Top 10 Natural Makeup Brands To Try In 2016

Top 10 Natural Makeup Brands To Try In 2016

Has raised the idea of green beauty and immediately begin to develop as an emerging trend in the fashion world. Impact? The term “best makeup brand” has a new meaning. It will no longer mean a brand power or a brand value. Women around the world have understood the advantage of more formal makeup organic makeup. A good move! To reflect this trend, we have revised our list of the top 10 best makeup brands with all-natural, organic brands this year.

synthetics and fillers made of every beauty item you take at least 6 Dirty Pretty Things show. Read the ingredients on the label of your favorite cosmetic brand and understand the terms. I bet, you will not dare to touch it again.For example,

Our chemical-based cosmetics brand lipstick is crushed beetles and parasitic animal fur inside.

Fee moisture, exfoliators, and a few other personal care products containing animal cholesterol.

What Is Green Makeup
And the synthetics, binders, paraben preservatives, contains no emulsifiers are known as cosmetic products, fillers green makeup. 100% vegan and are made from plants and minerals. Cut Beauty and organic beauty brands like RMS are made with such a meal can eat them, which means food grade                                                                                 quality.

There is nothing like “Clinique’s Black Honey lipstick”, “NARS blushare ” or “Revlon mascara”.

All brands have their own dedicated, loyal fans. I agree about the quality, but what? If you think organic makeup Brands can not be equal with the chemical formulations to provide mesmerizing appeal and effect, you will have to now change their views. You can honor sexy, vivacious limits to show with plenty of organic formulas. In fact, “cleaner up to now has never been more creative”.

Women around the world have already “Beauty replace their old favorites with all natural food grade quality” beauty items. Do not you think, Your skin and body deserves the very best makeup? But wait, is not that easy as the role of makeup brands, 100% organic himself began switching drum. But in real, they still use chemicals and hide them from their label. Help you to make authentic natural brands, here’s a roundup of the top 10 list as well as organic beauty products Brands should strive for. If you say only 1 is really hard, the best makeup brand to the list. Take a look and give it a try, you will not regret it.

We heard expert reviews of the people interviewed and could be “Have you experienced the recommendations given under private label”. We are happy with every product I tried. With these products, change your daily beauty routine and discover a new you!

Top 10 Best Makeup Brands

No 10 : Bare Minerals

Every girl born on the inherent beauty. Needless to say, you are so cute! All you need is a right only to illuminate your beauty enhancer. You do not need anything that our natural mask. If you wear makeup, your skin should be protected and the environment. Bare Minerals is fully needed. They offer a wide range of organic beauty products that are 100% natural. These products will not wear an appeal to apply too many cosmetics. Instead of using lighter feel on your skin, it creates a flawless look. So go and discover the best mineral makeup brand right product that works best for you. Usually, bare mineral products all indented look and appeal. But we strongly he barely bare mineral foundations with their pores to stop the acne prone skin & recommended Sharma.

What Should You Try
  • Bare Minerals Foundation,
  • Eye Brow Powder,
  • Mineral Blush,
  • Buxom Lip Gloss in Trixie, Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Cream- White Russian,
  • Prime Time Eyelid Primer,Waterproof Mascara and
  • SPF20 Concealer

No 9: RMS Beauty


After the brand is indisputable product quality, it has several supermodels and celebrities to his loyal following list. This brand creator Rose Marie Swift, a popular celebrity makeup artist. This brand of beauty products are 100% organic, natural, food grade (you can eat, there will be damage!) Is. Since RMS Beauty do not expose the components to heat, keep raw condition that yields more benefits to your skin. If natural looking translucency have a try with all of you, RMS Beauty. This product as the customers who use the brand unique and claimed among other dignitaries flattering makeup brands.

However, as these products are based on coconut oil, you need to take during hot weather cool.

What Should You Try
  • Intense metallic cream shadows,
  • Volumizing Mascara Living Luminizer,
  • Lip & Skin Balm,
  • Un’ Cover-Up and Foundation.

No 8: Kjaer Weis

New York-based celebrity makeup artist Kirsten Weiss Kajaer research and has launched an exclusive beauty line after spending eight long years in the development of its beauty line. He does not consider two separate things of beauty and health. For this reason they have developed this product with 100% organic ingredients. The color cosmetics beauty products are certified by CCPB as organic or natural. In addition to being one of the best natural makeup brands, products are also cost-effective. Plus includes Foundation, are also one of the few products Refillable look like blush and mascara.

                                                What Should You Try
  • Eye Shadow Cloud Nine,
  • Lip Tint,
  • Cream Blush Compact
  • and Kjaer Weis Foundation (5 shades).

NO 7: Origins

This natural makeup brand has been around for more than three decades, and they use the collective knowledge of 3.5 billion line of their beauty. Therefore, we believe the best natural makeup brands can only say that as a brand today. These products are expensive but if you can spend a little extra, actually go in and kill its purity on the cover. The product components, based on wind energy plant, and are manufactured using nonrenewable resources. The long-lasting scents of product reviews has never failed to get the 5 star rating.

                                            What Should You Try
Almost all of the origins products are rated 4 and above. To keep this post brief, we have included only the most popular ones here.
  • Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight Mask,
  • High-Potency Night-A-Mins Skin Refining Oil,
  • Original Skin™ Renewal Serum with Willowherb,
  • Origins Once Upon a Shine- Sheer Raspberry,
  • Origins Refining Silk Screen Make Up,
  • Origins Lip Pencil Rosewood,
  • Liquid Lip Color in Beaming Berry,
  • Origins Reflections Foundation,
  • Ginger Essence fragrances and
  • Lipsticks

No 6: Ecco Bella


Bella ECCO products organic, natural and cruelty free. They are free of gluten, dyes, or preservatives and water. All organic makeup brands reviewed here, we can say that a more naturally. In addition to offering makeup items, they also offer a wide range of body care products. So do not forget to give it a try with this brand of women. ECCO Bella to lead the list of the best vegan makeup brands without a doubt.

                                                What Should You Try
  • Skin Survival Day Cream,
  • Botanicals Lipstick, Long Lasting Lip Crayon,
  • Daily Exfoliant, Flower Color Powder,
  • Flower Color Natural Mascara and
  • Herbal Body Lotion.
  • No 5: Sephora

Many leading French based beauty brand Sephora beauty stores nationwide. No wonder they have a separate beauty for the promotion of organic beauty products alone. Yes, all natural! We are happy with the product we try Sephora organic beauty line. We are totally happy! And registered it under the best makeup brands. You also try.
What Should You Try

  • Body Lotion,
  • Artist Waterproof Eyeliner,
  • Satin Lipstick, Sephora Girl Lip Balm,
  • Sephora lip gloss pencil and
  • France Luxe For Sephora.
  • No 4: Josie Maran

Josie Maran is the face behind the award-winning eponymous beauty is none other than famous. Free of parabens and phthalates ,, Petrochemicals cosmetics line is presented as organic, natural. Of Vogue, Allure, Elle, and Glamour magazine has won numerous awards for beauty. Josie Maran’s free tinted moisturizer won the “2009 Green Star Awards”. The brand “was launched with an aim of luxury” with a conscience. The ingredients to love pure Argan oil, land, and use environmentally friendly packaging.


                                                What Should You Try
  • GOGO Instant Volume Argan Mascara,
  • Cosmetics Blush, Powder,
  • Tinted Moisturizer,
  • Plumping Lip Gloss in Daring,
  • Cosmetics Embrace,
  • Cosmetics Concealer and
  • Cosmetics Cream Blush in Sunrise
  • No 3: ILIA

ILIA definitely try makeup brands is one you should try. Used components are morally different parts of the world use our products. Some components are manufactured in laboratories that hold their certified gluten-free and animal cruelty-free certificate. Each and every beauty item loaded certified plants. Eco-friendly packaging made with aluminum case.

                                                         What Should You Try

Color lip conditioner, ILIA lipstick, illuminators, and soot, ILIA Bot many are a few of the best selling products. Just as each item of these types of below 4.5 and above are classified in this product                                                                                    forum.

No 2: Dr. Hauschka

Organic ingredients, using pure minerals and plant-based extracts, Bud took the green makeup Beauty line often wins awards and awards under different categories. Starting from the year 1967, this company is considered as one of the most organic makeup brands in the world. “Improve health, and enhance your beauty.” This is the main purpose of organic beauty line of Dr. Hauschka. It all products from this brand is ready to work with such skin texture brings to the process of renewal. His collection includes makeup, lips, face, skin care and hair care products for the eyes.

What Should You Try
  • Body Oil and Body Powder,
  • Day Cream,Tinted Day Cream, Cleansing Clay,
  • Liquid Concealer, Clarifying Toner,
  • Lavender Bath,
  • Translucent Bronze Concentrate,
  • Lipstick and
  • Translucent Makeup.

No 1: Physicians Formula

You can appeal to the million dollar look without the need to spend so much money? Awesome right? Doctors formula that works perfectly. Every product formula diseases specialist doctors gave me clearance and are available at reasonable prices. The reasons why it won the hearts of millions around the world. You can find these products in the nearest drugstore.

What Should You Try
  • Tinted moisturizer,
  • Bronzers beauty products,
  • Moisturizers,
  • Eyeshadow,
  • Concealer,
  • Powder Products and
  • Tan Enhancer

The Bottom Line


Say hello to the green makeup! We only list the best makeup brands makeup and a safe that can change your daily beauty routine with pure organic products.

It is entirely up to you! 
We all want to be a beautiful green. But some still want to stick with the big brands. 

However, it is not necessary to take the same radar. If you have only about a “brand name” of all components of care and concern, go with the page

3. You can get a list of less harmful chemicals used to top 10 cosmetic brands.

We deserve to recall your favorite makeup brand and a place in the top 10 that you think, you can leave your comments in the comment section.

With a range of brands and attractive commercials, the same product may struggle up suiting their needs. To help you, I’m here with some big guys list. They are very famous. In fact, they are the least chemically prepared cosmetics makeup brand you can trust for your needs. Check them out.

No 10 :Revlon

Based In : United States
Brand Value : $ 982 Millions
Brand Rating : AAA

The being as ancient and prestigious cosmetic brand, Revlon lip sticks, lip gloss and other beauty products like young women out there through care products on her lips to draw released. Revlon skin care products have added another reason for its popularity much.

No 9 : Clinique

Based In : United States
Brand Value : $ 1,077 Millions
Brand Rating : AAA-

First tested in the clinic cosmetic brands in the world and has been proven to make allergy-free products. As this brand is also recommended by dermatologists, has attracted and retained its popularity among the beauty queens. An interesting feature to note about this product is that it is not the same product all over the world. Instead, they are created by people, depending on where you live. For example, they have a shop in London, make sure to also as the sale of products that suit the weather conditions and skin type of people who live there. I am sure this element is something you will not find in any other beauty brand. That is why Germany has earned its worldwide reputation.

No 8 : Cover Girl

Based In : United States
Brand Value : $ 1,242 Millions
Brand Rating : AA-

American cosmetic brand is the most popular makeup brand is known throughout the world. Cover is an important factor that “most investors their money on different channels of advertising” is located behind the grill of success. The publicity for them to add some high-profile cosmetics was placed on paid models like Christie Brinkley and free Tyra Banks. Besides being popular with women, this cosmetic brand is popular among celebrities.

No 7 : Oriflame

Based In : Luxembourg
Brand Value : $1,388 Millions
Brand Rating : AA-

Set in the year 1967 by 2 French brothers, Oriflame is considered as one of the best makeup brands. Oriflame holds a great share in the international market. It is well known for its skin care products care. Apart from the commercial efforts, the brand takes her hand shields for multiple charity events. With the sale of each product to get a portion of their income to charity.

No 6: MAC

Based In : United States
Brand Value : $ 1,639 Millions
Brand Rating : AAAA-

MAC “Makeup Art Cosmetics is abbreviated as”. This cosmetic brand created a special range of beauty products and is very popular among celebrities. Now, with every segment of the brand people. MAC is for sure with every taste and style suiting. Since it is a well-appreciated beauty brand, do not think I need further introduction. The offer of quality is very good. Since this product is classified as the best cosmetic brand to meet every woman’s needs, the cosmetic brand 6th.

No 5 : Maybelline

Based In : France
Brand Value : $ 2,921 Millions
Brand Rating : AAA

This brand is another emerging cosmetic brand. The brand helps to show her most beautiful self. In fact, the last moments of this product are great for touch ups or makeup. Maybelline New York, the variety of people in different parts of the world has gained its popularity and take the 3rd place on the list of our favorite beauty brands.

4. Olay

Based In : United States
Brand Value : $ 4,083 Millions
Brand Rating : AA+

Olay products are just amazing and certified as safe by laboratory tests. The Olay anti-aging products, has broken ground and the beauty industry market within a short period of time all other skin care products. Introduction of a beauty products, are the main reasons that made this brand to get quality reputation over 180 countries.

3. Lancome

Based In : France
Brand Value : $ 4,088 Millions
Brand Rating : AAA

Her extensive cosmetic brand on their outstanding mascaras, linear liquid, powder, eye shadow, powder and is known for absolute premium lipstick. Lancôme foundation of Visionaire has gained a massive success among working women. Liked it and valued it is recommended by many customers. In all these 75 years of its reputation for years of experience, excellent products and customer Lancome has become a market leader.

No 2 : Avon

Based In : United States
Brand Value : $ 6,384 Millions
Brand Rating : AA

It is the 2nd largest direct selling cosmetics brand Avon products every year in more than 140 countries, selling. The beauty products company has gained its popularity mainly door-to-door sales tactics.

No 1 : L’Oreal Group

Based In : France
Brand Value : $ 10,766 Millions
Brand Rating : AAA+

L’Oreal makeup brands in the top of the list. However, this cosmetic brand began itsourney towards manufacturing of various hair color products, it soon extended to skin care, hair care, perfume and products on the horizon. Is 500 wide range of brand products. j

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