Top 10 Jedi Masters Who Survived Order 66 (And 4 Who Should Have)

Top 10 Jedi Masters Who Survived Order 66 (And 4 Who Should Have)

These words change the galaxy forever. Lands were once ruled by the Republic and the Jedi Order that will now be taken by the Galactic Empire. Darth Sidious plan they hope will be even better than what I have indicated, until its full extent. Light Jedi Council was blind to the dark matter, and he paid the ultimate price for it. Clone Troopers changed masters, will be seduced by the dark side of the force of the young Anakin Skywalker.

Revenge of the Sith: It was one of the hardest things to see in Star Wars always montage. What would you say about the prequels, but the worst disappointment about seeing below to get a cut of the Jedi was always something. Every time I see him, I’m hoping that it will somehow turn out any differently. But it never does.

Although it was not what totally disappointed. After all, we can see how to escape from the clutches of King master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. They both need to retire to their own worlds and even once they put their Jedi way. However, he did not do it out alive. Star Wars expanded universe (even Disney’s canon or do not know), there was actually quite a good number of orders 66 surviving Jedi.

Without any further delay, here are 11 of the Jedi Masters who should remain the order of 66, as well as living through it as well as four other masters.

1. Mace Windu

Chinese Windu to go on record and say that his death was coming. This does not mean that they must die eventually anyway. All these light Jedi Council seemed blind to the ways Windu was probably the most extreme. He partook in a very original trilogy of the great battles of all time and one of the great lights of the Jedi. During Revenge of the Sith he had, from the ranks of a Sith Lord that I, among others. After an investigation, Windu discovered that Chancellor Palpatine was actually Darth Sidious. It’s bringing a squadron of three Jedi, he tried to arrest the Emperor. As you would expect it to be more than able to cope with one of the Jedi Sith. Unfortunately, they were all cut down, leaving only the Windu to fight it. The Jedi Master finally Though Sidious on the brink of death, he said in the light of the Jedi Code to cancel and kill him, try stating, some film Sidious Anakin that he be spared is very dangerous. “this statement is due to be Anakin was to save the Emperor and Darth Vader.

2. Ki Adi Mundi

By the time Silla Phantom Menace took place, Adi had already served the world as a master of the Jedi Jedi Council. Unfortunately, he, then a lot of other members, pride and corruption Darth Sidious suffered during that allowed them to implement this final project. During the Clone Wars, the world was a powerful general and Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano fought a lot of battles side by side. Ki Adi Quinlan Vos after redeeming the world who was one of the Jedi Dooku and was tainted by the dark side of the light. He was also in favor of Ventress come up with this fellow. During Revenge of the Sith, Ki Adi were a force led across a bridge on the planet Mygeeto. During the attack on the separation, the king commanded, and clones the world online. Unfortunately for the Jedi Master, they feel cheated a little bit late. He was able to a large number of aims Blaster bolts to turn, but to be carried out by the soldiers of a hit due to a stagger. Like the previous two entries, death looks a little funny. However, maybe that was the point behind this project Sidious.

3. Aayla Secura

Aayla Secura, including a list like this, there is a great fighter. In many games like Star Wars Battlefront 2, often two lightsabers wields. When combined with the use of force, there are not many battles that he can not overcome it. It is good to be part of his master, Quinlan Vos, you may recognize from the first list have been trained in the Jedi ways by anyone. How great that he was the master, he took most of his knowledge and his opponents in order to fight on many of his skills. In Revenge of the Sith, Secura separation was stationed with a large force on a distant planet to deal with were the droids. However, fans of the series know, the emperor gave orders to shoot 66 Secura Clone Troopers behind his back. Although, at this moment feel so Secura was unfitting for a character. After all, they should be able to feel the force behind it? He may have been distracted or something, but I feel like the lame or the entire scene.

4. Master Plo Koon

PLO Koon’s Jedi Master is an amazing fighter and only as one of the greatest fighters of all time Jedi light has a very strong potential. Today is one of the best in the history of the Jedi, he was the one who found the beginning of the Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano. Part of his excellence in war often afraid that regularly will also take part in the light of the Jedi usually lead to being sent on dangerous missions. During the Clone Wars, Plo Koon’s Republic has become a common army and took part in fierce battles on the planet Geonosis. On top of being a great fighter, PLO Koon and, as necessary, an expert pilot was offered decent air support. Order of 66 he was one of many Jedi were cut down, but he died on the way so feel cheap (in my opinion). They were ordered to lead the clone fighters, but the Emperor ordered a shot, they shoot their fighter, and he fell from the sky in a fatal accident.

5. Master Yoda

If you think the greatest Jedi, Yoda that there would be complete without a list. In the original trilogy, it was a lot of love for the little green man. He was incredibly, though, we found the true scope of the full capacity and power ever. We knew something was very strong in the military. Fortunately, what we had in the original trilogy, Jedi Master found a much better way powerful. One of the wisest of light Jedi Council, was a lot of skills to back up his talk of Yoda. Despite his size, he was known as the greatest fighter ever known Jedi. Flip and his movements and force used to maneuver around their opponents, it seems that he was almost untouchable. Order was brought in 66 games quietly behind the clone troopers were going to kill him. However, sensing something was, Yoda new king was able to fall before your enemies quality dueling. Sadly, it was not because he won the Battle of Yoda and the Jedi Order of the Sith invasion had failed to see, he exiled himself from the swamp planet of Dagobah.

6. Obi Wan Kenobi

The original trilogy fans were excited to see the young Padawan version of Ben Kenobi. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. By Obi-Wan was filled with great moments and action scenes that make one of the most famous Jedi in existence. While they are not perfect and ultimately failed his apprentice Anakin Skywalker, he still fights for the overall good of others and the entire galaxy. On the way he did about as well as for the many encounters with deadly droids Sith Lords countless helped her to use their skills (how painful battle with her?). When order was put into operation 66, the Obi was able to be confident that there were no clone troopers to discover van, so he was able to escape with his life. However, he thought Anakin fell to the dark side knew that once he had failed his apprentice and pay for his mistakes. The new Darth Vader fought, but he will never be the same. He said Tatooine, how the story goes from there went into hiding where they will watch over the young Luke Skywalker and we all know that.

7. Ahsoka Tano

The Clone Wars animated series made its debut several years ago, it was an in-depth look good in Anakin and Obi-Wan were made during this period of time. In this, Anakin Ahsoka Tano’s name was a cute little apprentice. However, too much for many viewers, do not stop order will be inevitable and that 66 had died before one way or another, the days of the empire because he knew. Not just when it was revealed that she was alive, but they were in for a surprise shock that it was ready to help rebels in their struggle against the Empire, Star Wars Rebels audience. This Darth Vader, Tano led a brutal war against his former mentor. In the series, he chose to run away from a horrific realities of the order was actually 66. After all, it was he removed himself from the light of the Jedi Order, he managed to stay alive that is. When faced with Vader, though, he chose to go to the head and apparently lost his life in the process.

8. A’Sharad Hett

Fell to the Dark Side is another surviving Jedi, A’Sharad Hett story a bit more gripping. Hett one of which was a skilled Jedi Knight Tusken Raiders on Tatooine, was born. As she grew up she was raised as both a Raider and a Jedi. However, his father finally down by a bounty hunter, I will cut Hett took his father’s lightsaber and try to get real light Jedi training. Finally, he and his mentor, Ki Adi will throw him in jail to find the world, the Bounty Hunter. Then, Hett is active as a mentor to become a Jedi Knight, and the Clone Wars, he became a Jedi Master. In order 66, Hett was on a scouting mission, and did not have many clones have. He said another investigation to find out what happened and change killed the people. He said that he was alive only because of light Jedi, Hett Tusken Raiders have to be that he grew up with a war leader to be returned to Tatooine. Finally become brutal, and they eventually led to Obi-Wan Kenobi, who crosses paths with her hands cut off. After being deported, Hett many planets, where they will travel in the end will be seduced by the dark side to become Darth Krayt.

9. The Grand Inquisitor

The prequel trilogy is one thing that is right, it was showing how you can weasel his way into a Sith Lord, the Jedi Order. In case that the Jedi themselves were blinded by their own pride and aspirations, and fell from grace with each passing film. During the Clone Wars series, there was a bomb threat in light of the Jedi order. The protagonist was prepared for the Ahsoka Tano, but after some investigation, proved otherwise Anakin Skywalker. Light Jedi Knights became his trial observed that in order to be smaller than a light hearted Jedi and realized that he had become very corrupt. It left the light of the Jedi Order and he finally started looking for their own way, where I was seduced by the dark side. Until then, he had led, and Darth Vader survived the 66, I chose to join the Galactic Republic. Dangerous and scary as taking the title of Grand Inquisitor, the new Sith was as you’d expect. Responsible Luminara’s death, investigators have many ways of hunting down the remaining Jedi. He was an unstoppable force the rebels appeared, but in the end it led to his death at the hands of Conan Jarrus.

10. K’Kruhk

Unlike many other entries on this list, K’Kruhk was a Jedi Order 66 that left not only alive, but ended up with a new light Darth Jedi Order after the death of Sidious. Order was over 66, K’Kruhk other Jedi in time, younglings of a group. Clone troopers after seeing he was just hitting and killing younglings, he and his colleagues put them together to bring down their minds. Along the way, he is a self-sacrifice of the friends he can get away, and they went out when the emperor was killed after hiding for several years, never. After all the experience and skills acquired during the Clone Wars, K’Kruhk immediately became one of the most respected and feared dead Jedi. As a matter of fact, from the time after the events of Return of the Jedi, K’Kruhk was the oldest living Jedi. After the fall of the Galactic Empire, Sith has threatened to bring his death there were a handful of events. , Including K’Kruhk, New Jedi Order worked together effectively to prevent the Sith from rising more than once.

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