The Top 10 Movies You Must See in 2017

The Top 10 Movies You Must See in 2017

By far, 2016 has some great movies like our Zootopia and the X-Men Apocalypse, you can expect to do even better next year entertainment movies. He is with all the fans that have already, Paramount Pictures, Pixar’s, Warner Bros and a few great 20th century Fox Film reels in line for care. Keep output, the surrounding of which he is a pirate obstacles, the filmmakers trying to better entertain us through the best films every year. Below are a few films that are expected to come out in 2017 and are on our watch list.

1. Jumanji

This go looking for a game that ends in a mystical forest, going to the searcher. All forest where “comes the” civilized world it is contrary to earlier versions. This film is going to bring back many memories of Robin Williams with the first part. What makes fresh- so he was almost twenty years ago, we still want to see the film again.

The year 2017 seems to be quite courageous when it comes to filming and courage to inspire. While Paul Walker is going to take us on an emotional roller coaster ride with Robin Williams memories, it now appears to be promising in terms of entertainment and fun. Get ready for popcorns!

2. Justice League- part 1

We have been teased several times in the past about the Justice League, but never got to see it. Because it is made from the “geek” stuff has a place in our hearts! Since Marvel is already taking the spotlight next year, the Justice League will be the feather in the cap. We look forward to many darkest, grittiest and most epic version of the Justice League has ever seen. It’s just exciting to be in a movie and how it comes out totally different story. 11/17/17 Watch out for next year after the story of a comic book on the shelf is coming alive! Summer!

3. Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel seems to be well in place with ruling the charts next year. You only need to mention something bad about Loki and it will make Thor angry. An enraged Thor is going to find out that Loki has taken over the homeland- not that he needs to get angrier- but yes this will make him angrier, still. Thus the Thor adventures begin! We “liked” the previous versions of Thor, even if it was because of Chris Hemsworth, but we hope we will be able to love this one. For once, the directors need to give the protagonist his due share of the limelight. As of now, the line of production seems to have set off quite well. Tighten your seatbelts for some crazy hammer slinging on 11/3/17 next year.

4. Spider Man: Untitled

For producers have not yet thought of by way of a sequel. Yet, because all over the world are passionate fans of Spider-Man for Marvel Studios is returning home to throw a bit more web (editor of libel and to throw dust). Who will be the new Spider-Man, but also hope that we do not know yet is going to be amazing as promised. The man will be, he will take us back to Peter Parker’s high school days and may trigger a bit of nostalgia in many of our lives. 7/28/17 Ready to ride down memory lane?


5. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman: paved the way for the role of Batman TV Superwoman by the end of the story. Although we still laugh about “parts” you blood, we will be as good a pivotal appearance as the hero who collected safely say Gal Gadot wonders of imagination to comedies to That. You can say that it will make way for a sequel after a couple months of performance. I must admit that looks pretty cool in a Gadot Amazonian getup. 6/23/17 release date for the movie

6. Fast & Furious 8

Yes! I suspect the real Paul Walker dead at the end of the last film in the series was a fitting end it. However, VIN DIESEL himself to confirm this is going to be a Fast & Furious. We do not know who is coming back to fill in the empty space but high-tech cars, crazy, we know that we can look forward to a future full of speed and acceleration (though why the manual is still confuses me! ). 4/14/17 Mark your calendar with.

7. Cinderella

My husband purchased tickets for Cinderella, I thought he was going to be a big mistake and the amount of waste. After about two hours, but I’ve left the theater singing “love have encouraged me off, I will love you!” Now producers are making a film version of a fairy tale. Emma Watson and Dan being loved by a beast- the lead role in an upcoming epic story of Stevens beautiful, yes you got the right to play Beauty and the Beast. Casting has already made sure that the film is going to be a pleasure for both children and adults. Release date is 3/17/17

8. Kong: Skull Island

I was a film I loved as a child three days ago and I Bloopers actually see me laugh. The film has inspired me wonder how two decades ago. He will laugh their seats only to people because we believe a remake of the old classic is the case with King Kong. So Michael Keaton, J.K Simmons, and Tom Hiddleston brought together to concoct a movie that people will love. They are going to replace an old classic in a modern and malicious: It’s just like people. Just mix them in our movie, it sure would be nice and the legendary King Kong might be able to have a playdate with Godzilla. Is released on 3/10/17.

9. The Wolverine 2

Wolverine producers are going to send off with a bang. We do not know what’s going to happen in the film, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in it a bit more. We will make sure that before he went to wolvishness always leaves a good mark. Wolverine in the first part of Kung Fu, a true story and Hugh Jackman appeared to be a Chinese movie with so many plots. Yet the Wolverine as he played well on screen love out of a closet in real life. We left the theater echoes with the sound applause-. The first part of the sequel will be directed by James Mangold. The release date is 3/3/17

10. LEGO Batman

LEGO love popular and people of all ages. Think big action figures and LEGO style entertainment Legoland Atlanta, where all ages and sizes of people waiting. Although LEGO products in the world and the first one out is not popular since it keeps changing form, for example, plastic blocks to video games and animation. LEGO Batman will pay tribute to the Batman characters for film history. The script yet- promised some humor and fun that has not been finalized. We are looking forward to some good laughs next sip our cokes large Lego blocks.

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