The 10 Most Fierce Transgender Models

The 10 Most Fierce Transgender Models

The fashion industry used to close its doors to transgender models at one time. They come off as inappropriate phrase to customers was to be able to fit into the social role and frowned upon. But over the years, high fashion designers and mainstream public has accepted them who they are. Fashion for all those who thought that gender is defined, this list will be forced to revisit this. Here’s what came out of the closet and affected millions of others, and such a list is being set an example for the most sought after models of the 10 transsexual model.

1. May Simon

Simon Argentian Danish model May 10 to take the top spot in the countdown to the most intense transsexual model. Her ethereal looks have made it a world-class model. He is one of the most sought after models. She has been represented by some of the best modeling agencies in the world including medicine model ‘(Mother Agency), “Storm Model Management’ and ‘click’. He is a force for clearly recognizing the importance of the modeling industry.

2. Andreja Pejic

Australian model Andreja Pejic has been touted as fashion industry’s darling for her androgynous, high-fashion, edgy and avant-garde looks. Pejic is noted for modelling both women and men clothing line. In 2014, she had her male to female gender assignment surgery. She also walked the runways for both male and female clothing line for ‘Michalsky’ and Jean-Paul Gaultier

3. Arisce Wanzer

Arisce Wanzer 10 is third in the list of the most intense transsexual model. He turns and ends with the right reasons Couture fashion industry. Purple magazie has been included in the ‘Camdy magazine, among others.

4. Isis King

Transgender model Isis King has brought light and perhaps more than any other mainstream media. America’s top participation in the 11th cycle of the above ‘made it from a house-hold, and soon the first fashion industry headlines around to become a finalist in the transgender to show was making. Although not winning Isis, through its involvement in the show, they supported education about transgender and daily bullying feels like to be the face for being who he is. It was called the show’s 17th cycle back to All-Star. Apart from spreading awareness and tolerance of transgender people in public, he is our weekly “(2008),” Seventeen “magazine (December 2008 / January 2009), ‘Out’ magazine, ‘Mallard International magazine, and has been included in the spring 2010 ‘Swerv’ magazine cover. He also holds the distinction of being the first transsexual model for American Apparel.

5. Valentijn De Hingh

Another coup model high fashion scene is 24-year-old Dutch model Valentijn de Hingh. Love magazine has been shot ‘and’ Vogue Italia ‘, Valentijn it is shown here to stay. He also strutted the runways for mayysn Martin Margiela and Comme DES Garcons. His life was documented from the age of 8 to 17 years in a documentary titled ‘Valentijn’. It debuted in 2007. Dutch TV this gender assignment surgery was completed just before the screening. This, he hopes to fulfill the desire for modeling and passion for writing, because he wants to be a fashion journalist.

6. Geena Rocero

Filipino transsexual model and advocate Geena Rocero getting her ‘talent scouting and story breaks in a’ moviesque ‘style’; she was 21. She does not know when she was scouted in a restaurant that the fashion photographer that launched successful modeling career. He also used the class reputation for reaching out to help a transgender advocacy and other models by Proud’- rescue organization which stands up for the rights of transgender all over the world. He is one of the most popular faces coming out of the Model Management.

7. Caroline “Tula” Cossey

Having been featured in a ‘James Bond’ movie and posing for ‘Playboy’ magazine, 60 year old English model Caroline “Tula” Cossey is one of early pioneers who inspired other transgender aspiring models to go after their dream and live it. At the age of 20, she completed her gender assignment surgery. She has graced some of the most powerful fashion magazines of the world including ‘Australian Vogue’ and ‘Harper’s Bazaar’. Her struggle to be identified as a woman has caught significant media attention and public interest.

8. Carmen Carrera

Christopher was born as a Roman, an American reality TV star and Glee actor playing 29-year-old Carmen Besides being a model. Playing career was kickstarted when she attended drag race ‘Rupaul. Playing identifies her sexuality as gay, but he is still one of the most recognized transgender model recently. In addition to modeling, she herself charitable work, especially in spreading AIDS awareness. He added that the November 2011 issue of ‘W’ magazine.

9. Lea T

Leandro Medeiros from the Cerezo took aka: T is a Brazilian model is making waves in the world of high fashion. Brazil gave birth to the famous footballer Toninho Cerezo, is now recognized as the muse of French HAUTE-Couture brand globally ‘Givenchy’. Openly bisexual Leah started her gender reassignment surgery in March 2011. Lea “Vogue Paris”, “Hercules magazine, Interview magazine,” has been featured in magazine cover ‘and’ Love magazine. He is not only one of the most sought after models in the world, but it is also a cultural pop icon transgender advocates.

10. Jenna Talackova

When Ben in the Miss Universe Canada after being selected as one of the 2012 Top 65, on the grounds that he was cast on “was not a woman” born naturally Canadian model Jenna’s Talackova 2012 gained international recognition. But Talackova where to drop. He reached high officials and courts pageant organizer Donald Trump, who took the case. Talackova ultimately allowed to attend and be among the top 12 and even conjointly awarded the Miss Congeniality award. They also inspired a TV show based on her life, and has modeled for Brave New Girl beaten up.

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