The 10 Most Powerful Characters In The Witcher Universe

The 10 Most Powerful Characters In The Witcher Universe

Is one of the most interesting fantasy worlds ever created in the Witcher universe. To complex geopolitical events, magical, spooky and Slavic folklore, it is full of philosophy, drama, and comedy.

Books and games for you to meet two characters, or are filled with ever want to see again. And The Witcher is a character.

Although the world is full of monsters Witcher, there are many powerful beings of non-human origin. The person on the list are to rule the kingdom, and those who use magic to help them. It is wary of the Witcher. If you read the books, they will hunt you see, the killing of the best monsters and lifting the curse, but in the big bad world of strong and powerful is just a speck.

If you felt you were on top of the world in the Witcher games here, Geralt, disappeared from the face of the earth that they can, if they want to have a few characters, but not because of their own reasons What. To be fair, they, too, can have a few heads roll, and in fact.

If you have not played the game or read books, be prepared for the next major SPOILERS.

1. Ciri

Cirilla, prophesy children, adopted daughter of the Princess of Cintra, Ciri Geralt, Witcher is the most powerful in the world, arguably. Lara Dorren children, Ciri Ichaer chickens or large blood pumps through the veins, which gives it great strength. They can also travel through space and time to talk to unicorns.

Kaer training, Ciri was the only one to be recognized as a Witcher practices must endure without mutating into Morhen. She was also trained in magic by her adoptive mother Yennefer.

They were a small child escape an arranged marriage Ciri was, and Brokilon, where they first met in deadly forest around Geralt. A big up courage and confidence, which can not envy anyone with a dry year.

2. Pavetta

Pavetta was a daughter of the lioness and the source of Cintra. Just like Ciri, he is a descendant of Lara Dorren, and was followed Duny, promised by her father, King Urcheon Roegner for the Erlenwald. His mother Queen Calanthe elite, did not like the queen of the rule that the decision to get married to be happy, Pavetta brings down the house with almost uncontrollable power.

This moment during that Geralt, who helps Duny lift off the curse, what it asks of you do not expect to find in the house, which turns out to be Ciri.

Unfortunately, Pavetta Vilgefortz dies in a shipwreck during the storm caused by. This is how Duny / Emhyr both the curse and get rid of his wife to pursue a much grander plans.

3. Vilgefortz of Roggeveen

As powerful as he is mad, is one of the main villains in the Witcher saga Vilgefortz. The young, beautiful, and talented, has a long history before joining the Wizards chapter member mages. He said, a mercenary and later worked as a spy has been taken by the Druids, and was even sentenced to death.

After successfully escaped execution, and after a romance failed as he began practicing magic arts in the end.

However, before Emhyr an emperor, has become together in cahoots. Vilgefortz helped Royal to take over his throne, and the latter, when the promise of the north are all conquered. But it was not enough, Vilgefortz wanted to use great force, to the Emperor’s daughter Ciri blood.

During the attack on Castle Stygga, Vilgefortz it easily with both Yennefer and beverages, and Geralt manages to defeat him only thanks to a special amulet of illusions.

4. Avallac’h

His friend Aen Elle Baba Avallac’h Ciri’s prophecy shows that it can cross between worlds Avallac’h Eredin like a family to show, in a human world of Geralt Lara Dorren .

The Witcher 3 you can have the Elven Sage became the guardian Ciri, and saved the Wild Hunt on more than one occasion to find out. He also helps Geralt Defending Kaer Morhen defeat Eredin, and play.

Lara Dorren Ciri with his beloved Father, he was powerful ones should be the same, but I have no other choice. Perhaps one of the reasons he’s been obsessed with the power of Ciri, and swore to protect the Wild Hunt.

5. Eredin, King of the Wild Hunt

King of the Wild Hunt or Eredin a Aen Elle and Red Elf pigs or an elven cavalry commander Dearg Ruadhri. Also known as Sparrowhawk thanks to their holes green eyes, Eredin Ciri wanted to produce an heir to the throne of the Elven world with old King Auberon Muircetach.

Eredin can travel between human and Elven worlds, and apparently sound format. They open the doors to the worlds power of Ciri, and to be able to rule over everyone. In the meantime, passes Wild Hunt villages and even, in the Elven world, which was once a human world that I found Ciri kidnap people to serve as slaves.

Although he created an impression on Ciri, she realizes that she’s like a … bad swim and it is better to keep away.

6. Yennefer of Vengerberg

While Philippa was able to trap Yennefer, dark-haired Geralt at the lodge trick Yin Yang Sorceresses, and managed to get away with this mission. Stubborn and ambitious, King Yennefer Aedirn Demavend a former royal adviser.

If the various feats of magic in this notice, Yennefer is careful and deliberate. At times, they are far more ruthless than Witcher. She was taught Ciri magic, and Vilgefortz track. He also managed to face the inhuman interrogation by his colleagues, who were looking for Ciri.

To add, Yennefer a quarter Elf, and maintains a great deal to look young and beautiful magic. In fact, she’s almost 100 years, and had a hunchback.

Author Andrzej Sapkowski, so he created his own Yennefer want to be anything other than a reader pleasing fantasy female stereotypes. Why complicate things between him and Geralt.

7. Philippa Eilhart

Philippa Eilhart you may be familiar with the Witcher game. He is a cold and calculating Witch with a strong appetite for power. Then out of the shadow of the real rulers, and about what needs to be done.

A leader of the lodge Sorceresses, Philippa Redania murder of a consultant Vizimir, and former lover of Sigismund Dijkstra, a point he was trying to keep up with the harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship. Or at least that was pretending to be.

He can polymorph, a few Mages, and like to take a form of an owl. Book Philippa is able to keep an eye on a small Yennefer tricks (they did Triss in the game) and Yennefer almost every step of the way. Let’s just say, it is best not to piss her off.

8. Geralt of Rivia

Monster slayer Geralt the Witcher, Rivia a discredited. He is the antithesis of a mutant each witchers, but most of all, she mutations, which can tolerate a more extensive exposure to result in a bright white.

Yennefer and Vilgefortz both felt there was much more simple than Witcher fame, he was trying to create for himself, suggested. But years of experience has taught him to live out the magic with human issues.

Both those that you are not a witch from Geralt’s mother, Druid circles. But Witcher does still prefer to rely on their swords rather than delving into magic arts, the senses, and sometimes the elixirs. He always managed to come out alive from the hair thanks to a circle of friends who are willing to help him.

9. Letho of Gulet

Letho, Kingslayer Maybe they killed him on more than one occasion, and that killed Foltest King Geralt clock, Geralt should go first, but Yennefer and wizards note, on Witcher capacity drain for a coin I have more than kill the monsters.

Coming from Snake school, Letho Witcher is no normal. This promises instead they hunt monsters can live without the Emperor Emhyr variable Emreis, native land, where as witchers salary hatred in society and condemned the general experience that supervision would kill kings .

Although you are given the opportunity to kill Letho at the end of the Witcher 2, you learn that they are outside the personal interest and that is not it. Besides, you have already searched for Yennefer Forest Angren once in his life was probably when stored.

10. Emiel Regis, Vampire

One of the friends Emiel Regis Geralt is a vampire. He introduced himself as a scientist and a doctor the fire, Meet the first book in baptism. Geralt nature Regis doubt he accepts ask him to leave, but this time with help and medical expertise.

Regis is a vampire young, aggressive, and always shares her story about being drunk. Took a chance and got himself killed in a very serious manner- removed his head, pierced heart, drenched body in the water by some villagers. Lasted five years, during regeneration, in which he ‘drinking and addiction’ to the blood reconsidered.

Regis manages to win in a fight almost Vilgefortz, but the latter ripped apart and melted glass into a shapeless lump. The dead Vampire, however, Geralt does not state that does not take any action to help to resuscitate him. The Witcher 3 and the expansion of blood alcohol, beverages Dettlaff is alive and well thanks.

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