The 10 Male Celebrities who Faced Sexual Assaults

The 10 Male Celebrities who Faced Sexual Assaults

Recently I started trending, and one that caught our attention was raped by two men in a US person involved. Lots of eye brows were raised and many jaws, because many men to rape and sexual assault, fell still hear a story or a joke. However, the fact that undergo many male sexual abuse. Even when we are saved molestations in an effort to stimulate the enthusiasm and excitement of the famous people who give examples, so we have to overcome the trauma of sexual harassment to the extent where they are today. forget about men. Our men suffered sexual assaults celebrities who look at things.

1. Tim Roth

British actor Timothy Simon Roth is the director of being mistreated pain and created quite a stir in the war zone, dangerous sexual predator shoe is intended to put some people in the audience with the first film. Mainly, since to tell a story about the subject than he is a child molestation survivors alive in the film. It began to face the misuse of blood relations or eyelashes during her childhood, and continued until his early teens. However, instead of feeling hurt, he considers himself an escape alive. As a child, he was often beaten up or killed by other children. Acting given the chance to exorcise his demons.

Having suffered the attack there are many other male celebrities. Drew Carey, Maynard James Keenan, Mike Patton, Robert Blake, James Dean, Don Lemon: they are all victims of sexual abuse.

Indeed, faced with the horrific sexual crimes against them have been many female stars. Ashley Judd and Oprah Winfrey Barymore while Drew was abused by her father, grew up between sexual abuse by male family members. Christina Applegate dating was tortured, and raped at gunpoint gun Gabrielle Union. Many women have faced horrific sex crimes, but that does not mean that men can also suffer from any of such crimes. As children or as adults, men are at risk of, abuse and rape. When they have faced such situations who live in fear of coming out the truth is the truth, the victim of a rape did not ask for it, and a woman raped ‘enjoy’ no just like that, one does not ‘t, either.

Sometimes, they are up to with misunderstandings, Chis Brown, at a time when the fact that it lost his virginity in the child molestation case was 8 years old, who said the issue Improve. Tim Roth said, a man not to consider themselves as victims but rather emerge as the a survivor, and that can be done with appropriate help and support is important. Suppressed feelings about the attacks can lead to abuse trends perpetuating suffering from the abuse of a vicious cycle. It is time to overcome the shock of accepting the fact that we lend our support, and feel shame.

2. Sid Vicious

Born John Simon Ritchie and John Beverly, bass guitarist and singer of the band, the Sex Pistols, nominated referred to himself as a punk. He said he was notorious for both verbally and physically abusing members of the audience, but nonetheless, he was loved by fans for their behavior. Sid five days of arrest, he was sent to Rikers Island jail, where the metro had to undergo a painful and detoxification effect. During his time in prison, Sid repeatedly been subjected to various forms of humiliating attacks. He, was raped, beaten, abused and attacked. However, the report of a witness these events. On one occasion, Jerry Nolan went to visit him, he was shaking uncontrollably with the devil a black eye. Vicious died of a drug overdose in a party.

3. R Kelly

Robert Sylvester Kelly, who remember him as, full of used to roam around the house I grew up in a household of women, scantily clad. Robert was a young woman making a picture of her sexual encounters with her partner. She was 10 years old, was sexually abused by her as another woman, and continue doing so for many years. That even as a child, I knew that what was happening to him was wrong, and yet, all too shy to talk about it, he said. It must, as they struggle through a very difficult childhood without a father, left a deep mark in his mind. Later, he developed the notorious habit of having sexual encounters with history and age. He was also charged with child pornography, and gruesome child molestations.

4. Ozzy Osbourne

The personality of a rock singer and television as a family of eight suffered poverty Ozzy Osbourne, born as John Michael Osbourne ,, was a little rough childhood, and pretty shaken and sex was scarred by encounters. The bullies at school he was regularly sexually assaulted. Two guys get every day waiting for her, and took her back to school in Birmingham. They ask him to strip down and used to touch it and feel it after that. It seemed like the air at regular intervals, and age, and went for it. However, he said his parents, who may have never talked about it to him all the more to the left mortified and shattered. He later worked with therapy, and his wife, Sharon, aware of their traumatic experiences, has always been a great support.

5. Carlos Santana

Mexican-American music sensation, whose eponymous band came out in public about the Rock and talk therapy for years about his childhood experiences of the founder, sexual exploitation in Latin America, but much later. He scored 10 and 12, Burlinton, VT. The time between a person’s age, regularly disclosed its greed and shame. Carlos was provoked almost every other States, where his molester, dressed like a cowboy who bought souvenirs, clothes, food and toys. After that, the man sexually abused. This, Carlos went on a girl caught the man, until he fell in love with him and slapped him in the face. She saw him for the animal he was, and retaliation. Many of his songs are indicative of his early life harsh and degrading.

6. Tom Arnold

Comedian and actor, he had to bring the reality of life as a sexual predator was encountered, a pedophile. 4, for his father, leaving her with a neighbor for a single parent, I used to sit his child, his desire to rape and rape with candy, try calling a game. When he was about 7 I started to protest, but the man threatened to shoot his father. Soon, fearing an angry but frustrated Tom, went into the neighborhood with his father’s gun. Although he did not tell the truth to his father or any person tampering closed, as moved out. 12, when he realized that I was reading a book on sex education years, he suffered only if they have had sexual encounters. 30 years old, he encountered a man in the last stage of his rehab.

7. Axl Rose

After a two-year-old Axl’s, after which William Bruce Rose, Jr. was called, the William’s parents separated, was kidnapped by his father. After the abduction, William was abused by his biological father sexually. His mother married a religious man named Stephen L. Bailey, and Bailey believed, until his father was 15 years old. Bailey was cruel, and evil of all evil, banned from television to music. And the man was insulting to her siblings, and her sister was abused as a teen-age witness, William was exposed to sexuality. With past life regression therapy, Axl claimed to have dug out their biological father, memories of rape from which had left deep scars. But music helped her overcome her memories and scars.

8. Henry Rollins

Angry man music, Henry Rollins, who was born Henry Garfield, a very early stage in his life he had left a mark which has suffered a lot of unwanted sexual encounters. He said, in the midst of a civilized atmosphere was already a father beat his mother’s abusive boyfriend to threaten a war veteran and mentally tortured. He was found by a truck driver that he remembers one particular incident in Greece has vividly, and then sexually molested by her. Then she was only 10 years. This was not an isolated incident. His father married a woman who had a psychotic son. Step brother drunk, and often sexually assaulted her. However, the band, through his demons through creativity and music as part of Rolling Stone.

9. Marilyn Manson

Brian created Hugh Warner was, goth-rock singer indecent sexual exposure early in his childhood, when the basement was subjected used to venture into his grandfather’s gender base where women’s underwear animal piles of magazines and pornographic pornography, sadomasochism, etc. dazed children. Then he began to face repeated sexual assaults by a neighbor for a very long time. At one point, he was ordered to strip and crawl into a narrow space, Naked, an older male friend “friend” was touching helpless happiness that Brian himself. All this left a mark in his mind, but he did have a rebellious, opinionated guy. Ironically, later on in his life, although he was dropped charges, allegations of sexual abuse themselves.

10. Tyler Perry

Emmitt media mogul Tyler Perry had to face repeated sexual abuse as a child. He was about 5-6 years to be attacked by a male nurse in a hospital in a neighboring sexually, and was later. After this, a man in the Church, in the name of God and the Bible, sexually abused him. Tyler also suffered sexual abuse by a friend’s mother. Instead of finding comfort in the house, she was beaten and physically abused by his father. Until it was finished only escape was to mentally move to a park. He found temporary refuge and peace in the church. He, decided to distance himself from his father’s violent and became suicidal when he changed the name, and gradually, things have forgiven those whom their unremorseful father’s face when in his late twenties he began to turn to.

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