The 10 Miss World Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

The 10 Miss World Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Miss World beauty pageant in ancient history and is still going strong. Year’s biggest and most popular event of being one, it grabs the attention of media around the world. It is a popular event, for which many people wait throughout the year. You probably did not know that Miss World Take a look at 10 amazing facts.

1. The Origin

It is interesting that it was planning to make a regular annual event of the Miss World, as. swimsuit is introduced to honor this time, the event was created. It started in 1951 as the Festival Bikini Contest, but the media is panned as Miss World, and it’s for good. If Eric Morley, the competition’s president, found out about the Miss Universe competition coming next year in 1952, he decided to make it an annual event. And the rest is history ….

2. Winners Who Won Sub-Titles

Pageant, as well as winning the crown, which has also won several Subtitles be some winners in their history. (Miss won the World 2007, 57th Edition) China Zhang Zilin, Russia’s Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss World 2008, 58th edition) and Philippines, Megan Young (Miss World 2013, 63rd Edition) Miss World Top Model. Rosanna Davison of Ireland (Miss World 2003, the 53rd edition) and Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino (Miss World 2009, 59th Edition) won the Miss World Beach Beauty. China Yu Wenxia (Miss World 2012, 62 editions) won the Miss World Talent. Turkey’s Azra Akin (Miss World 2002, 52nd edition) won Best World Dress Designer (Spectacular Evening Wear). Venezuelan Astrid Carolina Herrera (Miss World 1984, the 34th edition), India’s Aishwarya Rai (Miss World, 1994, 44th Edition), Venezuela Jacqueline Aguilera (Miss World 1995, the 45th edition) and India Diana Hayden ( Miss World 1997, 47th Edition), won the Miss Photogenic. India Diana Hayden (Miss World 1997, 47th Edition) also won impressive office.

3. The Firsts (Miss World)

Some of the winning crown winners set a record – to win the title became European Kerstin Håkansson before Sweden Miss World 1951 (1st edition) Egypt’s Antigone Costanda first African to win when he became the first Muslim-majority country when Miss World title, she became Miss World 1954 (4th edition), Venezuela Susana Duijm has become to win the Miss World title the first Latin American and the American when she became Miss World 1955 (5th edition), from Jamaica to become Carole Joan Crawford the Caribbean miss winning the World Miss World 1963 (the 13th became Edition), India’s Reita Faria is Miss World 1966 (16th Edition), became the first European to Aneta Kreglicka of Poland when I became Miss World title, winning the first Asian to be winning the Miss World title was Miss World 1989 (39th edition), Miss World 2001 (51st edition to win Nigeria’s Agbani Darego download Miss World title) and China Zhang Zilin became the first Miss World of East Asian origin when the first black African to win the Miss World 2007 (57th Edition).

4. Longest & Shortest Reign

Since Miss World event does not take place on the same date every year, therefore, do not receive the same time adhering to all the winners of the castle. Competition longest reign by a winner in the history of beauty is achieved in 1951 (1st Edition) by Kerstin Håkansson, Sweden 29 July 1951 and put the crown her successor on 14 November 1952. In other words, has been by, he reigned for 1 year, 3 months, 16 days. Venezuelan Ivian shortest distance by a winner in the Sarcos, 6 November 2011, won in the year 2011 (61st edition) and its successor, the 18th of August, in other words, by 2012. crowned What is, he reigned for 9 months 12 days.

5. Win At Home Country

So far, seven winners have been crowned in his home country. In 1961 (11th Edition), United Kingdom Glen Frankland; in 1964, (14th edition) UK N Sydney, in 1965 (15th Edition), Langley Britain’s Lesley, in 1974 (the 24th edition), Britain’s Helen Morgan in 1983 (33RD Edition), United Kingdom Sarah-Jane Hutt was crowned in the United Kingdom. In 2007 (57th Edition), China’s Zhang Zilin and 2012 (62nd edition), was crowned in China Yu Wenxia China.

6. Biggest & Smallest Gap

There have been many cases when a country has won more than once. What is interesting is the time interval between one country wins. The longest break between the two wins by a country from Peru. Since 1967 (the 17th edition), was crowned the Peruvian Madeleine Hartog Bell-crown winner, and 37-year hiatus in 2004, (54th edition), Peru Maria Julia Mantilla won the title. Less is shared between recorded three countries to reduce the gap – 1951 (in the 1st edition) and 1952 (2nd edition), Sweden’s Kerstin Håkansson and May Louise Flodin, was crowned respectively Crown; 1964 (14th edition) and in 1965 (15th Edition), UK Sydney and Lesley Ann Langley win respectively 1999 (49th edition) and 2000 (the 50th edition), was India’s Yukta Mukhi and the Miss World Priyanka Chopra, respectively.

7. Most & Least Delegates

The number of delegates varies from year to year. Total minimum number of participating countries that the year 1952 was the year the event (2nd Edition). This year’s winner for Sweden May Louise Flodin. Most of the countries of the year, the year 2013 saw a whopping number of 127 countries attended. This year saw Megan Young won the Philippines.

8. Oldest & Youngest Winner Miss World

The oldest winner is far from Poland Aneta Kręglicka title in the year 1989 (the 39th edition). He was 24 years 244 days old when he won. The youngest winner of Puerto Rico, who is Wilnelia Merced won the title in 1975 (the 25th edition). They won 18 of the 39 days.

9. Miss World Facts – Most Wins

Venezuela pageant is the most wins in history with a total of six wins. It continues with 1995 (the 45th edition), 1955 (started its winning streak in the 5th edition) and 1984 (the 34th edition) 1991 ($ 1st edition), 1981 (the 31st edition),. His latest win came in the year 2011 (61st edition). The winners lace Duijm, Pilín Leon, Astrid of Herrera, Ninibeth Leal in chronological order, are Jacqueline love Ivian Sarcos.

10. Dethroned/Resigned Winners

The spectacle is part of the sad moments. In its history, it remains only a resigned or dismissed from the major international tournaments with two winners. The first shocking moment came in 1974 – Britain’s Helen Morgan was crowned Miss World 1974, 24th Edition) crown (but resigned four days later discovered he was a child. The next one came in 1980 – Brum of Germany Gabriella Miss World 1980 (he was crowned the 30th Editon) crown, Brum initially claimed to hate her, and as the reason for her nude photos the media pressure points, giving her 18 hours after the resignation of the government. What matters is the fact that point and what changes of approach to life is to know that he intends to bring to the world with his reign.

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