The 10 Longest Running Game Shows on US Television

The 10 Longest Running Game Shows on US Television

Television programs are a part of our everyday lives. On the one hand, they offer entertainment with shows us sitcoms, dramas, reality shows and chat, on the other hand, they give us knowledge about the world. Then we all seem to enjoy the thrilling events on television. Lucky draws destined to quiz shows, game shows have been replicated in other countries in each of the concepts in different languages have been on American TV. Game shows are popular today, and since the beginning of television, has held various shows. Some of them have been low and, while you’ve got the moves to run for many a long time to be eliminated immediately. Look at the countdown from the longest-running game show on television in the United States.

1. Price is Right

Produced by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman, as the embodiment of the original 1956 version of the show in 1972, was built to keep certain elements. Contestants selected program audience, accurate price of the merchandise, and revolves around who compete to take home cash and prizes. Bob Barker’s first and longest-running show host. Drew Carey is occupied in 2007 and the show running. Many famous models and is the longest-running game show with 8000+ episodes in 42 seasons, which appeared on the show.

Game shows have always caught our imagination. They can not go home with money only competitor great prizes or, rather guessing television answers a fun time for people sitting on the other side or get a sense of the game as enjoying the show allow.

2. Wheel of Fortune

Die show created with the basic idea to solve the word puzzle in Griffin executioner. In 1975 the show, the word carnival offers a chance to spin the wheel for contestants to solve puzzles and win cash and prizes. It was actually Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford held in. Currently, syndicated version of the show hosted by Pat Sajak and Vanna White to. “America’s Game” huge popularity led to the syndicated version of the night, and that’s the longest-running syndicated game show in United States, aired more than 6,000 episodes in 32 seasons.

3. Jeopardy!

Created by Merv Griffin, the original version from 1964, including a period of one year at a time syndicated version was aired in 1975. Then, features such as the new threat of a daily syndicated version to 1979. In 1978, Ran began in 1984, host Alex Trebek. The reaction in the form of questions to a unique quiz show where contestants are presented with clues in the form of answers to common knowledge, and they do. In 7000 the number of episodes in 31 seasons. The show has won several accolades and awards, 31 Daytime Emmy Awards.

4. Truth or Consequences

The show was created by Ralph Edwards for radio, and it was 198 runs in 24 seasons was to run is completed adapted to television in 1950. It was a quiz competition with a twist. Contestants will be asked questions that were often unclear and difficult, and they will not be able to answer, he will have to suffer the consequences, ‘consequences’ extraordinary stunts. Bob Barker when hosted it from 1956 to 1975, after which it never returned to its former glory, short as it was restored for a short period in the ’80s Show popularity reached its peak .

5. What’s My Line

Mark Goodson- Bill Todman Productions, whose first term was created this unique show aired from 1950 to 1967, but 1975. The game show, will be a panel of four celebrities sporting activities, until several short life was nine, and the panel participants were asked “Yes” or profession, the fifth contestant identified questions not “guess the line ‘work will be kept confidential”. The mystery guest will be paid for appearing on the show. The show was moderated by John Charles Daly, and many celebrities have been involved in over 2,000 episodes over 25 seasons.

6. I’ve Got a Secret

Created Allan Sherman and Howard Merrill appearing as a derivative of my line is? Participants popular panel show contestants had to guess the secret. This was a game that was fun factor secret, humorous to serious, were embarrassing surprises. It was aired in 1952 and ran until 1967, and 70s, and was revived again in the 2000s. He was a revolutionary revival with all the gay panel. After starting in black and white, it was aired during 15 seasons changing colors show aired in 1966. 350+ episodes.

7. Hollywood Squares

. The show was a combination of sports and comedy. I have the answers and possibly the scripting appearing frequently,, bluffs provided by the writers of the show with The subjects will be made by celebrities. However, the gameplay was different scripts, and the show was just a question. Show 3500+ episodes during 14 years.

8. Concentration

Producers Jack Barry and Dan Enright created the show with Robert Noah and Buddy Piper based on children’s Memory game. In the show, matching pairs of cards, which represented the prizes, were gradually removed from the board to eventually reveal the elements of a rebus puzzle which the contestants had to solve to win a match. The show was aired on and off between 1958 and 1991, with Classic Concentration being the final edition. It survived for almost 4000 episodes over 15 seasons, due to a solid format, even amidst general implication about 50’s game shows being rigged.

9. Let’s Make a Deal

The show’s host, Monty Hall, Stefan Hatos with luck and a game of intuition. The selected members of the audience to whom the deal, and he had to weigh the value of a prize or an unwanted item. A strange costumes competitor of the features of the game to capture the attention of producers and that wore to enhance their chances of being picked as a trader. The show is broadcast 3000+ episodes which were so popular during the 13 seasons since 1977. In 2013-14, including regular rehabilitation efforts, a decline in demand.

10. To Tell the Truth

Created by Bob Stewart, several versions of the show, 25 seasons aired on the broadcast of the original 12 seasons from 1956 to 1968. The show was presented with a unique designation or description of a competitor who featured participants experience the famous panel. The main character of the drama was a competitor and two impostors. Panel participants questioned the three men. impostors can lie, while the rival oath to tell the truth. Panel participants based on wrong guesses, contestant could win.

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