The 10 Disney Princesses in American / European films

The 10 Disney Princesses in American / European films

When we think of elegant and beautiful princesses on the silver screen, but we help created by Disney / Pixar can not imagine the legendary characters. To Elsa Snow White, looking for all, are pretty attractive, strong and powerful princesses from Disney. However, around the princesses are so many other animated films with the plot, or contributed to the story of a princess. So, let us take a look at who are very good as the animated Disney Princesses bus 10.


George and the Dragon Dragon and speculative natural history book movie is loosely based on a combination of a novel bearing the same name, ABC, Warner Bros. Split film. Princess Melisande, Green helpful Carolinus daughter, even though they have shown that signs should be made more memorable to him, was a forgotten princess sorry. She is blonde, blue dreamy eyes, red lips and a traditional look with pale skin. Melisande is very brave, and the risk of permanent madness for her loved ones. Plus, they have a pet dragon.

Manhattan Island Treasure: The Xeno like many other princesses, Hercules and Xena Warrior Princess or Princess Cholena from the tail with a memorable personalities. We take a look at films from around the world, some have been quite remarkable princesses, especially in the Japanese films. Japanese Some princesses are Kaguya, Mononoke, Toyotomi, Warrior Princess Nausicaa, etc. Barbie film series, princesses are displayed with a different twist, Barbie. In addition, there are many other Disney princesses may be women, but nothing less than the brilliant and unforgettable.

Princess Yum Yum

British animated film The Thief and the Cobbler a troubled history of 28 years, and the edited version is called The Princess and the Cobbler and Arabian Nights. One of the main characters in the film the legendary animated film Princess Yum YUM. Yum Yum Golden City Princess. She is dressed in black hair, dark skin and big eyes outlandishly beautiful, and exotic clothes. He is intelligent, brave and a go-getter. Cobblers, direction, falls in love with her, which saves lives. He is confident, and knows that he is smarter than any man in this town.


/ French film series Arthur and the Invisibles, Selenia, Mnimoys Princess, one of the main characters of the film. The 999 Minimoy- years old in the first film, which is about 10 human years. The bronze orange eyes Pixie cut hair, ginger, to go along with it. It wants to be able to take responsibility athletic, and his seat on the arrival time. She dressed very difficult for most adventures, but I was super beautiful. He is not waiting to be saved, and is strong enough to defeat her abduction, Maltazard.


The Tale of Despereaux is loosely based on a fictional book of the same name film of Universal Pictures. The story is basically about developing fencing in heroic mouse Despereaux, while the Princess and the Pea is an important role. Despite the heroic traits or achievements, this lack of Peas, is the Princess, still a cute character. After her mother literally, Roscuro is scared to death by a rat named Roscuro the contempt they so upset. She is worried about her grieving father, the king. He is kind, and Despereaux byfrynds. His heart is large enough to visit it later Roscuro.

The DreamWorks animation colony of ants in Antz Princess. Despite its small size, it also proves ants, a people, and a very well organized, a self-respecting. Having the Autonomous mind, and it is being cooped up in an ant hill to the victims of hate colony. Beautiful blue eyes is a good idea, and loves to dance. He is tough and hard, and very headstrong. The general mission of the jaw, safety ant colony with his former fiancee, and she prefers to marry the fight with his fists Z., a chair, sometimes a weapon, too.

Princess Irene

By M Entertainment Budapest and Hungary, United Kingdom Entertainment Film Distributors in, European film, The Princess and the Goblin, an adaptation of a 1872 novel, Hemdale Film Corporation, A. Film A / S and distributed in the US by J & AMP was the film. Young Princess Irene is a beautiful girl with big eyes and ginger hair. She is very beautiful, and the kind and caring. He is very brave little girl, and this means that even if they go it alone, ready to embark on adventures. He is known to have a vivid imagination. They can go the extra length to save her loved ones.

Swan Princess, is based on the New Line Cinema by NEST Family Entertainment and rich animation, developed and distributed, Swan Lake named legendary ballet, and was directed by former Disney animation director Richard Rich. Blonde princess, Odette, I turn into a swan during the day and have the ability to return to his human form at night. The sweet, gentle and kind, and caring towards her loved ones. He is very brave and not afraid to speak her mind. He saves, and a daughter, Alise adopted the one who married Prince Derek.


Produced by Don Bluth Entertainment, released by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment and distributed by 20th Century Fox, the movie Thumbelina’s titular character is an extremely popular non-Disney princess. Mostly, everything about her is very traditional. She is beautiful, with long, strawberry-blonde hair and blue eyes. She is sweet and romantic, and despite her tiny, thumb-like size, she has a big heart full of love. Though she isn’t royal by birth, she eventually becomes the princess of the fairies after marrying Cornelius, the prince of the fairies who saves Thumbelina.

Former Disney animation directors Don Bluth and Gary Goldman directed the Fox Animation Studios produced musical, Anastasia, distributed by 20th Century Fox, with the story based on the urban legend that Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia survived the execution of her family. In the movie, Anastasia, who goes by Anya, has no memory of her royal connection, and in a quest to find her family, sides with two conmen who note her resemblance to the Duchess. Anya is funny, spunky and bright, with a brutal honesty. She does not behave like royalty, and is not afraid to fight.


DreamWorks’ Shrek the series has a Twist, a kind of love of two beings always one of the most popular modern fairy tales with beautiful where traditional touches hearts. Distant princess, Fiona Lillian, leaving behind his double life changed man after the ogress after sunset Cursed, he turns into an ogress who breathes life into the story. She is like a princess, his dreams, desires to be rescued by a prince, but she’s not afraid to throw a few kicks and punches. Both as a human being as an ogress, Fiona has been a traditional and flowing brain.

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