The 10 Celebrity Children with Weird Names

The 10 Celebrity Children with Weird Names

Celebrities often end up doing strange things, and most often, they are just an excuse for the folly of his personality no such excuse. Miley Cyrus and her look is the language of the camera shakes, or try your hand at Skate Boarding Justin Bieber falling flat on his face. Many strange names in the entertainment industry celebrities, Peter Gene Hernandez, known as Bruno Mars, known by the way. Well, famous personalities and the relationship between names another reason that generally seems justified to them, therefore, they sometimes do the strangest of their names is long. We may take a look at the strange name 10 celebrity children.

1. Bear Blaze

Ned Rocknroll: third husband of Hollywood actress Kate Winslet is very unique name. This is a perfectly natural that the couple and their children strange names, the Bears chose to give Blaze is nothing. Kate grew up with the nickname Bear, and wanted it to her third child. Joe and Mia – the first two saner name. Maybe names of their fathers’ hands worked in his favor.

2. Bear Blu

Winslet is the face of ridicule, he probably soften the blow, because they face a namesake It is more Planet for two years running. Actress Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki decided to give her a son named Bear Blu, born in 2011. Worst celebrity baby names lists after the birth of the child, in a list of this year helped him.

3. Bronx Mowgli

While we are on the subject of baby bears, let’s talk about the baby with the jungle-inspired name: Bronx Mowgli. Actress-singer Ashlee Simpson and her former husband, musician Peter Wentz, decided on Mowgli, inspired by the character of the same name from Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, and, probably in keeping up with the trend of naming kinds after places, they threw in Bronx.


4. Apple

Apple might compete with his brother, Moses Bruce Anthony Martin, over the weirder name, but we think she wins, because she is named after a fruit. Apple is the daughter of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin. Paltrow found the name perfect because, “Apples are so sweet, and they’re wholesome, and it’s biblical — and I just thought it sounded so lovely and … clean!”


5. Harper Seven

English football legend David Beckham and wife Victoria “Posh” Beckham has four children, the youngest of his strange name, Harper is a cute little girl who is seven. Yes, it really is the number “seven” and apparently, due to its name because it is important for the father to Jersey bored. 7 when he played for the English national team and Manchester United.

6. North West

Sound like a direction, doesn’t it? Well, reality television and social media personality Kim Kardashian and her husband, musician Kanye West, did not seem to have thought it through when they named their daughter North West. They claim that it was because of spiritual reason. Who knows why the Kardashians do what they do? We hope there’s a substantial explanation for the girl.


7. Pilot Inspektor

Actor Jason Lee and his wife chose to name his son Riesgraf Inspektor the pilot. With a ‘K’ – – We are an accurate description for Grandaddy Inspektor, but we know that it was because of a song named indie kid is such a funny first name by rock band. The song goes, “He is simple, he said mute, he said, was enough for a pilot to select” the name.

8. Kal-El

Is it a bird? This pilot a plane flown by inspektor? It’s Superman? No, it is the son of actor Nicolas Cage and wife Alice Kim. The boy’s name is L. Kal. The actor and his wife, first, decided to name their child Kyleand, but then decided to go with something more memorable and quicker. They especially because it went with the positive connotation, the El, Superman’s real name.

9. Royal Reign

Yes, that is a person’s name. Well, what do you expect to be the name of a child musician who goes by her stage name Best Lil Kim? Her father, too, is a highly unique name Peoples. Kim announced her pregnancy After a while, the composer’s father, Hernandez said. We have to admit, there is something other than a celebration of quirkiness.

10. Jermajesty

Speaking of the royal family celebration, here’s another kid with a funny name regally. Jermajesty singer Jermaine Jackson and wife Halima child. Known for those who are stunned to break: Well, it has been keeping clearly in mind ‘Jer’- Main name. Jermajesty better No, his name is ironic way that speaks Spanish, he is a boy, I hope.

It is likely that these children will grow used to the jokes and teased by the whole world. Or, if they are lucky, they will be remembered as people with notable names. Who are we kidding? They are famous child born lucky! Yet, here we are, laughing at his name. We are saying, their parents will be asked to ensure better place some strong reasons for their decisions, because some day.

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