Top 10 Interesting Facts About Coonoor

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Coonoor

Holiday season is going on in India, and has been involved in making it very memorable to everyone. He is the best of its associates or any person’s life when they share some memorable holidays with friends. Making the holidays a memorable one depends on what you spend your holidays. We talked about the current situation of going out for a vacation recently, most people prefer it to be a hill station. To prevent less same.India concept in India, who Jammu or Kashmir, Shimla or Manali, Kulu or from Nainital, Shillong, Gangtok, or whether it is a land, which is vibrating or more stations, the the lure is filled hill station destination.

But, Coonoor to add something different when talking about a vacation on a hill station. Coonoor is not a city or state, which is a part of a municipality, Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu and a Taluk. Coonoor from sea level which makes it the second largest hill station in the Nilgiris Ooty is situated at an altitude of above 1,850 metric tons. The beauty of the place is full of mesmerizing and soothing Sightseeing picturesqueness. We believe this is the best place for a vacation a very memorable one.

Apart from this, the 10 interesting facts about Coonoor are listed below:

1. Remarkable places to visit
Coonoor This place has many places to visit which one can travel quite a recall. The fall, Lady Canning seat, Lamb’s Rock, Sim Park, silk rearing station and see a lot of spots to stop and explore it, which makes it a perfect destination for family and friends.

2. Exciting place for shopping
The place is a very interesting place to shop at cheaper prices. We know the place well-known tea plantation as, but heap jewelry is also known which is made by using the Toda tribe to move along the regions of Coonoor.

3. Enjoy the delicious taste of local food
Although we know basically fist in the southern part of India, South Indian food, but Coonoor is quite good at every meal. Coonoor local cuisine is also famous as a food of India. Taste local food is so good that you might need again.

4. Mesmerizing beauty of Doorg
If anyone is thinking of a picnic or some picturesque view, is just 15 kilometers from a place that is Doorg Coonoor. The place is also linked with the name of famous historical character, the Tipu Sultan, who use it as a footstool. Doorg place is also a favorite place for trekking lovers together very precisely the checkpoints near some awareness.

5. Sensational road trip
Some thrilling sight and road road trip through the tea garden you can make a very memorable one, mainly travel from Ooty to Coonoor. Travel turns in the hills, goes from green seat and must be taken care off while driving, for which some hairline. In addition, because the journey is a long one foreign as it might end up in the beauty of Coonoor.

6. Be the part of the festive season:
The place is often done by the local people and visitors, which starts in January and ends in May the festival season. Coonoor most complete tourist group and “Tea and Tourism Festival is known for a festival that Nil Gree tea, which is devoted to tea plantation groups as well as the” month of the Coonoor is Jan organized every year. One, but not officially, which used to take place in Sim Park during the month of May each year. “Fruit and vegetables is the most popular festival of festivals”. So, as, visiting once a holiday season should be a part of this popular event. Coonoor is a festival of great importance for the local people of Coonoor.

7. Trekking in marvelous and the giants Nilgiris hill:
Hills, mountain and also to track the location of Nilgir advertising that makes the best place for trekkers who I love. Highlands is the place looks like an extraterrestrial visitors to Earth for the charming beauty as for trekkers.

8. Calm, peaceful and pleasant weather:
March is the best month to visit Coonoor place, the month of October is the intermediate temperature range. Moderate with some snow and cold temperatures of space is a thrill to watch a funny look.

9. Great view of the place with toy trains:
Rare and delightfully designed toy train, which attracts tourists who want to visit the place with a view of the real beauty of nature. It is designed primarily for people, but it is also used by visitors. The train passes through some innocent beauty of nature and tunnels, and approach to the speed of a train is to note the ease beauty of nature in their camera to the store and slow so you can hop out Is.

10. Experience the place of mix culture and religion:
Coonoor place where people of different cultures living here. Visiting often a key three forms of culture are Hindu, Christian, and Muslim with accounts with some other culture and religion of these cultures and people. Many people warmly welcome visitors belong to any culture or religion and it feels like they have their own place.

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