The 10 Villainesses in Literary Works for Young-Adults

The 10 Villainesses in Literary Works for Young-Adults

It is said that one who reads lives a thousand lives. True enough, the characters are well written piece of literature is to come alive and characters, learn about their feelings and experiences, the reader become one with them. In literature, women have played a great role. In the literature for some very well-written characters is best to start by writing some of those, they have managed to leave a lasting impression. Some of the best female characters in literature, are inspiring the reader to fall in love with their every flaw and uniqueness. But, be as fighters in the field, great actresses made quite the characters, or all that hard to do everything in their power to create obstacles as the detective with keen observation so as villainesses. Femme fatales, we still have to hate them, and we also left us the strength and vileness often provoke fear it may not be recognized. So, let’s look at some of the villainesses literary works for young adults.

1. Queen of Hearts, from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

In popular culture, she is in her portrayal of Alice’s adventures in the real story of what is portrayed as a vicious female Lewis Carroll as one of the many obstacles. However, if we delve deep into the well, we will feel that he is more than just an eccentric lady. Passion and without giving a woman more concerned with mad fury burning personification, who settle every problem with the death penalty. He plays croquet with flamingos as mallets and living soldiers as hedgehogs as balls, hoops. He shows no sign of sympathy for the people, and likes to provoke fear.

There are mentioned far more remarkable, out of this, not even stopping to kill ambition is, manipulation and Macbeth whole plot run, like Lady Macbeth, Nurse Ratched One medical system with disappointment Flying above represents everything that is wrong with, or Euripides’ play, children or kill the person who killed his brother said. These acts of darkness, help the reader get a better understanding of what can be triggered by various causes instead to find a way to glorify justify their bad assets.

2. Miss Trunchbull, from Matilda

Children who deserve all the happiness innocent little creatures in this world. Why, when we read about any kind of violence being inflicted on them, that’s why our blood boil. Miss Trunchbull such an eccentric character who remorseless. Is brawny woman so much that he never refused to a child hates children. Matilda is the Academy Head Cruchem hall where laws just like a pigtail wearing wildly, causing minor children upon the death penalty grievous bodily exception of the Academy.

3. The White Witch, from Chronicles of Narnia

Originally named Jadis, he has the appetite of a power woman who is not even close, and in the back a fight with his sister-storey throne, killing everyone in her homeland, Charn gives a view of this lack of hesitation. After arriving in Narnia, the land (and Christmas) brings eternal winter, and terrorizes everyone into submission. But that’s not all. She is a temptress and the plan pays the victim of the desire to get to fruition, and brother against brother turn ability and mentality. They can use the children as pawns. All in all, it is dark and evil.

4. Marisa Coulter, from His Dark Materials

Usually called Mrs. Bieber, Lady all the villains we face. They do not need to expose the inner vice a physical deformity or physical ugliness. Neither is a strong body, and she is a witch. In fact, they are young, slim and beautiful, and shows that it is not physical appearance that can show the inside of a person. Sophistication and elegance is manipulating the brain and your child is not hurting. That, however, is the embodiment of black. The deep love for Lyra, we can make it more realistic fact that hovers somewhere in the gray areas.

5. Wicked Witch, from Wonder Wizard of Oz

Wicked wicked witch in every sense of the word. He is driven from power, it is the stone heart attack on a young girl to get her silver shoes to increase the options, and covered the dangerous animals as pets goons. The malevolent ruler in which one eye is powerful as a telescope so they can monitor the entire country. They are like wolves of the pack, a swarm of bees, fleets and control of a flock of crows host an army of dangerous animals Winkies. He was also forced to do his will, winged monkeys. They try to help him, he would companions Dorothy powerful.

6. Lady de Winter, from The Three Musketeers

With a name that reflects a stone cold heart, queen, beautiful, smart and clever. He is a self-made woman with multiple identities. He is a spy and assassin, and the murder of her boyfriend for revenge to make several attempts at D’Artagnan Assassin, nothing has stopped. Does not hesitate to turn his back on love as he met its goal until the floor is no repentance. He was caught with stolen physically, and even manages to survive death by her husband.

8. Cersei Lannister, from Game of Thrones

Cersei is a character capable of giving the chills to the readers. She is involved in all kinds of unscrupulous, abhorrent and inappropriate activities and traits. She is capable of crippling an entire kingdom’s economy by refusing to honour the debts, and is not hesitant to frame whom she sees as a threat. She is manipulative, and there’s nobody she would spare from using, to get what she wants. She is in an incestuous relationship with her twin, Jaime, the father of her children. She is adulterous, vile and dangerous, and can give quite the creeps.

9. Adora, from Storm Siren

He is the Saviour of slave named Nym with the power to summon charming and thunderstorms. But, are revealed as the story of its intentions and its mysteries unfold Nym because she wants to use as a lethal weapon. In fact, he or she leaves this option in compliance with Adora, or to receive death. But, is not the end of the symptoms of this vicious woman. Nym came out of jealousy is deep within it when a new crush, and this trial shows the maliciousness deep inside with stalkerish streak.

10. Dolores Umbridge/ Bellatrix Lestrange, from Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series is to ensure that these two women, each tie for the position is terrible and vicious in his own way. The Bellatrix eccentricity and passion, the ability to torture people to madness in cold blood and ruthlessness him, killing members of her family, her children and torture children, like a bad politician Dolores met with permits to sacrifice different, is a twisted person buys a slave, no sweetness, and with the power to enforce laws that are sick. Umbridges we face everyday, while Lestrange, Grand Femme Fatale.

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