Top 10 Best Hidden Google tricks and secrets never knew existed

Top 10 Best Hidden Google tricks and secrets never knew existed

We all know that search giant Google is getting smarter each new day to provide the best search results. We all know the power of Google by increasing the spam protection, user experience and much more. But many do not realize that they can play a joke on her serious search engine users to entertain them. Here I have compiled some very interesting Google secret tricks and secrets still active. Happy Googling!

Google Tricks 10 : Tilt

Type in “tilt” in the search box. Change in favor of the screen will be slightly.

Google Tricks 9 : Google Hacker

Type “Google Hacker” and press Enter. Boom! The results will come back in the so-called Google hacking language.

Google Tricks 8 : Elgoog

Type “Elgoog” in the search box. To give you the answer in the same way, will return with Google mirror.

Google Tricks 7 : Zerg Rush

Type in Google search box “Zerg Rush”. What happens? Your search results Small O gets destroyed? It’s an Easter Egg as 2012. Click on the eggs is enabled by Google and save the results.

Google Tricks 6 : Anagram

google secrets games

Google Tricks 5 : Bacon No

Type in Google search box “Angelina Joile Bacon Number”. Is it back? It is 2? What this means, Angelina Jolie and 2 degrees of Kevin Bacon separation. This trivia game is a joy to all the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” lovers.

Google Tricks 4 : Custom Street View

This is a very useful and surprising secrets .The Google “Singapore” or any other term in the search box of Google Maps. Drag and drop the guide map. He will take you through the Google’s new Street View imagery. Can be customized according to one of my favorite characters who see it on Google Maps zoom control it.

Google Tricks 3 : Do A Barrel Roll

The term “typed into a barrel roll” Google search box. Please wait. Before hitting enter, guess what Google will think for you to return. It’s a YouTube video that explains how to do a barrel roll or standard is loaded pages? Hit the Enter now and see. This is a very good Google Secret People!

Google Tricks 2: Google In 1998

Type the term “Google” in 1998. Press Enter. what are you looking at? Google completely different version? How is it that the search giant was published in 1998.

Google Tricks 1 : Aatari Breakout

Type “aatari breakout” in Google. I have already mentioned, after going back to Google as one of the secrets, certainly search loaded with information about the breakout aatari regular search results page. Instead, it will take you to the screen where you can play to a classic game. Interesting. Huh?

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