The sexiest female comic book characters

The sexiest female comic book characters

Comic book of all time sexiest hotties, ranked by comic fans worldwide rate. Catwoman and Wonder Woman – the hottest women in the list of sexy comic book superheroes and equally sexy villains including the fight against it. No person may vote on the sexiest female superheroes and supervillains, and you can add your own list of these rankings. This is not the dominant superpower, the sexy suit, or whether the killer one-liners, comic characters to appear in all their heat, melt this amazing ink. Now that is a superpower!

1  Emma Frost

2  Catwoman

3  Rogue

4  Black Widow

5  Supergirl

6  Wonder Woman

7  Black Cat

8  Psylocke

9  Black Canary

10  Black Canary

11  Jean Grey

12  Power Girl

13  Mystique

14  Harley Quinn

15  Mary Jane Watson

16  Lara Croft

17  Zatanna

18  Red Sonja

19  Storm

20  Kitty Pryde

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