Top 10 Books to Read in Your 20s

Top 10 Books to Read in Your 20s

If you have a base, you are constantly changing, growing, and learning. If you are setting up a foundation for your life, books are a great way to learn more about the world and expand your horizons. Books on this list are a great way to learn about other cultures and experience different perspectives and history. These books will make you think.

1 In the Hand of Dante

This book consists of two separate stories that intertwine together. Founded in the 14th century in Italy and Sicily and features Dante Alighieri. Other autumn is a fictionalized version of Nick Tosches as the main character of the film in 2001. Dante, as historical and modern stories alternative tries to write his magnum opus and is on a journey of Sufism in Sicily. Meanwhile, Tosches, as something of an expert on Dante, speculation by traders of the black market have been written by Dante himself is said to verify the authenticity of the manuscript of the Divine Comedy.

This book is so good and exciting, you’ll find it hard to put down. If Dante, The Divine Comedy, or do not know Tosches, this is a must read. Johnny Depp is read and supposedly bought the rights to turn it into a movie – so it is good that you know.

2 The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

This is not just a book. In 1968, The New York Times Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test “is the best book on the bus hippies … [but] my book.” The fact that the techniques in this crazy Tom published a work of literary journalism by Wolfe, 1968. Using the military and the new media genre, “nonfiction novel” Story of Ken Kesey and his Merry pranksters The band says. Book (called an early book by misspelling the bus placard is “Furthur”) by Dub “more” painted a psychedelic follows pranksters nationwide while driving the school bus they use LSD and other psychedelic drugs as signs of personal and collective effort. Book acid test, performances by the Grateful Dead, Mexico and the description of Kesey’s exile.

This book is a journey that you are not a hippie, or LSD has never even. It is the land of my pranksters, and as such if it just got a little cooler you feel that you might sq read it, you feel it. The film version of the book is believed to be in development with Gus Van Sunni guidance.

3 The Fountainhead

This book, Rand’s first major literary success, his fame and financial success eventually brought more than 6.5 million copies were sold worldwide. Ayn Rand was a strong, opinionated woman, and the first feminist call. The Rand advocated reason as the only source of knowledge and rejects all forms of belief and religion. They support the rational egoism and moral rejection of human friendship. In politics, they were morally condemned by the power and opposition to all forms of collectivism and statism – Instead of laissez-faire capitalism, which he believed he was the only social system that protected individual rights. He promoted the romantic realism in art. She was criticized most other philosophers and philosophical traditions. In short, Ayn Rand was a crook.

Source protagonist, Howard Roark, an individualistic young architect who chooses to struggle in obscurity rather than compromise his artistic and personal vision. The book focuses on the establishment of a public traditional, modern architecture, he follows his battle to keep watch as it is believed to be superior. Novel ways different characters rand human character from other characters Roark, Roark, the ideal man, the author of the independent-mindedness, integrity, and described all the evidence, all of which are variations between as “second handers. ” Roark and support that either way hinders its development (or both) of the novel complex relationships between different kinds to a romantic drama and a philosophical one people. Roark is the embodiment of the human spirit Rand, and represents the triumph of individualism over collectivism their struggle.

The manuscript was rejected by twelve publishers before a young editor Archibald Ogden Bobbs- in Merrill Company, risked his job to get it published. Despite mixed reviews from contemporary media, the book has gained a following by word of mouth and became a bestseller. 1949 Rand novel which was made into a Hollywood film written script, and Gary Cooper played Roark. It also made it on an episode of “The Simpsons.”

4 Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates

Switters is a contradiction for all seasons. Although is an anarchist, a pacifist puts a gun carrying, a vegetarian ham gravy up SOPs, hate one cyberwhiz computers, obsessed with a man, Innocence Protection works for the government, the pain of his high school to remove the old stepsister (only ten years to become a nun equally enamored of his senior). Still, something about the weak Switters. He does not just pack a pistol. He said that a pistol. And as we dog on four continents, and love and danger, in Fatima “real” out of the Third Secret of discovery, we have Tom strange high heels Switters the Robbins experience – fearless storyteller, spiritual renegade, and oral break dancer- the top of their game. Is a fast CIA adventure story with comic overtones on a surface other on a serious novel of ideas that is expected to bring the big picture into focus, but perhaps more than anything, severe Invalids language and a sexy celebration of life.

The book jacket. What they leave out is to tune the show and the fact that they belong to Switters for a very specific and confined to a wheelchair due to terrible “Send in the Clowns”, but he is not disabled. This book is hilarious, and although his novel Robbins with better Woodpecker is also famous for life, I much prefer the book.


This is one of the best opening lines in the history of the written word:

I, destroyed by madness saw the best minds of my generation gets mad hungry,
Sunrise dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix,
Starry Night machinery angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the dynamo,

It’s beautiful, it’s almost chocolatey. Music bands have set it, artists have painted on it, Hollywood and the media have been obsessed with her. It was written after the book has been controversial because it can not be published, it was found to be inappropriate, it was not snuck about in coffee houses and narrow streets. Starring James Franco was a film released in 2010, and if you are too lazy to read the book myself, I highly recommend you see the movie.

6 On the Road

It is a largely autobiographical work that was based on the spontaneous road trips of Kerouac and his friends across mid-century America. Team up strays along with methods and learning life and love, crisscrosses the country any number of times. Since most of the Beat Generation on the road is considered a major work that was inspired by the experiences of jazz, poetry, and drugs. And are converted to many novel details of Kerouac’s experiences, while hundreds of real-world references on the street counterparts. The main hunk of Kerouac’s alter ego heaven upon the story, is an ongoing debate between the real Dean Moriarty. Dean was based on a man named Neal Cassady, and they are found in many books and Batman Legends (Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test is also included). Some commentators think that it was more than a friendship, but I personally Kerouac clearly loved and praised Cassady, I do not know that sex line never really stupid cuddles and exceed other than Kiss I feel that. Read your book and you’ll have to decide. It was the ’50s.

Kerouac’s grave to visit and shoes, food, wine, excluding food – anything they may need on their trips. Define a generation and a long time on the road. Kerouac wrote the original manuscript, and her dog literally being eaten. This is a $ 2.43 million owner Jim IRSAY (Indianapolis Colts) for was bought in 2001 and now visits.

In 2012, the book was made into a film with such terrible actors Kristen Stewart and Kirsten Dunst. Amy Adams and some saving graces such as Steve Buscemi, but the leads are so bad, so I highly recommend you read the book and movie skipping.


Easily one of the greatest books I have ever read, and most beautifully written. Gregory story is inspired by real events in the life of David Roberts. In 1978, Roberts building society branches, credit unions, and after you are convicted of a series of armed robberies of stores was sentenced to a 19-year-old in Australia. In July 1980 he escaped from jail in Victoria Pentridge in the light of the day, thus becoming one of Australia’s most wanted men for the next ten years. Roberts is the following – through India, while she produces a medical clinic in one of the many slums of India and chases after a girl who – using false identification Lindsay Hood. The novel was praised by its vivid portrayal of the chaos of life in Bombay.

Long book, but it is worth, you will devour every word and reread the novel.

8 House of Leaves

This is a book about a book about a movie that does not exist. This is incredible. Shape and novel structure is unconventional, with unusual page layout and style. It’s a lot of footnotes, many of which are self-contained footnotes, and references that do not exist in some other books. Footnotes are one of the main characters from the fictional editors. Sounds complicated, but believe me, is not it, and it’s amazing. Some pages of just a few words or lines of text, the story mirrors events, often organized in the manner of an agoraphobic and create a claustrophobic effect. The novel is distinctive for its multiple narrators, which interact with each other throughout the story disorienting and wide modes.

While some have tried to describe the book as a horror story, author with many readers -as – a love story as the book (such a label is forced to add) will explain. Danielewski expands on this point in an interview: “I, as a woman, it was a horror book came to me in a bookstore and said, ‘You know what everyone told me, but I finished it, I I realized it was a love story. ” And he is absolutely right. In some ways, the style is a marketing tool. ”

9 The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Haruki there are at least half a dozen books by Murakami should be in this list. I will use this one to represent them all.

On the outskirts of Tokyo, a young man named Toru Okada searches for his missing cat. Soon, they were looking for a get Netherworld is located beneath the placid surface of Tokyo with his wife. As cutting their search, Okada component and a wonderful group competitions antagonists: From a psychological prostitute, a malevolent just mediagenic politician, a happy patient, 16-year-old girl, and an old ex permanently terrible things war have changed what they witnessed during Japan’s forgotten campaign in Manchuria.

10 The Psychopath Test

Though this crazy journey, a bestselling writer psychopaths and doctors, scientists, industry, and to everyone who studies investigated.

Psychopath Test is a fascinating journey through the minds of madness. It takes the heart of a potential hoax being played by Jon Ronson’s best neurologists in the Madness Industry Research, unexpectedly. Convinced many leading CEOs and politicians is that an influential psychologist, in fact, watching out for how little telltale verbal and non-verbal clues psychopaths Ronson taught to see his high-flying individuals Gives. It is like the Ronson, the corridors of armed psychopath spotting their new power capabilities. The Coxsackie, spends time with the institution of mortgage fraud in New York a death squad leader, is truly a legendary CEO of psychopathy crowd, insisting that a patient in an asylum for the criminally insane, he matured a psychopath and certainly.

Solves Ronson Dodge mystery but, discovers disturbing, sometimes personalities at the helm of Madness industry, these drives and obsessions, read this not as your ways as these crazy Only. And, it is relatively more common, says much defined by their maddest edges.Need?

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