The Top 5 Most Popular Casual Game Types Ever

The Top 5 Most Popular Casual Game Types Ever

jeu Casual – par les chiffres – de toute évidence, les moyens les plus populaires les gens les aiment pour tuer le temps. La popularité du smartphone, stimulé par l’arrivée de la plate-forme idéale pour jouer ce genre de jeu était. Superordinateurs la taille de sa poche un morceau de matériel pour jouer à un jeu, non seulement les consommateurs, mais aussi offrir un moyen d’acheter plus de jeux via Internet. Il existe deux principaux marchés d’applications sont actuellement plus de 500.000 jeux mobiles disponibles pour le téléchargement – et la grande majorité des jeux occasionnels. encore, le faire avec tous ces jeux construits avec le produit à l’esprit, de quelque chose que les développeurs utilisent des astuces pour les créer – Recettes a résisté à l’épreuve du temps. Voici cinq des formes les plus populaires aujourd’hui, nous pouvons jouer à des jeux occasionnels.

“Artillery” games

Is a game where the player needs a long distance from their earliest encounters with PC gaming use of stationary tanks to destroy your opponents “scorched earth” was. Game did not look much, but it was full of powers and weapons to take on the enemy. And if that was highly entertaining, especially when a “the hot seat” style special. Later, many other games with tons of success, built on the same principle – think Angry Birds series of bugs or Rovio.

“Match Three” games

Since the 1980s from Tetris tiles matching the screen is a fun way to kill time, and other old games from the elements – like panels D PON, who introduced tile-swapping – improved experience. Candy Crush ever created the most successful casual game types and lead to the kind. Today the thousands of mechanics-based game, usually “candy known as Crush clone” (albeit Candy Crush revigorated to Bejeweled, style 2001 PopCap Games Clone), hundreds .

Slot machines

Perhaps the oldest individual on the list, the slot machine was invented more than 120 years ago. It is mostly associated with gambling, though – with or without real money involved, the game with a fun, is played by millions worldwide. Its popularity is shown by the number of slots out there – alone, more than 300 of them, and the thousands of others to you. Slot made on all platforms – All Slots offers on desktops and mobile devices, and you can also come across them in many places in real life. There are many “social” version, but when it comes to variety, they are no match for all slots. Slot machines too, would probably the most versatile games – all slots every month adds at least one new games in its library, and other developers too often release their latest titles.

“Endless running” games

Infinite or endless running games see the main character move continuously on a (usually randomly generated) track, coming across various obstacles to avoid and rewards to collect. While similar games (usually shooters) were popular even before, the genre became especially popular with the release of Temple Run in the early 2000s. Since then, many similar games have hit the market – think Subway Surfers, Rayman Jungle Run, Sonic Dash, Minion Rush, among others.

Card games

If slot machines are the oldest individual games on the list, card games are the oldest genre of them all. Playing cards have been around for millennia, serving as time killers and moneymakers for generations. Today, we have an amazing variety of card games to play, using either smartphones and computers or a simple deck of cards. Card games remain to this day perhaps the most popular casual games ever invented.

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