favorite foods, and manage a bean bag tournament for the guests.

9  Movie Night

A movie night is a great way to celebrate your 18th birthday. Hang a white sheet on a clothes line in the backyard of your home and your favorite movie project to see his guests, or a little in front of your TV to get together with friends. Make sure to enjoy an assortment of many pop and choose your favorite Sweet salty popcorn.

10  Camp Out

If you are an outdoorsy type, host a backyard camp out for your 18th birthday. Your friends is a good time to bring their tents and cooking food over a bonfire is. You can make hot dogs and S’mores birthday. If your backyard is not big enough for a local forest preserve or rent a campground site.

11  Surprise Party

Who does not love a party? Also, the signal honor of friends and family send an Evite out a wonder guests. The party and the birthday boy’s favorite restaurant guise of a small dinner with friends and draw it. He was surprised and touched that his family and friends will be working together to throw a 18th birthday party.

12  Photo Booth

Rent a photo booth to capture all of your guests enjoy your 18th birthday. Many companies also provide fun items like Silly hats and big sunglasses which allow for some creative and funny pictures.

13  Live Band

To provide entertainment for your 18th birthday to your favorite local rock bands. You and your friends can also buy tickets to see a national act in concert in the amphitheater.

14  Mardi Gras

By providing colorful masks and beads for your guests to host Mardi Gras themed party for your 18th birthday. Traditional New Orleans-style jazz and Zydeco Music Play your side to give you an authentic feel.

15  Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt birthday party running around town with my friends and family have a good time. Guests or “give a conga line starting” like unusual things in the grocery store two “ask a stranger for a hug.” Whoever wins the first prize of a fun time with them.

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