Top 10 Bollywood Films Based on Hollywood Movies

Top 10 Bollywood Films Based on Hollywood Movies

The Indian film industry, as 350 per year widelyknown release Bollywood movies around. While there are some original stories are based mainly in Hollywood films. Bollywood after a long-time Hollywood movies inspired by Hollywood movies.


Following is the list of top 10 Bollywood blockbusters inspired from Hollywood.

1. Sarkar

The first film in this state (2005), directed by Ram Gopal Varma. The Hollywood film The Godfather (1972) was inspired by Francis Ford directed by Coppola. If that man’s story is challenged when his son runs a parallel government in the region.

2. Koi… Mil Gaya

No results found issued by Rakesh Roshan’s next film in 2003. This famous Hollywood movie E.T. The base was bySteven Spielberg directed the Extra-Terrestrial year 1982. It is the work of a disabled person to communicate with his late father’s story of the other planets continuesthe.

3. Black

Sanjay Leela 1962. This year is the miracle worker of the film directed by Bhansali, Black is based on the story of a deaf and blind girl directed by Arthur Penn and film teacher since the year 2005. The Who could bring a ray of hope in this dark life

4. Kaante

The film Kaante (2002) Hollywood film repertoire, which was based on the Dogs (1992). It was directed by Sanjay Gupta and Quentin Tarantino, respectively. It is based on the discovery of six robbers robbed a bank after a police informant in

5. Jism

Directed by Amit Saxena is listed in the body of the film based on the year 2003. This film was directed by Lawrence Kasdan body heat and released in 1981. The story of her wealthy husband with her lover What about the girl who is murdered.

6. Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin

From Dil Hai byMahesh of the Manta Nahin (Bhatt directed Ki) is next in the list issued in 1991. The film was based on his love of the search falls in love with another man who was on his way to a night (Capra directed byFrank) based on the heroine fled and 1934. The movies released in the year.

7. Life in a Metro

It was based on the year the film was released in 2007. The apartment (Director: Billy Wilder) in the year 1960. It consists of films: Hollywood film based on the film a metro (director Anurag Basu) life is about 9 different sets of problems, but at the same six lines running stories occurring at the site.

8. Kyon Ki…

In this film Kyon Ki..which year of 2005. It was released was directed by Priyadarshan. NamedOne Cuckoo’s Nestwhich film is based on the 1975 movie of the top flight and was directed by Milos Forman. Both films are based on the story of a woman psychologist who falls in love with his patient after knowing the pain of his life.

9. Agneepath

This list was based on this film Scarface’s next film Agneepath (directed by Brian De Palma), which was released in 1990. In the year1983 year (which was directed by Mukul S. Anand). Both capitulating to migrant strong desire to keep in mind the main story based on movies and takes over a drug Union.

10. Murder

The list was released in the year 2004. The murder of the tenth film (directed by Anurag) by Basu Hollywood film Unfaithful (directed by Adrian Lyne), which came in 2002. In both films , the pair’s marriage was based on the story line when the female partner precariously extra martial affair that goes Bangalore.

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