Top 10 Best Most Expensive Cars In The World

Top 10 Best Most Expensive Cars In The World

We all love cars. If you are a car enthusiast or not, we have our appreciated the potential of four-wheeled machine, it can be a fresh face in the old or the market. These machines are never cheap. Remember, automobiles are built to make it easy and safe for you. But luxury and come into the game, see how he goes out of his pocket and roll in money car industry. Given this, we enter the ten most expensive cars in the world.

To what extent is the economy we can remember. But companies have proven the value that the consumer has to pay, he got his pocket deserve quality and performance. Here are a few factors why prices are so crazy it was:

Design:Yes, it is the number one choice. Design is always original and patented. It carries the name of the car company. Not only that. You could have used just testing equipment, laboratory, prototype materials, software and even considered generous budget allotted for research to pay the money allotted for employees. Of course, you have to pay to give the possible existence of these unique machines engineers and scientists. A design, the whole process of coming up with how to keep these parts, how to upgrade coating for upholstery and exterior are all imaginable.

Quality:To say love at first sight design element, we have quality as a number on a particular brand reliability. As consumers, we all want it to last a cost and investment are meant to last a lifetime if possible, for a sustainable car. Therefore, the product must be made to achieve high quality, extensive research and testing. Instead of assuring better parts and equipment needed to prove its authenticity.

Safety: This element side by side with quality. This vehicle must exhibit high quality, high. Sure, testing and doing a lot to reach its maximum capacity of prototyping.

Government Regulations:This element of the city. Your first three factors can be checked and safe. But when the government comes in the way of your products, so this is a big problem. The Company designs, will spend a lot of money for quality and safety. Sure, they’ll find ways to make it available sold out and the public but, more powerful law. You can not win a race at full speed. No, it’s not so easy. Therefore, company standards and emission requirements will have to modify some parameters set by the upper office.

10 Most Expensive Cars In The World

With all this, here are the ten most expensive cars. The price tag indicates. That you will pay a lot, but here’s the catch. You will find much more.



If enough money can display itself is a brand, then there is only a Lamborghini can top it. At this time, the owner of the brand will rate you among the elite of society. I can still afford it due to the popularity and demand a newborn star. When everything just seems so rare, it does not seem to be. I like this car. Companies, especially the vintage is why the Phenom customization. Luxury companies high-end models to a better end than the market decided to amend only pressed to a mere functioning of automobile art pieces.

Take the tattoo Sesto Elemento. The model takes a minimum to new heights. It is entirely made of carbon fiber components of its suspension from the body, chassis, and drive shaft. There are over 570 – feet Pt PHP capacity than the Honda flies like a feather. No wonder that it fits at the most expensive cars list. Comes in a 0 to 60 meters per hour speed, and enough road space more than 200 meters per hour, so the speed. Because of his roaring sunglasses, you will not notice the failures on the seats and upholstery. While inside, an AC and a stereo.



Here comes the legend race cars. Ferrari is going to celebrate its 60th year in North America.That brand has created this eye because one copy of the Stunner. The design was based on the F12 Berlinetta, but at this point, what it tries to achieve brand of patriotism.

Race all the classic stars of the American flag while depending on the importance of functions and symbols and Stripes American color scheme, and is well set for growth. Functionalities exceeded all expectations. It is located 6.2 liter capacity for gas is studied to start to force out 740 HP 60 mm per hour in just 3.1 seconds. Amazing, huh?



How would at least go and get her name again? Although its predecessor, the Bugatti Veyron did not wow consumers, those sure CHIRON was the last of its kind that laughs B. Veyron.

Performance 1, 500 h by P and torque whopping 1,180 pounds of Turbocharged 8.0-liter four that produces foot W16 reworking, was pushed to its limits as possible. Machinery (way to 261 mph) can propel the car to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds.

Design, take a breath. Sleek blue and black scrolling wowing customers in masculine colors.




Now, there is something to talk about. The name speaks of the greatness. Well, this car is named after the Incan god of winds – a perfect title for the jet. Promotion is best Huayra 2016 Geneva Motor Show. A hotter and displaying a lighter version than its predecessor.

Carbon fiber is defined as the ability to fly like a jet that Huayra full cover. I’ll track a wide following this model, side skirts and Aero luxury, with a force of 155 meters per hour capacity and methods, and new items that you are there to live up to the name given to this says.



This is nothing less than perfect. But, because of emission standards and safety reasons, was contested by the law. But if you want the car badly, well, you will never go wrong in choosing the road Demon. Specifications include an advanced production a 1,035 HP to 950 HP.

Body modification and functionality increased to 580% of a blow. What’s more exotic in the macho gear upgrade the tire set. These tabs, longitudinal and lateral characteristics of smart sensors to be embedded Pirellis radial acceleration. In addition, pressure and temperature sensors in their featured.

Drive may be suitable for city streets – that you may be thinking twice Fxx Best K. worry, soon Ferrari will definitely be hyper invention.



Leave it to the top 10 most expensive cars in the world 5. It can not be taken out of the model of the Bugatti Veyron. Beauty and anger clearly deserves a place not only one of the fastest growing in the world, but make sure the price is lavish in spotlight.This. Black and white design of a head-turner. Sleek is the scheme which is not normal. Design wise, in this edition mansory it was booked for a large prize.

Machine is proud to 1,200 h P and speeds of up to 254 meters per hour. History opened its doors for good. Well, he started out as a Grand Sport Vitesse roadster road becomes the star today. This edition carbon fiber body, upgraded LED lights, a new front grill, is produced by a newly designed cabin and a spoiler package.



Hail the new superstar! You remember the movie Furious 7? With three skyscrapers had been closed by the never-ending stunt Hypersport. No wonder it was so much attention throughout.

Okay. When we started with this genre. This supercar diamond jewelry in the headlights. Scissor doors that give a richer interior is inspired by science fiction, plus a wonderful accent. You can imagine this as a wise cars of the future, performance and functionality.

Liter, twin-turbo flat – – will not be ashamed to boast with its 770 HP 3.7-capacity six machine. With just 2.8 seconds, which can propel up to 62 meters per hour and can speed up a roaring 240 mph. Why has the duty under a model of Abu Dhabi Police. Now, no one can Hypersport criminal faster than flying.



Italian translation of the name itself, the vehicle operates Poison.The Aventador, which has been modified, was built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the automaker. You see, honed from every angle and is designed to perfection to make it look like a dream car. Dark and pointy shape to take on the automobile makes it so deadly.

Only 2.9 seconds off thrust up to 60 meters per hour – liter V12 with a start – package comes with a 6.5. The machine allows to provide 740 HP and 507 pound-feet thanks to 8,400 RPM spin. Yes, the specifications will give you surprise the road Phantom was an alien spacecraft that landed on Earth as a spy.



Behind the expensive car, the SwedishCompany will be mesmerized by its external diamond coating that will not last list.Of course? Yeah, so that explains the massive 4.8 million. I developed the Koenigsegg Proprietary Diamond Weave body. Coating has been catalyzed by the addition of carbon-based diamond dust impregnated resin. Imagine how much money the company spent to touch up paint.

Of course, it would not exist without a functioning automobile parts. It is made from a dual supercharged V8, 4.8 liter capacity. It brags a terrible amount of output 1,004 HP and 797 pounds, and speed. Although many more, for diamonds. But who will stop you the luxury dare embrace?



And steal the show, we present the world’s most expensive car for you. Just look at Roaring $ 8 million. In fact, the company will adjust the price for this masterpiece of a monstrous US $ 10.1 million soon. The peninsula is almost the GDP of a small country! Well, what do you expect? Mercedes is full of surprises. First introduced way back in 2004 introduced Model had been upgraded to its full potential. About 6,000 pounds of turbo V12, 700 – – HP, lavish amenities and it comes with a twin.

MaybackExelero it is just too good and excellent for laying eyes. Body sleek black style that will be the future course of the technological age. This is a good investment.

The following is just a speck of the innovations coming to market in the above list. The Super Cars. They can affect the physics to influence the world for business but for personal intentions of your most loved car collections and may, for entertainment, travel and transportation in order to create a more accessible, not only are made.

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