The safest countries to visit or settle down in the top 10 of the World

The safest countries to visit or settle down in the top 10 of the World

In natural disasters, terrorism, robberies and killings, as our planet has made Hell, all wish to live in one of the safer places. But it comes to a top 10 list of the safest countries in the world. Unfortunately, when these countries is difficult to find one that satisfies all criteria in mind.

So, how would you picture a safe country? That is one in which

  • Low crime rate?
  • No natural disaster?
  • Low corruption?
  • Immunity to economical crisis?
  • Or is it fast solving cases?

This is nothing wrong if you expect all the above factors by the safest countries are entitled as “countries in the world”. Some countries continue to increase as high popular crimes most countries, laws, culture, and while making desperate to find a few nice features, are the best places to retire and raise happy children. You are right! We have exceptions to everything. The international law.


Source : The list, top 10 safest countries to live in the world is prepared based on the recent “Global Peace Index (GIP)” report released by “The Institute for Economics and Peace“.
How Global Peace Index Is Devised?
In an attempt to identifying the safest countries in the world, 162 independent states,covering nearly 99.5% of world’s population were considered. Countries are ranked based on the Global Peace Index Score (1 to 5) which is the median of 23 different metrics which include “violent crime levels,prison population, safety and security in society, weapons import & export, extent of domestic & international conflict, economic impact of violence,political instability and many more. Sources for these metrics are collected from highly respective resources like intergovernmental organizations. You can download the entire report from HERE.


Top 10 Safest Countries In The World

10.Czech Republic

GPI Score: 1.341


This fairly new European country all the fabulous city of “Prague” and attracts tourists from all over the world with its breathtaking nature.

It mainly focuses on creating a more favorable environment for investment. As a result, it is building a strong economy in a relatively short period of time (2015 to 1989). In 2009, a country with “very high human development as the HDI Announces” Czech Republic.

The crime rate is very low. I do not know the local language helpline number 112 is available for them.

You will not need a visa to enter the country for business or tourist purposes for the first 90 days if you are a US resident. However, it must be a passport that is valid for at least 90 days beyond the period of your stay.

In the land price is very affordable. For example, the culture center of Prague and other major spots (located on historic sites, palaces, museums, etc.), the apartments here cost much less than any other European country.

Transport system of the Czech Republic has committed so much time and is well organized. You can just take a month around public transit pass along $ 29 USD. The tram, metro and buses can be used.

When it comes to recreation, Everyone will find something to suit their age, gender, and racial preferences. Therefore, in any way, anyone can feel bored in this country.

Without your love out, no doubt, the Czech Republic will love you. Located on the hills of the border, it is very well protected deep forests. If it is summer, you can go hiking or cycling around the countryside. If it is winter, downhill skiing is not waiting.


GPI Score: 1.329

If you want to spend your retirement or your children want to bring in a more peaceful and happy environment, Australia will make a suggestible.

People are welcome in the country, and enjoy cultural. Equalitarianism, ideal climate, and outdoor activities are a few of the many factors that attract immigrants from around the world.

Australia are respected and that the value of the family. It offers a wide range of schooling options, and are more likely to spend their leisure time in the kids out. All these factors often make as an excellent place to raise children.

Australia is the most desired destination for young students and professionals all over the world.

It provides both a high quality of life and the best medical facilities to all citizens through public and private systems.

In short, Australia’s skill and energy that is a fair offer for a new beginning. This is one of the main reasons why the worship of Australia than any other country in the world.


GPI Score : 1.322


Japan is next on our list of the safest places to live in the world. The crime rate in this country is very low.

Japanese respect their culture, and it is one of the main reasons why the country’s honor. I have heard believe how disciplined you are Japanese and therefore, he has brought shame to the country, will not be included in the activities.

Possession of firearms is strictly prohibited in accordance with these rules. Firm gun control laws and wealthy economy that there is a 100% safe to make sure.

The 2010 made by GPI (Global Peace Index) IEP (Institute for Economics and Peace Institute) report, Japan has been described as 3rdpeaceful country in the world.

Murder, terrorism and violent crime is very safe, with many more expected in Japan, a stay at this place.


GPI Score: 1.287


Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world and 20.6% of the total population is made only with foreigners. Not to mention, it is claimed to have the highest per capita immigration rate in the world. However, this factor alone is more than enough to claim it as the safest country in the world, it is a lot. Read on.

Canada’s health care system is one of the most debated topics worldwide. It provides all citizens and permanent residents “Global Public Health” at very cheap prices. The medical use, both in the private and public hospitals can access the high quality treatment.

The system in this country for the purposes of health care has affected many people suffering from chronic conditions. Still, people with temporary accommodation can not avail of the same benefits.

Who comes to employment, which provides a lot more room with several open positions, the communications industry, real estate and financial services in the energy sector.

While Canada covers the ground with freezing cold weather for more than 6 months of winter, here are however claim that their quality of life has improved dramatically.

Therefore, if you plan to visit or move to this country, you can expect for a quiet, peaceful and high quality of life.

Canada has never been subjected to acts of terrorism. Make this country is listed as one of the most capable countries in the world.


GPI Score: 1.227


Being one of the Nordic countries genre, Finland is mainly known for its high regard for civil liberty, democracy and human rights.

With low crime, natural environment, stable economy, it never fails to rank higher in all the lists that discuss the performance metrics. (Side note: Finland is the best country in the world to be our official list 11th).

After the end of World War -II, Finland has adopted a neutrality policy of the government and from the wars. They include offenses which are the most common penalties probation, fines and community service.

The people of Finland are perceived as quiet & certain types of people, young Finns turned completely change the impression. Still, if you move to Finland, it can be adopted with a few months of their cultural differences.

Literacy rate in Finland is 100%. This is achieved by providing education to all citizens and expats who have been living in Finland this. Almost all major cities in Finland are excellent quality local and international schools.


GPI Score: 1.275


The four official languages in Switzerland and known as Canton is divided into 26 independent states. Each of them has their own rules and regulations.

Working at a record low of Switzerland’s well known to violence, political problems and unemployment.

The strong economy and strict rules continue to attract highly skilled international investors in the country. It is home to the world’s most famous banking institutions and businesses. In fact, one third of the total population of Switzerland is made up of people who were born outside the country.

In addition to the variation found among the local population, Switzerland welcomes outsiders with open arms. Not only cute, but people here are chocolate is sweet enough to give you enjoyable experience.

Switzerland’s transport system is bound to time by seconds. The value of time.

No bustling cities, to mention, that it has diplomatic relations, crime rates, a strong economy, everything from the list of peaceful countries in the world advanced level in the country with its neighbors.

4.New Zealand

GPI Score: 1.221


According to the Global Corruption monitoring entity, Transparency International’s recent report, New Zealand is “the most transparent political situation in the country”.

New Zealand are leading a very happy life with his calm and easy-going nature. Usually those who want to keep the community strife and violence. Despite its strict laws and harsh penalties are another reason for the low crime rate.

New Zealand cities are culturally rich and visit. Magnificent mountains, green meadows, glaciers, frozen these wonders decorate the island like paradise on earth.

In 2013, the Corruption Perception Index rated “poor smallest country in the world” with New Zealand. Unlike other countries, here you can expect the authorities to do their work without any extra cash charge. Collect hidden or unadvertised fees on goods and services is considered illegal.

Since it is a safe and secure environment, you freely around, explore the bush can move to catch public transport, mountains, play, climb, picnic, beach, or explore your heart’s content without fear anything to enjoy.


GPI Score: 1.198


By providing high levels of security and peacefulness, in recent years in this country “safest countries and the countries” continues to boast ratings in all lists.

The country’s population is less, and it possesses a rich folk culture. City, clean, mostly covered Alps are covered with snow.

Austria is known as the popular “Music Land”. It has produced many of the world through music.

Austria is one of the most natural and richest countries in the world. The growing tourism sector contributes greatly to the country’s economy. Austrian tourism industry to succeed the expats to move to looking for jobs that are confident. Other areas of employment, research and engineering.

To move around easily to places locals and tourists, maintains a well-organized, integrated public transport system Austria. The bus routes connect many small towns with large rail network railway connecting cities.

Everyone can enjoy skiing during the winter season. You can get all the necessary kits for ski sports for both experts and beginners.


GPI Score : 1.150

Despite being a small country, at a given point of time, had to face many problems due to Denmark crime and terrorism. However, this success has solved all the problems of those with and today stands on the list of the safest countries in the world with pride.

Starting from the year 2012, Denmark is also regularly to secure its spot in the country list.

It contains more than 400 small islands in Denmark, and it is known for offering equal opportunity and individual freedom. There, and floor workers are less remarkable than all other Gulf countries among senior officials.

Denmark’s government is keener on the idea of globalization that makes this country as one of the most popular destinations for expats.

Since the Danish and Swedish languages are closely related to each other, it will not be a big surprise to see such a pleasure talking to Dan and Sweden in their own language. Compulsory in secondary schools English is taught as a second language. Almost all the people here can speak well.

Regardless of its small size, Denmark has many things to offer in terms of outdoor, sports, beaches and culture.


 GPI Score: 1.148


You ask what is the most peaceful country in the world, the answer lies here. 1,148 protected by the Global Peace Index score, win the most peaceful country in the world in Iceland in 2015.

This country with its frosty climate, known for inspiring attractions, glaciers, hot springs, and of course crime.

Does not have any troops in Iceland. Instead, it is moving around, rescue teams. Pickpocket the pettiest offenses, purse snatching away the land.

According to “Global Study on Homicide,” Never murder rate in Iceland has exceeded 100,000 per over8 date.

I love peace more than anything else the state of their country of Iceland. For example, when the police killed a man in 2013, the entire nation mourned the loss of a member of their own family.

Iceland is a country with full stretch volcanoes eruptions. If you are interested in viewing volcanic eruptions? Pack your bags for the most secure country in the world. do not worry. Guarantee a peaceful ride.

We are still in the expansion phase of the information they provide safe countries in the world. We are looking for the “residents and expat experts” to help improve our post. Something to say? Please leave your comments in the comment section.

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