The Famous Men Who Never Wear Underwear

The Famous Men Who Never Wear Underwear

Going commando isn’t just for the ladies. Plenty of guys let their little compadre hang loose. Here’s famous men who never wear underwear.

Jon Hamm

The Mad Men actor believes things casual. He never admitted it, and there is plenty of evidence that shows the photography hung loose. No wonder they have so many fans of women (and gay men).

Hugh Jackman

The Wolverine is a wild man himself. How do we know? On Glosbe you look closely. The answer to the boxer / brief is very clear “no.”

Josh Hartnett

What is the Go Commando actual interviews that a few men, as, Josh Hartnett hanging loose. Not that we’re complaining. For more than half of our readers, they will not have a choice.

Alex Pettyfer

This young male actor lets it all hang. It works for him. Like many of the actors on the list, we don’t have to hear him admit to it to know for sure.

Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson publicly admitted prefer to go commando than trying to push it all in a couple of short. Blessed are those that directly castmates? How? Pantsing liked to joke by Woody Harrelson Ted Danson is set, not that he did not regret it immediately after.

Drake Bell

This former Nickelodeon star likes going au natural. It may be the only thing keeping him from fading into complete obscurity, which is a good thing for him since he hasn’t really appeared in anything of note since Drake and Josh.

George Clooney

Oh, George Clooney can definitely afford underwear. He just chooses not to wear it most of the time. Not that many of his fans mind, of course. He probably made most of his fans just by walking around LA in jeans.

Colin Farrell

Look boxer and actor Colin Farrell is a priority. He said at least according to Hollywood rumors around Hollywood, Hollywood manscape few actors in Hollywood who is not even one. If you like the natural look, you may want to turn your attention to Mr. Farrell.


Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo is now the favorite Avenger of many girls (and guys). Why? Well, you should pay close attention to him if you ever see him walking around town. He’s usually going commando.

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