The 10 Highly Dangerous Bridges in The World

The 10 Highly Dangerous Bridges in The World

From the depths of the forests for the heights, different dangerous bridge in the world. We started with the idea of a bridge to connect the two areas or mountains should give thanks to human efforts. We used these narrow, old building, etc. and poor material such as dangerous or not, there are various things which make a decision to name a bridge. But with the passage of time, human beings have created something with increasingly beautiful and bridges. Still, the lack of safe and beautiful bridge for those parts of the country. High suspension bridges to dilapidated rope bridges, here are the 10 most dangerous bridge in the world.

1. Marienbruecke – Germany

Marienbruecke bridge is located in Germany. This beautiful yet dangerous bridge, built near the cliffs sentence Alps connecting the two sides together. The bridge, at first glance, to give an overview but it is not properly managed. Do you think the heart would be fabulous yet risen several times before crossing the dangerous bridge.

2. Foot Bridges – Pakistan

Like playing field for Pakistan’s Foot Bridge, especially children. The bridge is to hang high with poor suspension and was built with poor materials. I also supported on both sides of the bridge can see that the most vulnerable. Not confirmed until the moment when it is needed.

3. Aiguille du Midi – France

The Aiguille DU MIDI bridge in France. If you suffer from any heart disease, so I recommend you to be planning to cross the bridge. It is narrow and has a height of 12,600 feet above sea level. The bridge is supported by the two sides, but the height is terrible for someone who is not afraid of heights

4. Musou Tsuribashi Bridge – Japan


Musou Tsuribashi Bridge is a Japanese bridge and one of the most terrible bridges in the world. It was constructed in 1950 and is quite narrow. The bridge has poorly constructed boards and ropes to support. It is crossed by hundreds and thousands of people every day. If you have the plan to cross this bridge, you should think thrice because it is really going to be a terrible experience.

5. Trift Bridge – Switzerland

The Trift Bridge I situated in the Alps of Gadmen. This is a 180 meters long and 110 meters high bridge of Switzerland. The Trift Bridge was constructed in 2004 and underwent a reconstruction in 2009. This bridge is not safer to cross and the level of security is extremely poor. The two sides have no protection, not even the support of ropes.

6. Kakum National Park Canopy Walkway – Ghana

The interesting yet dangerous fact about this bridge is that it is situated in the depths of forests of Ghana. The forest floor of Kakum National Park Canopy is about 76 feet. Although the local theme park remains full with the tourists but this bridge is really tough to cross. Only the weak support of rocks has been provided on its two sides. The woods used for its construction have been damaged.

7. Taman Negara National Park Bridge – Malaysia

Taman Negara National Park Bridge is a long suspension bridge of Malaysia. Every day hundreds of local people and tourists cross this bridge to reach to the other side of the area. During the rainy season, this bridge remains extremely wet and is hard to cross. It is expanded in an area of about 550 meters at the height of 40 meters. The government needs to pay attention to reconstruct this bridge because it is really tough for a newcomer to cross over it.

8. Vine Footpaths AKA Bridges – Japan

Bell footpaths AKA Ivy Bridge Valley, are located in Japan. Small bridges fighters and refugees were in ancient times to protect their territories. It is located at the Iya River and have been spaced with 13-inch sides of the mountains. Repovesi the Iya is the famous nature park on one side of the river. Architects have decided to limit the extent moment, but it seems that the cross he did not know it would be really annoying to have to balance the lack of currency.

9. Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge – UK

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is situated in Antrim Town, Northern Ireland, UK. The 21 meters long pathway of this bridge is situated at the height of 30 meters. It takes a lot of courage to the tourists to cross this bridge, a light suspension of rope is there to act like your support but the fact is that it is not that easy to cross this dangerous bridge.

10. Ghasa – Nepal

Gus Ghasa village, is a very dangerous bridge, located in Nepal. Besides the fact that the bridge was poorly constructed, that every day, not only humans but also animals that cross a number. Ghasa is interesting to know that the bridge is a very small and narrow, but that even small children find it to be no problem to cross it.

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