The Top 10 Internet Hoaxes About India

The Top 10 Internet Hoaxes About India

India is known as the beauty and magic of the earth. From very ancient times, the land of myth and mystery. However, while the face of the country’s reform and development, myths at the same time, the information is readily available to even today, it takes time. It seems as if I can not be considered complete when it comes to information on the Internet India. There are many hoaxes spread in the Internet world. Tell them a little more country torn by knowing hoaxes:

1. Three-Headed Snake

A three-headed serpent from the Indian side of the road have been rounded picture. However, this image is a product of nature’s beauty too, a very bad one Photoshop, but is not, and. Carefully feel that this is the same pattern can be observed three heads. Some bad editing skills have been found which show the shadows, with the same electrical diamonds on all three heads of the other images being manipulated.

2. Indian National Anthem the Best in the World

The message has been very Indian national anthem with pride that UNESCO, ‘Jana Gana Mana’s circulated is the best in the world. The simple fact is that a hoax was no media coverage of such an important issue, and doubt was broadcast on the Internet alone Shifty some websites, and even for the people, and not by the principal Houses must be the media. In addition, there is no trace of any such declaration to UNESCO’s official website. Above all, I have received the UNESCO India today confirmed the story as a hoax.

3. Indian Woman Gives Birth to 11 Babies

Lying side by side with hospital staff 11 of image information that was with an Indian mother gave birth to 11 children together by a miracle of God, all over social networking site . However, a complete hoax information. But not yet. That is actually chapter 11 children were born on 11.11.11 in the 21st Century Hospital & Test Tube Baby Center.

4. Newly found Image of Godse before Gandhi’s Assassination

This claim is a picture of a man holding a gun that one shot right before the Godse, Gandhi was away with it. However, Gandhi’s murder are the only ones acting on the basis of eyewitness accounts image. No current image of this unfortunate death records. A British film that is being circulated image is of a scene from Nine Hours to Rama.

5. Python Swallows Man in Kerala

A video of a man being swallowed by a python has spread like a forest fire in Kerala. There are many versions of this story, as well, where the snake to swallow about 4 people at once, live. In fact, it seems to be a global phenomenon, with photos and videos from all over the world. Video that comes with the message that it is not for the faint hearted. However, it is nothing but a hoax, some snakes have swallowed a goat or deer, and people are different kinds of digital image manipulation to creep out.

6. Rape Festival in Assam

An article about a rape annual festival in Assam was widely shared on Facebook. However, the indigenous people of Assam deny the fact, and Investigation Department Assam crimes reported faking then began to spread in this report, to take action against a satirical website, published a fake article on the same subject is planned.

7. India’s Image from Space on Diwali

The proud Indians, at some point, India satellites shared to show how beautiful image from space looks bright for all countries of the world on the Diwali night, taken by NASA and bright, ,. However, it would break the heart of the Indians, it is a false picture. The display in the night illumination over, easily the city lights to distinguish that NASA officials had been collected by VIIRS for detecting light in a range of wavelengths to image near-infrared, green and bright has been certified by the means for the period 1992-2003. It was designed to illustrate the growth in population. NASA also confirmed additional light is imperceptible space during the festival.

8. Plastic in Kurkure

Kurkure is a very popular snack in India. However, it is often said that you can see a plastic melting, burning on Kurkure. This message, along with a picture of a burning Kurkure, it has been seen on the Internet. However, made like Kurkure Cornmeal, spices, and edible ingredients, and is not harmful to health. It melts at burning the carbohydrate content, and all kind of plastic material, not sick as approved by Brand authorities, the starch is dry.

9. Death by Phone Call

So be sure to claim a terrible message number, warns against receiving phone calls from 09141. The message, phone, brain haemorrhage and prompt high-frequency sound waves to take up the cause of death emissions. This is ridiculous and impossible that the phones are not capable of high-frequency sound waves emitting technology.

10. Contact Lenses Melt in Heat

He completed his plastic lenses after the BBQ grills were exposed to high heat that melted became blind imbibe fear in people’s minds with a description of a boy. However, the fact that the eyes are the most susceptible to infection, contact lenses, are sterilized, thereby proving that they are made to resist high temperatures. In fact, contact lenses in, which would burn the material melting point 90 ° C, the skin and face.

In many other Internet hoaxes, the world of India, and even some medical legends. But, give it to analyze and tell right from wrong, and I believe that is important to them.

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