Top 10 Honey Brands in India With Price 2017

Top 10 Honey Brands in India With Price 2017

In our daily life we had so many things to keep the junk food and medicines, chemicals and insects. For that we’ll feature some immunity from their everyday life and healing to which. Anti-bacterial and healing properties of honey, which is a kind of food. Even using it on a regular basis to improve athletic performance. This is a very good source of minerals and vitamins. It also has antioxidant properties help fight diseases like cancer etc.

There are different brands come in Honey some of the top 10 good Honey brands in India are as     below –

1. Dabur 

It is best, a honey and is known for the quality and taste of all India. It is the purest form of honey. It was established in the year 1884 and it was also in Ayurvedic medicine. Take care of the purity and being the best alternative to sugar. This weight will be reduced. 500 gram bottle cost around Rs 200 /

This is one of the best natural products available with us cough that can help in the treatment of various diseases, cold, makes the person’s immune system to fight the disease.

2. Patanjali


Was established in 2006. This year they produce different Ayurvedic products with honey. It has its manufacturing unit in Nepal. He created more than 500 products around in various categories. Honey nutritive and antiseptic properties. It is used in various diseases of cough and cold and could be improved. It is purely organic. 500 grams is around Rs 140 / half the cost of honey -.

3. Himalaya Forest


Honey are far from cities which are taken from the wild. Honey is collected from nature and that it was made is for people without any contamination of fresh honey. This year it was founded in 1930 and deals in baby care, ayurvedic products and many more different products. Cost Rs 390 for 1 kg of honey.

4. Baidyanath 


India is the largest producer of Ayurvedic medicine, which was developed by Shri Baidyanath Ayurved Bhavan. This year 1917. The years 2005 and 2009. I was founded in Nagarjun awards he had received various Ayurvedic products. The quality of honey and fever medicines, helps in asthma and colds. Amount is taken regularly, it will help maintain the health of it. 250 grams of Rs 122 / cost jars

5. Beez Honey 


Packaging carries bottle of honey stored in different packages, easy pressure PET jars, PET jars and hexagon shape is like the pet jar bottle. Honey HACCP, ISO 22000 and is certified by the FDA. Honey is made by taking proper care of its safety and quality. This is the best nutrients. Cost of 500 grams bottle is Rs 70 / -.

6. Himflora Gold


The name under the Food Max was established in 2005. The spices, herbs, etc. produce different products with the best quality as it is present in approximately 75 countries all over India. The restaurant, has been used by food chains and hotels. Its flavor is known for its excellent. Honey insects from pesticides and fertilizers. 150 – 500gm jar costs about Rs 100.

7. Mantra Honey 


The company has 24 spells from the right side. Honey is organic and does not contain any preservatives in them. Was established in 2004. This year is all organic products produced by them. Honey India, according to US and EU standards. Honey Rs.130 / cost around 250 grams bottle

8. Organic Forest 


Its use is safe and does not contain any preservative and artificial flavors that one organic honeys. They are harmful to health and makes them safe to use, which are not included in this honey. Himalayan honey, floral honey is collected. For this reason it is very difficult to find it and make it. It contains all the goodness of the Himalayas. 400 grams is around Rs 250 / jar cost around

9. Little Bee 


This is one of the leading brands and is one of India’s largest exporter and producer in the world. Honey is the best and the best of equipment. 2000 and HACCP It is certified under ISO 9001. Honey is present in approximately 42 countries around the world. By which they have their own bee hives and produce the best organic honey. Honey Rs.600 / cost around 500 grams

10. Hitkari


It is a well established company with 15 years of experience. He also produced which Sharbats healthy drinks. The two brands which are known around the honey and honey Hitkary Himgiri. No compromise by those standards is not the best and because of that rule the hearts of people. It was developed by Hitkary pharmacy offers the best nutrition. 500 grams of honey costs around Rs 350.

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