The 10 Best Agatha Christie Novels

The 10 Best Agatha Christie Novels

Every time best-selling novel of World Records as listed by the Guiness book writer, Agatha Chritie is a story of one of a kind. Popular crime has some of the famous English novelist, novels of all time greatest crime fiction in the name of the queen. 10 of the best novels take a trip today. Get ready for this …

1. And Then There Were None (1939)

, It’s considered as the most difficult novel by Agatha herself, and then there were none “Countdown to write Numero Uno position grabs. 1939 novel was originally titled “Ten Little Niggers’. It tells the story of the 10 people who have secrets in their hearts, are invited for a weekend at the island. We are not leaving until the dies, everything seems perfect. When the murderer is a sense of the plot thickens.

2. The ABC Murders (1936)

Coming in at number 2 is Agatha’s 1936 novel ‘The ABC Murders’, which tells the story of a serial killer who murders Alice Ascher, Betty Barnard and Carmichael Clarke. Hercule Poirot, the fictitious detective created by Agatha is unsuccessful in saving the lives of these three people despite getting various clues. All that he can hope for is that he catches the killer before he reaches D. This was one of the first novels to deal with a serial killer.


3. Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case (1975)

Originally written during the second world war, somewhere in 1939, and published 36 years later in 1975, ‘Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case’ breaks into top three into this list. The novel makes the last appearance of Poirot. The plot of the novel is about when Poirot call upon friend Hastings while he revisits the Country House Styles, where he solved his first case, to help him identify a killer whom Poirot suspects is disguising as a guest.


4. The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd (1926)

Spy is considered as a milestone in fiction, the king of the abbot € that she found is where Mr. Roger Ackroyd as rain visit the village is killed tool “Roger killed Ackroyd ‘Poirot tells the story. The last chapter of the novel is a classic murder mystery in this particular village which reveals to readers that did not bargain for. 1926 novel, the 10 best novels of Agatha Christie stands at No. 4 on the list, has been adapted in numerous dramas and films.

5. Five Little Pigs (1942)

The 1942 novel is an unforgettable experience ‘Five Little Pigs’ itself is a sheer genius brings to five different accounts of the event. Caroline Crale, then her husband’s murder dies in prison to 16 years in prison, her daughter’s resurrection leads Poirot five defendants denied the summons. Number 5 on our list is placed to reach the scene of the novel, then, is how to settle a case tells us that the only evidence of possible participants Poirot.

6. Endless Night (1967)

1967 novel Endless Night 10 greatest novels of Agatha Christie’s at 6 in our countdown. How Michael and Ellie, a newlywed couple, who initially seemed happy, tells the story could end in a jaw-dropping, incredible, story indeed. Agatha regarded this novel as one of their favorites. It has been translated into 13 different languages and a 1972 film of the same name.

7. Murder On The Orient Express (1934)

“Because of Snowdrift life train suddenly a Murder on the Orient Express Night and it goes off in the morning how the story of that list, the number of runs 7, a corpse in the compartments is found in one. What worsens the situation for the passenger and driver’s side of the untrodden snow suggests that the killer is still on the train, that is. 1943 novel received a rather surprising end of the train’s degree murder mystery in the kitty.

8. Crooked House (1949)

As we review some of the major works by Agatha Christie’s ‘Crooked House’ grabs the No. 8 position. 1949 novel Leonides, is the story of a family living in a house not crooked. When doubts arise as suspected poison is leaving arstaydyz Leonides ,. The novel is still considered a crime as is clear from the act that was also felt by tragic times, Agatha time of publishing this book publishers by readers.

9. Death In The Clouds (1935)

Coming in at number 9 in the Christie’s 1935 novel “Death Cloud” actually is, death was titled as’ air. When a passenger is found dead just moments before landing a plane, the end this was a bee sting, but a poison found the dart, it is realized that he was killed by a blowgun Is. Now, can it?

10. A Murder Is Announced (1950)

50th novel by Agatha Christie begins his list of the 10 best novels of Agatha Christie. A murder is announced through an advertisement in a local newspaper, a murder until all thought of it as a hoax in an end stage sets. 1950 novel. Novel Miss Marple, Agatha’s most well-remembered features a fictitious character.

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