The Top 10 Hottest German Models in 2015

The Top 10 Hottest German Models in 2015

Regardless of the fact that the German language has been known for great beer, luxury cars, and high-profile lifestyle is hard to understand. In Germany, you will come across a lot of beautiful and charming ladies. Entertainment and fashion industries are hot and full of impressive German women.

1. Charlott Cordes


Charlott Cordes, a German fashion model. He belongs to Hamburg. He Jeanna Krichel, Elite Model Look 2003, received from partners, as well as in Germany. He is one of the hottest German model. He was nominated for the German “new faces award 2005”. In 2004, Charlott Prada, from Jil Sander, and had modeled for Calvin Klein fashion show.

2. Wanda Badwal

Badwal Wanda was born in January, 1985. She is a hot and inspiring German woman. 16. Wanda Wanda old has modeled for major brands and magazines launched in the domestic and international carriers.

3. Svenja Parotat

Svenja Parotat was born in June, 1981. She is a German resistant, and her height is 5’ 10”. She is an incredible female. Svenja has been a model and television presenter who has appeared in numerous German sitcoms.

4. Eva Padberg

Hanna Wahmer is a Berlin beauty who started career as a model at the age of 13. She is one of the timeless beauties in the world. Hanna has shot for German Vogue and Marie Claire Italy like big names.

6. Bianca Schumacher

Bianca Schumacher Height 5 ‘9 “. The blonde hair and deep green eyes, a German woman captivated the eyes of people around the world from her modeling shows. She is a cute and charming personality.

7. Daria Pleggenkuhle

Daria Pleggenkuhle was born in December, 1990. She is a pretty and cool German lady. She is a model cum actress by profession. Daria has modeled for numerous men’s magazines and fashion brands of international level.

8. Teresa Lourenco

LOURENCO Teresa is a warm and beautiful girl. The Trinidad was born on January 25, 1981. He moved to Germany with his parents was discovered by a modeling scout when she began modeling at age 16 in 1994. He is the winner of “Les Trophees DE LA MODE” for best new price in Paris.

9. Alexandra Tretter

Alexandra Tretter was born in February, 1990. He is one of the smallest and most amazing models in Germany. She has an impressive famous television. Alexandra has been on numerous magazine covers.

10. Fiona Erdmann

Fiona Erdmann was born in September, 1988. She is the most beautiful and one of the hottest German women. Height: 5 ‘7 “. This began his career in the beauty queen modeled for major brands, and 17 years old.

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