The 10 Best Movies of Yash (South Actor)

The 10 Best Movies of Yash (South Actor)

On entering the film industry, the actor Naveen Kumar Gowda changed the whole face of cinema and sandalwood. Naveen is the first credit account and is one of the richest in the Kannada actors.

With an alluring style mustache and change her horse every time he hits the big screen, not just in the South but around the world, it’s every girl’s secret crush. The film has won great honor is paid, here’s our pick for the top 10 movies of them.

1. Kirataka

This 2011 comedy drama took it from the commercial success of a strong progress, its director Pradeep Raj in Kannada cinema. Neighboring villages conduct a year long relationship between the film, is Nandeesha and Nethra revolves around romance. Nethra heroine was played by actor Oviya.

V. Manohar in background score was composed by many definitions, especially filmed in the song ‘Dhanakku Dandaa’ the lyrics of Mandya district, where 108 villages have received Kirataka names. The total period, made the film Run 50 days, 100 days and 20 Karnataka Bangalore run in a theater.

2. Moggina Manasu

This entry was lasting fame in the film sandalwood. The plot between the audience and the ragging, combating teenage horror movie depicting the problems and colleges was hailed by critics alike. The film grossed Rs 12 crore at the box office collection during a 100-day term.

MM fame Best Supporting Actor award was awarded with the Filmfare best with bagging. Star cast film direction and was also honored by the Filmfare. Best Director Shashank, best actress, best supporting actress for her beauty ritual for Radhika Pandit.

3. Googly

Retro unfolds in flashbacks and flash Googly like a sweet love story with the audience in the way that the world of time. Sharath and renown in Swat romantic tussles between Kriti Kharbanda played by Joshua Anup Sridhar and looking more attractive tunes composed by Seelin these simple yet refreshing wooed everyone with attention.

ROM-COM 3rd act of the box office in South Indian International Movie Awards and grossed nearly $ 150 million on more than one nomination. All nominations for best director and best poet Wind Wadeyar, best cinematographer for the film Vaidi S and best fight choreographer Ravi Varma SIIMA won the award.

4. Mr. And Mrs. Ramachari

MAMR sandal with the blockbuster successes in the cinema broke loose. Numerous nominations, the film has South Filmfare, Zee Music, more than 15 titles and awards SIIMA IIFA Utsavam. Yash, Radhika Pandit also appeared in the romantic drama magic wows every time actors with chemistry Bang rolling down the hearts of the audience was a bit emotional strips screen cast.

In addition, V. album in 2015. The film with Yash downloaded 3 million albums in Hollywood and the music composed by Harikrishna called ‘Annthamma’ songs, another superhit the one was the song sung by lending his voice became Upavasa top playback singer Sonu Nigam & Shreya Ghoshal.

5. Raja Huli

Despite facing competition from a major Bollywood release Krrish 3, the opening of steaming Raja Huli box office. 2012 Tamil movie was a remake of Telugu film Sundarapadian by Sasi Kumar from M.. RH 1st involved with the festival hit the big screen on Kannada Rajyotsava inciding November 2013.

Comedy drama and glory of the King Huli Kavari, presented a number of plot twists ending in a climax to the union paid by Meghana Raj heroine.

6. Drama

Featured a star cast including ROM-COM thriller Ambarish appearing in cameo roles with Yash, Radhika Pandit, by Sathish Ninasam and Sindhu Lokanath. With revenue of Rs 15 crore at the box office, the film became the highest grossing blockbuster of 2012.

V. Harikrishna its music composed by severe superhit album, especially the song was hailed as ‘sung by Chendutiya Pakkadali’ Sonu Nigam.

7. Santhu Straight Forward

With this 2016 action drama, lead the way to fame and commercial hit. The fame and love between the two screens as the villainous film starring Shaam as Radhika Pandit. Santhu plot was inspired by extreme right Vallu Mahesh Rao directed by Tamil film, however, has proven to give you a jump start on the viewer’s expectations.

Actors best theatrical performances, a crisp plot and a beautiful box office revenue V. Harikrishna blowing Rs 15 crore film music scores.

8. Masterpiece

Yash’s masterpiece is truly recognized as sandalwood film masterpiece. 2015 drama full of mystery and adventure in a truly with commercial success is action packed style, high-end. The film features the guest of unity Rathore.

Singh wearing apparel first teaser poster of renown, the movie is expected to release a patriot, though, the plot revealed a stark contrast to the script that will unite the audience on the domestic box office. In addition, Renown lent his voice to the tracks were written by Manju Annange love Mandavya.

9. Gajakesari

Yash depicting all new epic Avatar, get swept away by the audience feet Gajakesari. Tight plot, realistic action sequences and timeless backdrop gripped audiences and critics alike.

Due to its huge success on the sandalwood box office, the film was the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Ireland, UK, Germany, in Canada and Singapore.

10. Lucky

The 2012 romantic drama dental surgeon as director in Kannada cinema marked the debut of Dr. Suri. Although the film has a light scripts and a mono-dimensional plots, scenes and a light-hearted touch to touch it.

Love between men and women revolves around the drama played by fame and wealth leads Ramya respectively. Zoo Zoo Gowri dog story comes to a climax with the cold hands of a lucky and happy relationships.

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