Top 10 NBA Players Who Could Break The All Time Scoring Record

Top 10 NBA Players Who Could Break The All Time Scoring Record

Each time one of the most impressive career record, during his 19-year career incredible Karim scored 38,387 points, a feat often beyond the simplicity / ignorance than a more impressive record, see what manner . This is a list of current NBA players have a chance to record their time in italics in (on break, I will. Can).

10 Monta Ellis

Easily the most far’fetched place on the list, with Monta Ellis highly dependent on their speed and quickness. It is likely that your pain, but the lack of drive, the intensity level, it becomes so low. The percentages are not better either. Eric Gordon foreseeable F * will not be the primary scoring threat on their team Ture, for only one reason he decided to put it in the No. 10 instead of Eric Gordon.

9 Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk is a highly talented shooter. The range of the best guards rivals, is among the best post shots from Fadeaway jumper NBA history. Age catches, Dirk Shooters last time, but when you catch them and have little they can do. He is a very consistent shooter and a natural leader, but time is no longer his friend.

8 Brook Lopez

Perhaps this is the most ambitious adventure in the list. Brook Lopez is a talented scorer in the post, and the amount of the imposed post moves and post moves inspired shot before his fatal post. Real godsend, that is that it pushes up, their point guard, Deron Williams. I think Deron Williams hit his first impressive 10.3 APG is one of the more underrated passers in the NBA last season. Because I say Deron 12.8 APG with which his new team, largely due to Brook Lopez. If they stay together, it will definitely have a shot at breaking the record of Brooke cream.

7 Derrick Rose

Most people like to see a no-brainer for a list as Derrick Rose, I was very close to cutting it completely in this list. The only reason I did not is because of this, his age, his already lethal range, and his passion for the game. That was not done about it because he is dependent on the speed. It is his best attribute as. When she learns to adapt to more of a jumpshooter as he gets older he is a very bright Ture F *.

6 Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin is a puzzle to me. I know how he has only played one year, but I could not understand should decide this. On the one hand, he is very athletic and powerful. Other, more dominant side, he is not a jumpshot, his basketball I.Q. Lacking, and his passion for the game, along with the lack of post moves is a puzzle. Because she does not foul on the defense, and heck, he does not play much defense, and he can be smart enough to adapt to the benefit of the doubt. If they can, they will have a legitimate chance to break the record of cream.

5 Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry right now is arguably the best pure shooter in the NBA. If he were to take the shot or shooting guard in place permanently, he never could have so easily score 25+ PPG. I realize that the chances of any of these people is very low, but it is not the question.

4 Carmelo Anthony

Melo Let’s just got the most complete capabilities in round NBA. He can score in the high or low post, he is very good range, he is athletic and can score in the paint, either end by dropping bombs or orange touch. With his offensive versatility, it’s at least 20 points for the next 10 years is hard to imagine a game beyond scoring potential. This year they showed a much better mindset, which will help him to score more consistently.

3 Kevin Durant

A young man is fantastic goal threat, while Carmelo, takes shots he can not always their unpredictable style of play and consistency, making will be a challenge for the versatile defender. Not that he’s got a great work ethic and a good height is based on facts. Which as their main flaw he gets older, he comes to their size, can improve. They can develop more of a post game, he really made his mark in the history books.

2 Kobe Bryant

The top 3 can be in any way. Kobe I was the first and the third one point. I think that tells you how difficult it will be for others to Kobe break a record. Kobe Bryant is past his prime. That’s why he’s a hard pill to swallow considering the decade’s best players. He is still one of the best runs in NBA, but he is getting older, and she’s going to take a less active role on the pacers. However, if he can keep his streak of 20 PPG, he can break 6-7 seasons.

1 LeBron James

LeBron James, as much as you may not like him, he is able to break the record arguably the cream. Although he, Kevin Durant Kobe and LeBron almost as good on this occasion. LeBron is seen only tools passion, adaptability, and so on. The only thing holding him back his passing ability. In your career as you progress, they will be more likely to already have a cow It is very good to go to waste. If they score 25 PPG, or more, will be for the next 9-10 years, he will break the record.

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