The Most Beautiful Albanian Women

The Most Beautiful Albanian Women

Despite being a relatively small country in the south of the Balkan Peninsula, Eastern Europe, Albania is no shortage of beautiful women. Albanian women is often referred to as the most beautiful European generation and evaluation of the short list of the five most beautiful Albanian women, it is clear why. Albania was once a rather patriarchal society, beautiful Albanian women now they carriers, pursued the conservative, that’s acting below and modeling as rent once be far more independent of use have been.

1. Agnesa Vuthaj
Agnesa Vuthaj the most beautiful Albanian women often have more than one. He is to be an entrepreneur, fashion designer, model, occasional actress and television host and producer. Agnesa Miss World and Miss Universe 2004, represented his country in 2005, and has since been known internationally. Over the years, she has modeled in Dubai, Europe and New York.

As of 2006, Agnesa Miss Kosovo, owner of the national beauty pageant in Kosovo. In 2008, he also steps, was an Albanian film was screened at the International Film Festival of Tirana and acting that had won the best film award. He has also made guest appearances in various television shows. Besides being so handsome, he is very talented and she has her own fashion brand that is associated with your name.

2. Amanda Lajcaj
Amanda is a stunningly beautiful, 21-year-old actress, model and professional dancer, known for its spectacular dance moves. Despite the Albanian by origin, is currently in the United States in Amanda. It can be seen that since beauty is further evidence of the undeniable fact that he is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and her measurements are 34-26-36 inches.

Originally trained professional dance Amanda. Therefore, it is so amazing I should not be that 7 years, he rose from the ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, modern, such as on a wide range of dance styles, has been competing, we never get to her beauty Amanda in her head, but she is very fond of helping others and often attends charity events.

3. Floriana Garo
Floriana Garo, a 29-year-old Albanian model and television presenter, at 2012, was born in Durres on February 15th, 1987. Floriana are living in the United States with his family, who for the past 8 years. She is also Cortefiel brand ambassador in Albania, never represented his country at the Miss World beauty pageant in 2012. back to 2011.

4. Brittany Pjetraj
Data Pjetraj Miss South Carolina Teen USA and Miss Teen USA in 2008 was up 1 rubber 2008 beauty pageant. Wade apparently always dreamed of becoming Miss Teen USA. But he did not want to just compete to glorify himself. He was a college freshman at the time and was expected to serve as a role model for the U.S.

He claimed that he was a blessing to represent South Carolina in the Miss Teen USA. As part of the competition, he also visited the Bahamas and was not able to bring a smile to the face of a small child who was visiting the Make-A-Wish. However, despite the beauty of this eye-catching, clear enough in the heart of Brittany.

5. Aferdita Dreshaj
Aferdita Dreshaj a shirtless game Leonardo DiCaprio is getting comfortable with his arm around her shoulder at one point, the mystery blonde hair who was seen in a balcony in Miami in 2013. Aferdita is right Kosovo is described as a beauty queen and 30 years old, they look very impressive. He also was one of the finalists in the Miss Universe 2011 beauty pageant in Kosovo.

Besides being a beauty queen and model, Aferdita described himself as a singer. During the 2011 Miss Universe, Miss did not get a press award as well. He also was one of the 16 semifinalists. As well as being extremely beautiful, Aferdita too long with a height of 6 feet 0 inches.

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