Top 15 WWE Christmas Moments Vince McMahon Wants You To Forget

Top 15 WWE Christmas Moments Vince McMahon Wants You To Forget

Depending on which you ask, can be the best time of year with Christmas. Snow fell, the family gathered around the fire, and World Wrestling Entertainment invites Santa Claus in the ring to get his butt kicked. wait what?

It makes sense or not, has made appearances in WWE since as early as 1992 as Santa Claus, and the company has too much Christmas recognize in one way or another Vince McMahon at the height of his father after taking over. Although this does not mean that it always has done, and in fact it is the bomb for the world fills with joy this holiday evil more often. In fact, Santa Claus, and usually at Christmas, does not really fit in with the world of sports, entertainment, and raw, Celebrity Smackdown, or any attempt at pigeonholing pay-per-view events in each the passing years make it more clear.

Chances are, WWE will not stop trying to ingratiate Christmas and other holidays in the program. In general, the company’s mainstream do anything to gain acceptance will, and such a strong life of most people’s sense to talk about a refusal season of Christmas and the holiday part of that is there. The sad fact is that most wrestling characters do not really lend itself to the Christmas spirit, and together rare works out trying to force them. Most of the time, it’s better to just ignore it altogether. Vince McMahon’s WWE moments about 15 holiday-themed Keep reading to learn what you want.

1. Xanta Claus Sells Out

Santa Claus list was beaten a lot, so maybe it is not very surprising St. Nick will take matters into their own hands and started wrestling. Granted, this was presented in late 1995. At the time, the first bit of violence, they had to face. Season’s Beatings children in the crowd, the first hand toys: Evil Xanta Claus debuted on TV in your house. Ted DiBiase Xanta too soon, resulting in a display that can be purchased by Million Dollar Man by way of attacking Savio, Savio Vega failed to buy services that proved to be a trick. Xanta while acting more like a bullying heel easily win, went on a boat on boat challenge match against Scott Taylor. Despite the win, as it was over the Christmas season as soon as possible, to be written out as the story of Xanta Claus, feeling out years of his character would not 11 months immediately had. Balls Mahoney in an upside down Xanta, the role of the silliest idea was his trademark enthusiasm and underrated talent to inject.

2. Steve Austin Beats Up Santa

D-X where the episode of Raw to present their Christmas farce, WWE Steve Austin beats featuring Santa Claus: a pre-taped video broadcast weeks in advance. Although “Stone Cold” was firmly cemented as Babyface’s biggest company by then, it was a different time, and to be fair, Austin was unjustified in his attack. Moments ago, Santa was mocked a young fan, some refuse to comply Rattlesnake evil. After exchanging a few words, Austin Santa crowd cleared a Stone Cold Stunner. While she was killed, Austin and fell in a month because of the risk related to the interaction between Santa in years. Digging deeper, Austin, it’s your problem, as set out in the care of the Sunni Nick Santa in the first place was that it was an imposter. Austin believably beating care whether or not she would walk again and the attitude of Santa Claus looks like a lot will jerk in that does not work anymore. Of course, when Santa was acting like a jerk itself, which brings us to a second place in our list.

3. K-Kwik’s White Christmas

The best intentions behind it, with which the track record of pro wrestling with racial relations with WWE is a tough jump to make when trying to dip into the ethnic When you believe the humor works. For example, take Christmas Day 2000 episode of Raw ring and pleasure at the most Olympic gold entire family featuring Kurt Angle parading lookalikes around the backstage area medalist. His other community together, ran backstage angles K-Kwik (a.k.a. R- right) and introduces her. Group after looking up and down, K-Kwik, quipped “Now that I have a veeerrrry white Christmas.” True, it’s not that bad joke, and no one had any reason (or reverse racism) to think that racism plays in the fun. What is the problem? Well, a K-Kwik one other thing you can do in his early WWE period (especially once Road Dogg I left on their own)? Probably not, because he did not have anything. Kwik is occasionally shown backstage and said nothing, but it became a multi-time NWA World Champion after a man in a silly race quip which was composed only notable phrase, and therefore Kwik it would be fair to argue quite literally just acquired by WWE services “Token Black guy,” and never will be that the company is also recognized for his brilliance in the ring.

4. A Jingle For Jillian

Technically speaking, SE, have a song but rather a single moment with former WWE Diva Jillian is an awesome Christmas album released by Jillian Hall. This awesome calling is not an editorial comment, either the whole point of the hall at the time was that she loved to sing, despite the tone deaf. Poorly “to automatically call a Merry Little Christmas” and as someone billboard in spite of the self as a way warbling “Rockin around the Christmas tree,” the classic holiday 200 it was intended to overhaul the album as unlistenable. Regardless, it made it a song in the past been involved with this very bad point or not, Jillian was likely embarrassed. Hall’s career is most likely the WWE for good, and Vince is still no way to cash in on the irony of William Hung money with me, so it’s probably better world is a whole rather than subject horror is the new brand is to forget.

5. D-Generation Xmas

Ten years is a long time for a man to grow, a D-Generation X Christmas 1997, and 2009 version that explains how they were wildly different. Triple H and the Shan has also evolved since their second holiday together to Michaels, he likely it anywhere as close to December 22, 1997, the first episode of Raw, as took place We have no regrets. Two of which he soon opened a small surprise is that they go to the show ring in bathrobes opened for the Christmas audience, to show the aircraft was wearing thongs. Although their bodies were censored, we know that Triple H Corporate version will never get away with such a PG-13 segment, and that is not exactly what the holiday seasons change because will. Later in the night, and HHH will Fingerpoke punishment by two years to destroy the European Championship on HBK predating, when the wound Shawn Hunter Christmas Gift title.

6. The Battle For Christmas

Santa Claus is very strong and this is the dressing, so eventually I’ll dress up as Santa Claus and the two wrestlers same time that it is only natural. This “good” Santa and Damien Sandow “bad” during the war represented for Christmas Santa, called with Mark Henry, (the song was the same evening) December 23, 2013 as Belles match. Most of the non-rigid circuit Henry and Sandow on a holiday-themed set, the evil of presents Santa smashing and striking good Santa brawling around among them. Perhaps the full extent of the match costumes fun, but as usual it was really ruined by treating it like the final battle between the interpretation, good and bad, will make added that a will be invalidating the work of future earnings respect the fans. JBL particular, the stand was arrested nice Santa and grab an evil Santa demand is very high, just because he was a heel and that’s what you’d expect.

7. Ebeneezer Piper’s Christmas Carol

If WWE show ever created Santa Claus pigeonhole the ongoing storylines of the complaint, although it may be about style; WWE TV show in December, where he was accepted as well as complete turn, this Tuesday of the Titans at night. Vince McMahon and Lord was focused entirely on the host by Alfred Hayes, TNT a talk show parody funny parody videos and vignettes starring superstars in the period, including boat. At December 20, 1985, formatted “Rowdy” Roddy / was used to present version of A Christmas Carol Ebeneezer Piper. Parody really good, the villains who keep the mock and insult Christmas past and future, using the boat as the stingy bad a stand while he is show him pictures of her bad behavior , Piper had a scowl with which to justify above all was ready. Unlike Scrooge in the classic version, Piper finally completely past rebuffs and out of his bedroom kick, going to bed angry (maybe normal for Hot Rod). Segment is arguably the best in our list, and yet it’s barely more than WWE 30 years, Vince again in history until the start of advertising merely mentioned in a footnote .

8. The Santa Lock Challenge

Usually, Chris Masters and challenges facing his master lock but forgotten by most of the WWE Universe, and with good reason. Masters eventually develops into a substantially underrated actor, but a few years ago in WWE were serious, lowlighted by constant attempts by Jobbers and uninteresting to break the full nelson. Soldiers award in 2006, the Masters invited US troops to trouble themselves against these simple maneuver, but not Santa Claus could pass insulted and challenged, even before proved not St. Nick. that would not be fair. However, it’s the truth be told to pretend hardened soldiers, it is very easy to complain about how we care about Santa Claus was infantilizing, and most of Santa efforts boat the better class reaction. This Santa was to reveal himself as JBL and get revenge for my man army even if they, Santa care was not cool either masters or WWE beating a soldier, .

9. Santa Gets Run Over By Alberto

If, that is, the accident happened when he was at the very least be able to fly out of the car, either. However, if Santa agreement was handed out gifts to fans at ringside, and crashed in a car somehow Well, the only thing is the worst of all time will anyone remember who was driving the car drivers have been. Alberto Del Rio was the case on December 24, 2012 when he ran as Santa Claus, an important segment of the crowd chanting “buy stupidity rather than kill Santa” WWE. Although Alberto is very clearly hit Santa on purpose (would be impossible to do it by accident), he was apparently upset over the incident, which means the whole thing was a trick Babyface sympathy. The superstars, led by Booker T, equally, it is difficult when the deal was crushed by the terrible driving Rio far too seriously entire treatment and a real champion gets really hurt made to believe any of them.

10. The Survivor Santa

When Bret Hart at Survivor Series match between Shawn Michaels and discussion, as fans in 1997. In 1992 this conflict was arguably a better match, and in the latter, the latter two of which were the most important thing focus, it was a strange ending. Montreal Screwjob may be larger in terms of historical significance, but Santa Claus is hardly any point in time after the defeat of Michaels Sean maintain the WWE Championship retail when Hart Brett colors greeted a had become common. Christmas was to start with a little outside of takes place in the distant appearance a month, and fighting champion Bret Hart or not it make more sense to make friends with the surrounding Santa after a match was. Sure, he was a brave Babyface time, but Brett was the brilliantly executed their opponents too busy thinking about the boat to deal with a child’s icon. Each Santa appearance virtually on the list, the boat where an attempt Christmas pigeonholing it did not belong to the future, to be a milestone match in the legendary career of doing so after made worse.

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