The 10 Gorgeous Women Who Rocked The Bald Look

The 10 Gorgeous Women Who Rocked The Bald Look

Who says only men are at a completely shaved head sexy look? We bring you 10 women who have no need at all to doing his bald mane are the property and have proved that they look good. From fashion to movies to music, the success of women in every field have master’s bald look glamorous. Who were 10 to take a bold and bald beautiful women celebrating the countdown.

1. Persis Khambatta

For the Indian model, actress and writer rocked the bald Persis Khambatta 10 women won the top position in the countdown. Born in 1948, Persis Miss India 1965 took the win. In addition to modeling, she is one of the first successful ‘Nighthawks’, lost world ‘Megaforce’and’ Warrior of an international film career with films such as India. He was considered to play the lead in the women did not work out in the end, the James Bond film ‘Octopussy’. Initially a TV series which was being planned, however, the most important part, the Motion Picture Star Trek “came in 1979 as” Lt. Ilia ‘film. Persis Although the excitement from the TV series was turned into a movie, but it also means that they have lost 5 years of work as the TV series was for 5 years I was feeling. He has also received a Saturn Award nomination for the role. He died at the age of 49 years in 1998 due to a heart attack. At the peak of her career, 31 years old, which is the top choice of getting bald, is still considered a brave and bold move by some. He was one of the original rock the bald look, and recognized as a global icon today.

2. Alek Wek

South Sudan No. 2 spot on the list is the British model and designer of Alek Wek. He’s bald look for most of his career, is one of those few models. Alek 37 years is too popular and credited to encourage girls to get a bald look. With its high-fashion look Issey Miyake’s, Moschino, Victoria’s Secret, clinics, ShiatzyChen, John Galliano, Chanel, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Jasper Conran, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Armani, Fendi and Christian Dior, Elle Magazine made able to work, iD magazine, Canadian, German and Japanese Vogue, cosmopolitan magazine, Glamour magazine, Forbes Africa and Ebony magazine. Modeling is considered a living in the world, Alek Wek is also the designer of the handbag line ‘Wek 1933’. The US Committee for Refugees has also worked as an advisor to the Advisory Council.

3. Diandra Soares

35 Indian model and reality TV star has broken into the top three in the list. He is one of the few people who shaved his head more than once. Diandra was already a successful model with HR dark curly locks. When he was 20 his jokes as part of the fashion industry did not take it to a welcoming arm, the first time he has shaved his head. 10 years after the fact, he did it again at the age of 30 years, he experienced once again the expression on his shaved head. But this time, things were different. he did. Designers were fighting each other off to work with him. They were also open and close the Lakme Fashion Week during this period, and the Huffington Post did a story on this. In 2013, he heads off on her shaved authorized by it spiritually as they felt for the third time this religious purpose.

4. Jessie J

26-year-old English singer-songwriter, this bald, he stands at No. 4, which rocked with us more than his contemporaries Swag in the music industry, in this list. Grammy, Singer Who are you now, his albums with the record charts worldwide designated ‘live’ and ‘Sweet Gabby and her three successful headlining tours. J is also known for her philanthropic work. 15th March 2013, he shaved his head to raise 75 million pounds for charity whopping. “His hair will be back to it. It takes 2 years even if it saves lives it’s worth it. Even if some” 1 Life, she is I was about to say.

5. Sigourney Weaver

Two-time Golden Globe winner, BAFTA winner and former three-time Academy for his bald appearance in the 1992 film nominated Sigourney Weaver, who rocked the bald Alien 3 ’10 at No. 5 in the countdown to women. 65-year-old actress ‘Alien’ film franchise- which have a worldwide reputation as the ‘Ellen Ripley’ every time is considered one of the greatest action heroine. Weaver Sex ‘Aliens’ in ‘Ripley’ challenging role of her ‘Best Actress’, the first to get a nomination for the Academy of Science Fiction, action or horror film. No wonder that rocked the bald look in the third installment of the franchise.

6. Ebony Haith

Bald look for the reality TV history was one of the oldest women in the US back to top ‘cycle 1 contender Ebony Haith. The moment they step on, away from the high fashion look of fellow contestants. Out of order in the history of 35-year-old American model show is credited for being the first recipient of the call. They took some of the greatest images than they were eventually scrapped. This showed that bald is hot in the modeling industry. Her boldness list “10 women who rocked the bald look” at number 6 lands to carry off the bald look.

7. Cynthia Nixon

One of the most globally recognised TV actors of all time, Cynthia Nixon became a household name with her ‘Sex & the City’ character ‘Miranda Hobbes’. The 48 year old American actress who lands at number 7 in the list “10 gorgeous women who rocked the bald look”, has proved her talent by winning two Emmy, a Grammy and a Tony award. For her role as cancer stricken poetry professor Vivian Bearing in 2012’s play ‘Wit’, Nixon shocked fans and critics by shaving off her head. Nixon’s performance was highly appreciated and it even gave her a Tony nomination.

8. Kellie Pickler

8 Number of Kellie Pickler, reality TV star and singer who won our hearts up in the fifth season of “American Idol”. Although he did not win the crown, but the four super hit albums and are winning the sixteenth season of Dancing with the Stars have seen success around the world. 28-year-old American country music artist, but in a movie character fit or not to shave his head to make a fashion statement. When her friend Summer Holt started Miller chemotherapy, is Pickler that he decided to head will be shaved to support her friend in order, and he did it on September 4th on ‘Good Morning America’ show.

9. Cate Blanchett With Shaved Heads

9 10 women rocked the bald look is our list of the Australian 2-time Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett’s. 45-year-old actress is considered one of the best actresses living in the present day. Her film career has some of the best films which spans almost 25 years, including ‘good’, ‘genius for MR. Ripley ‘,’ Rings’ series, “Babylon”, “Blue Jasmine owner, and shows the ‘paradise’ he shaved and world head for her role in the 2002 film that may be the extent they bring films the perfection of character.

10. Karen Gillan

Number 10 on the list to kick 26-year-old Scottish actress and model, Karen Gillan, known for her role in ‘Doctor Who’, ‘eye’ and a ‘happy ending’. In 2014, pay Guardian of the Galaxy in Nebula ‘needs as part of their role, Karen off his head completely shaved. The look and character were both highly praised by both critics and audiences. He also made it to number 42 and 36 in 2011 and 2012 in FHM’s list of sexiest women 100 respectively.

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