Top 10 Most Popular Modern Tamil Boys & Girls (Baby) Names

Top 10 Most Popular Modern Tamil Boys & Girls (Baby) Names

In particular, the names of the parents to their children (a girl or boy) small kidsalways sweetest, loveliest and most attractive want to be. Occasionally Theyalso equally unique and sometimes with strange names names.A try to imitate their children’s individuality through their dialogue with a child is not usually agree to. In some states like Tamil Nadu, the names are given with all the rituals and customs. To the feelings of the people towards children with God’s blessings as well as the thought. Ten most modern Tamil boys and girls baby names:

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1. Mahesan

This means Shiva Tamil male child is the child’s name. According to the science of numbers, depending on the number 24. The name of a person and can easily fight with difficult situations in life.

2. Thenappan

This kind / generous Tamil male baby baby name means. Count the total number, according to Science 42. This will enable the courage and judgment, to get the name of a certain understanding. It’s a lucky name, is connected to a part of luck in this.

3. Thangabalan

This is the name of Tamil male child is precious / precious means. Count the total number, according to Science 31. This name is associated with the intellectual quality. The person’s name can not usually felt as a sense of isolation and self-centered or under some other person.

4. Vaani
Tamil women Vaani child next is God / Goddess Saraswati means voice. The number is associated with the number 14. The name of the business, according to science and commerce. The name of the person will be successful in business deals. And get the name and fame in life.

5. Poorva

Tamil Poorva next name and the meaning is the first female child or an elderly or direction to the east. It is numerological total of 31. This is the name for psychic talents. This feature can often be separated from her companions that causes isolation and unfriendliness.

6. Tamiliniyan

Tamil meaning it is pleasant on a male baby names. Count the total number of 27.This tractability and intelligence of science. Man gets to use your imagination and creative use of brainpower. One control, will be entrusted with the authority of knowledge.

7. Pirai

A female child is the child’s name and a crescent meaning. The numerological total of 13. This name is related to the constant change of plans and habitat. He owns a sword of strength and power that bring wealth if used correctly and joy. However, if it is misused, it will bring more suffering and disruption.

8. Aadalarasi

As a result, the name of which means dancing princess Aadalarasi. It is a name for a female baby. According to science, is the total count of 18. This person has the ability to collect enormous amounts of capital; on the other hand, its success can be damaged by some unpredicted results. This is a difficult and concern for the usually.

9. Paanan

Paanan the next in the list is the name of a man. This means the number that is created in the sun as children of God with the name of science is the total count 21. Phalguni Star. Zodiac sign Virgo or a Libra person.

10. Rathan

This is the meaning of a chariot or a car. This is the name of a male child. According to science, total 18. This name is associated with fights and violence in the family of the person with society. The name of the person experienced an absence of peace and happiness may result in instability with stress.
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