Top 10 Most Bizarre Deaths in History

Top 10 Most Bizarre Deaths in History

All of us sooner or later, have to face our last moment. We are the people in your life will be missed by the actions we went. However, some people, they will be remembered by the dead. Here is a list of the weirdest deaths in the history of 10.

1. V. Kamaraj

1,600,000 according to the National Georgaphic, 1 odds of getting killed by a meteor. V. Kamaraj to tell! Indian bus driver in 2016 was the first to be hit by a meteor. Three people were injured by a rock in the process that he was killed when he was struck out. Of course, Kamaraj can not be the only victim of the murderous meteorites, but this is only the case record. So far…

2. Robert Williams

Was the first to introduce the Ford Motor Company assembly line. This marked the date by one of the company founders automobile production. In 1979, Ford once again marked history. It became the first company in which he was killed by a robot employees. Robert Williams died from wounds inflicted by a ton of heavy robot arm.

3. The Great Molasses Flood

More than twenty people were killed in 1919 when Boston molasses disaster. The clues to the cause of the tragedy is his name – the streets of Boston in a 35 mph (56 km / H) speed, when a storage tank burst drowning in molasses down quickly. Tragedy many songs and with illustrations to stories of local folklore.

4. Clement Vallandigham

Clement was a 19th century lawyer, who was very passionate about defending their clients. One time, she accidentally went too far though. While drawing a gun and killed himself trying to demonstrate how could kill, he did so. The literary – he shot off his head! But there is a silver lining to this story. Jury eventually declared his client not guilty.

5. Dancing Plague

We live in Austria, but we got to go in the early 16th century. No one knows what caused the dance epidemic of 1518, but it has affected more than 400 people. They dance with moments of rest for a full month. Of course, not very good to dance a lot and about 30 people, which proved to be very bad to die of stroke, heart attack, or fatigue.

6. Hans Steininger

Hans Steininger today that a mayor in Austria, was, burgomaster. What he forgets to our city, but the way he is not dead – he broke his neck when he fell down laughing. I did not travel on his own beard, which was 4.5 feet (1.4 meters) it would not be a surprise. >> 10 truly exceptional human deaths.

7. George Plantagenet

List of other strange deaths were accidental, but George Plantagenet chose their own destiny. After losing the war Rose, George’s brother, Edward IV was to be executed by the order. As a true example of fraternal love, Edward said he would like to kill. For which George showed a level of creativity that he would always be remembered. Forget about the head, George Plantagenet chose to dig in against his favorite wine, Malvasia barrels.

8. Béla I of Hungary

In Bela was the man responsible for the collapse of paganism in Hungary, which is still celebrated in this country. However, pagans fighting is not only interesting thing about Bela. Died in the Hungarian schools is not thought, but it is interesting would be an understatement to say. This royal throne after the injury that caused her life is claimed, falls apart underneath.

9. Qin Shi Huang

Qin Shi Huang’s name mentioned every time she wakes respect the Chinese people. He was one of the most successful rulers of China’s First Emperor and his. Who would not like to be king? Qin Shi Huang was the king who always wants to be liked so much. Unfortunately, someone told him that he would gain immortality by drinking the deadly poison mercury. He said he did not become immortal, but he ended up on our list. quite good…

10. Aeschylus

Known as one of the wisest men of ancient Greece, the tragedy is remembered by Aeschylus wrote. Although his death, as a comedy, but can also be the most tragic. A Roman writer, who lived a few centuries after Aeschylus, Greek tragedian fall from heaven, was killed by a turtle!

You probably it could not possibly be correct in thinking, but you’re waiting to read about how it happened. This error eagle, for a rock to break the tortoise shell dropped a tortoise on his head bold. Eagles as turtles drop the stone, is the story of the death of Aeschylus can not be a lie after all.

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