Top 10 Most Unexplainable Images Caught On Film

Top 10 Most Unexplainable Images Caught On Film

They say that seeing is believing, but that’s not true, is it? In order to record things, since it’s sound recording, video or even photos of technology, we have been confronted by the images we do not believe. Well sure, we are convinced that our eyes do not just explanations of these images. We challenge our beliefs about the photos, videos and just plain world that scare us that we do not understand what we see, we saw some photos that fascinate. Over the years, has been proven wrong in almost all the amazing photos and videos that supposedly show some otherworldly. The deliberate hoaxes to double investment, explaining mysterious images are almost all the time. But not everyone has an amazing picture clarity. No matter, we skeptics have tried so hard out there that still defy explanation.

Images from other images on the list, for some, videos, has plenty of possible explanations, but none have ever been proven. But it is not feasible provide the burden of proof. You are right. None of these images are not saying that any supernatural or otherworldly way. We’re just showing the most amazing images that remains to be well defined. For each image, we will provide an account of our faith and doubt think it shows what it shows. You can make the best choice side. The shocking images seen on film 15 are unknown.

1. Patterson–Gimlin Film

In 1967, the video of the celebrity world that was a record. Pytrsn- Gimlin film, which appears to show Bigfoot walking through the forest known as today, (as friends call her or PT). Video has been under intense scrutiny and, while it has raised the issue at every turn, never has been proven a fake or a hoax. Sure, some scientists claim that it is a human way, but then it did not appreciate the move and say it can not be duplicated by the others. Some of it comes down to the video frame rate, it has recorded a slower pace than is claimed, it could be a man in a smart costume very well. Footage real or not, everyone, it’s a hoax, it’s probably best to have a chance to dodge.

2. The Babushka Lady

When I died in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza in 1963, President John F. Kennedy was shot, investigators had evidence of any kind of photography who asked anybody to come forward. The films that came most famous Zapruder film. However, the best video and during the proof of photography to this day, a woman, usually her that the lady babushka the “Russian-style headscarf”, that there was . I think they will take this day with photos or videos. They are often the scene of the crime is very close image, meaning that the video evidence taken may be very important. Despite this, no one knows who this woman is. She never came back and never had been identified. Years later, a woman came forward and said that, but he was telling a dirty lie fraud.

3. The Hook Island Sea Monster

1965 Hook Island Sea Monster Breton photographer Robert Lee is a big Tadpole-like creature photographed by Serrec. The truth behind this monster is too heavy to have been argued at length for years, and most certainly the result of photographic manipulation assume. True, it was never any real facts to show is fake. Some say that it is a plastic TARP under water, but it is very difficult to say with any certainty it. It seems silly, even if it is always going to be one of those images is not because it can not be proven in any way mysterious. Sometimes real as reality, just as a great lie.

4. The Hessdalen Lights

The odd night lights that appear in the Hessdalen valley in Norway has been a significant amount of research, but one explanation may be that we can agree on all the rest. In this atmosphere of hydrogen, oxygen combustion, and may be sodium. This may ionization and dust. It can therefore be due to the piezoelectricity of quartz crystals that gather stones or they can be just like the alien power ball. Despite ongoing research in the early 80s scientists Hessdalen lights, is the most incredible places on earth and one of the unexplainable phenomena that is not down to any explanation, nailed.

5. Spectre of Newby Church

They count or say Newby Newby Church Monk Reverend Spectre and it is in 1963. The image comes from a single image taken by KF Lord, it looks like a hooded masked figures stand to the right and like. At the same time, you feel that it is the result of a double exposure, but are not sure if the BBC, including some. They have experienced a double exposure of the image and it is not necessarily determined. No one really knows what it is and it probably ghost really going to live a double exposure unless it can prove that some new technology like this. Even with the still mask? Some believe this proposal looks like a 16th century monk wearing a mask, but who can be sure?

6. SS Watertown Ghosts

It is the story of the SS Watertown Ghosts from the James Courtney and Michael Meehan, two crew members of the SS Watertown, the crew, was killed in a plane crash after gas, starting with the burial at sea Is. After the funeral, the crew, strange haunting and captain Keith Tracey started reporting even formally report to the competition for the Company. He requested that she took the picture I tried to picture what was going crew and the result above 1994/1925. Obviously, the quality is so poor it really could be anything, but clearly two ghostly faces, faces James Courtney and Michael Meehan in the water that you see, say believers. OOOOOoooooOOOOOh.

7. Naga Fireball

Naga Fireball or river lights are a strange phenomenon that has yet to be defined. Accounts vary, but many luminous fire balls at you, he disappeared from sight of flying water reach great heights. Some describe being ignited or firing tracer rounds are phosphorene gas. Naga fireballs are often associated with a ship’s mast plasma in which the fire of St. Elmo, is created by a coronal discharge on a pike. However, without any sharp objects to see the Fireballs appear on the Mekong River.

8. The Solway Firth Spaceman

The debate raged on about the Solway Firth Spaceman since I first began to gain traction in the 60s. The shot was taken by a fireman and photographer, Jim Templeton. It shows a man standing behind her. However, even controversial figure, is said to look like a spaceman. I was not present when the data was taken and it is this part of the claim. In recent years, argues that it is a double exposure images analysis shows that almost certainly Templeton’s wife in the background. Spaceman principle believers, however, proves to be the wife of a picture that shows what she wore that day that she can not be. Organizations that are similar but different cuts, but the sleeves and collar. He also suggested that the man in the background is too large compared to Templeton’s wife. All photos on this list, Solway Spaceman is probably the explanation of the Firth.

9. The Black Knight Satellite

Black Knight Satellite unknown origin stories, but people believe that an extraterrestrial satellite orbiting Earth. It is experiences a 1899 radio Nikola Tesla early “proof” of the existence of satellites. Critics say that although the Tesla just Pulsars were not discovered by signal interference (that point) record, the plot indicated by the claims Tesla Theory “interrupted my experience of the nature environment … though I stopped doing possibility of changes can not understand their meaning, it was impossible for me to think of them as being entirely accidental … was a purpose behind these signals …. they results of some humans, not an attempt by the world, to talk to us by signal … “then, in 1998, NASA released photos of an unidentified object in space. Some people say it was the famous Black Knight Satellite. Others say it’s reported lost by a thermal blanket that space. It’s a tough call.

10. Fresno Night Crawlers

This is why all the mystery that happened before we had the HD camera? Ever heard of Fresno night crawlers? He was filmed on a security camera near Fresno are strange creatures. Wearing the garb of two sets of legs: Here we see the footage. In fact, it looks like to us. Unfortunately, the video We are the “stuff” or boy originally filmed that are looking to get new and better footage comes clean about a hoax is such a poor quality that we know will never is. Some people have shown mixed results, with the video that has been tried to relax. Although we doubt that we are walking around with a long-legged foreigners torsos Fresno, the video is still unknown.

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