The 10 Most Beautiful but Strange Flowers

The 10 Most Beautiful but Strange Flowers

Flowers, with their bright colors and unique shapes, a wonder of nature. They make the world a beautiful place. Rose is known to be more or less well-known orchids, flowers always mesmerizing. Let us adorn the world around us look at some of the most beautiful and strange flowers.

1. Swaddled Babies

Angloua Uniflora a beautiful orchid which is the common name, known by Swaddled Babies. Columbian plant grows in the Andes. The most stunning feature of this plant are large, creamy white flowers which is waxy. Their structure is very complex, and at a certain stage of opening, they start to look like a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. Each flower blooms in a single stem pseudobulbs base.

There are many more such plants with oddly shaped. Some, like the dancing girls look like bees others laugh Bumble. Some flowers, smiling (and possibly insane) Happy bear resemblance to aliens and can look like a freakishly and Darth Vader. All in all, Mother Nature has shown some remarkable creativity with this beautiful and strange flowers.

2. Hooker’s Lips

Many an exaggerated description, Psychotria Elata while you can consider, also called Whore Kissing Lips lips or plant, is absolutely true. It is located in the tropical rainforests of Central and South Africa. Waxy bract, which is a modified or specialized leaf, with flowers, bright red in color, full lips and a woman with a well-defined cupid’s bow, size. The star-shaped flowers that have emerged from the center of the bract.

3. Monkey Orchid

Dracula Simia or monkey orchid is also known as monkey-like Dracula. This is a rare species of orchid which is found to grow in the cloud forests of south-eastern parts of Ecuador and Peru. A baboon, more specific – Orchid called for this column, which is the flower petals and lips that appear odd arrangement strongly resembles a monkey’s face. Flower bear the smell of a ripe orange.

4. Naked Man Orchid

The Italica Orchis is often referred to as Italian orchid, it usually grows in large numbers due to the Mediterranean region. But, more generally, known as the naked man orchid. , The amazing flower orchid petals that look like naked men is this. Flower colors are a combination of bright pink and white, and they are most densely clustered. These popular flowering plant of this size.

5. Dove Orchid/Holy Ghost Orchid

Peristeria a common orchid Panama, Trinidad and Costa Rica, it is found to grow throughout much of South America. The pure white flower that looks like a dove that shows a structure hidden inside. In fact, cozy sitting inside the petals in the center is complete with a full pigeon, small wings raised with pink dots, and a small yellow beak. This structure is the reason behind its name. It is a very peaceful feeling flowers.

6. Snapdragon and its Skull

Antirrhinum, rocky areas of Europe, in the United States and North Africa, is an interesting flower of the snapdragon flower or dragon. When the flower petals, which squeezed, will be opening and closing the mouth, giving the impression of a dragon, face. But, once fallen petals fade, behind only the seed pod, because it seems like a terrible sight, the seed pod of a skull. Snapdragons idea of what ancient cultures supernatural powers.

7. Duck Orchid

Caleana known as the duck orchid. For labellum looks just like a flying duck with its wings raised. Lips, especially, clearly looks like a duck’s beak. Flower color is reddish brown, and in rare cases, it is green with black spots, and appears near the base of a leaf stalk. It is found in South Australia, and Queensland to Tasmania, Australia from small terrestrial orchid.

8. Ballerina Orchid

These small plants grow alone or in groups in different cross sections of the island of terrestrial orchids Spider Australia. Flowers are cream in color with mainly red markings, and their petals and sepals dark trichromes. Together, it looks like a flower girl in a graceful ballet pose, holding white safe. Rabbits and kangaroos grazing in the areas where they are a great threat to their orchids.

9. Parrot Flower

Impatiens Psittacina is an amazing plant mulberry family. Flowers are purple and red carmine color. When viewed from the side, apparently flowers resemble a parrot in flight. British botanist and explorer Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, before 1901, the bloom looks like a flying cockatoo, and then, in a scientific description of the plant, how it was caught, stated Is. This rare plant in Thailand, is found in parts of Burma and India.

10. Bleeding Heart

Flowers, especially in the bud shape, resembles Lamprocapnos, a flowering plant in the poppy family, the traditional form of heart with oddly on the droplet. Why is his name, has been a bleeding-heart. The outer petals are bright fuchsia color. Flowers and blooms before the opening of the outer petals, the inner, white part, often called a bath seem lady. This plant in Siberia, northern China, is found in Korea and Japan.

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