The 10 Beautiful Actors with Celebrity Parents

The 10 Beautiful Actors with Celebrity Parents

It is often just like their parents to the children of famous actors or artists, is seen as a step in the world of entertainment. , It is perhaps because of this they are grown in such an environment, and developed in the world of fame and glamor. Many of the star kids who, while they are presented by their parents to give them all the necessary support, to create as many own actors and instead be known as a son or daughter Try to get back on their feet. Our personality. Let’s look at some of the actors with parents.

1. Abby Elliott

Abigail Elliott is an American actor, comedian and voice actor. He is known for his work as a cast member on the television series Saturday Night Live season. She is much loved for its celebrity impressions. He performed frequently in many cases have made, and midnight shows and comedy pilots other shows as well as films. She is the daughter of actor and comedian Chris Elliott and talent coordinator, Paula Niedert.

Referring actors with a special touch of personality Chris Pine, Captain Kirk of Star Wars series, the ‘chips’ is the son of actor Robert Pine, and The Vampire Diaries Steven R. McQueen, who is the son deserved the hockey player Luc Robitaille. Many other actors.

2. Rashida Jones

Rashida Leah Jones, as well as television, is an American actor working in films. He is also a screenwriter and occasional singer, and author of a comic book. He named Ann Perkins comedy called Parks and Recreation is very popular for the character portrayals. He is also featured in other series and several movies. The Quincy Jones, Jr., 27-time Grammy-winning composer and daughter of Modern Square and Twin Peaks star Peggy Lipton.

3. Tyler Sisters, Liv and Mia

Liv’s Tyoer previously worked at an American actor who worked as a child model, beauty, etc., more well-known character of the Lord of the Rings trilogy theft, fall silent films. Mia is an actor, as a public speaker and advocate as a plus size model and designer. The Aerosmith lead singer, Steven Tyler daughters. Liv and Bebe Buell, while the model was created during their marriage, Mia’s mother is actress Cyrinda Foxe.

4. Allison Williams

It is known for his role as Marnie Michaels called the girls with popular comic actor, drama series. She won the hearts of people with his humor, and he is also a musician. Allison, Brian Douglas, who anchor the evening news program TV series 30 Rock, NBC Nightly News, 2004. Her mother has since been managing editor Jane Gillan Stoddard, who starred in the popular US television journalist’s daughter television producers.

5. Jennifer Aniston

American actress Jennifer Anniston blockbuster television sitcom, Friends, he has won many awards receive the most love in the world for her role as Rachel Green on a character which. He has seen Bruce Almighty, Spiderman and me, girl, and very much a successful film career, with films like. He is also a successful business woman. She is the daughter of the Greek-American actress, Jennifer Aniston is the reputation of our days, and the actors Nancy Dow.

6. Lily Collins

US modl English actor, known for Lily Collins, Mirror, kidnapping, and her work in The Blind Side ‘films. City of Bones, the film adaptation of the novel, City of Bones, he received accolades for his role in the instruments of death. When he was a teenager, probably because they lead singer artistic genes inherited from his father, Phil Collins, Genesis was brought by her mother, Jill Tavelman, although he stepped into the entertainment world.

7. Grammer Sisters, Spencer and Greer

Spencer has been facing the camera as an actor and a model from quite a young age. She appeared in shows and commercials, and currently known for her work in “Greek”. Former beauty queen Candace Greer Grammer is an actor known for her role as Lissa in the television hit series, Awkward. They are daughters of comedian and actor, Kelsey Grammer. While Spencer was born to his marriage with dance instructor Doreen Alderman, Greer’s mother is make-up artist Barrie Buckner.

8. The Gummer Sisters, Mamie, Grace and Louisa

The Mamie Gummer is an American actor who is very popular for Emily Owens, a television series, MD performer Grace Gummer has been in the entertainment industry for some time, Emily Owens, a character portrayals, and as films as well as television worked. Louisa, on the other hand, is just starting out as a model and actor. Three sisters are married to legendary actor Meryl Streep’s daughter, sculptor Don Gummer.

9. Dakota Johnson

Dakota, who is an actor and model, sitcom Ben and Kate as the heroine of the stars. They have quite a few feathers in his cap, and is one of the most important is that they Anastasia Steele, the book has been cast as the female lead in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey wait. The Golden Globe-winning daughter, Don Johnson, and Academy Award-nominated actor, Melanie Griffith. He is an actor and model of a third generation.

10. Eva Amurri

EVA is an American actor, and popular face on TV. He kick started her film career Banger. Since then, several Showtime series of stories the characters chat shows and films has been playing as well as make great contribution. She was the daughter of the dead man to win the support of fame Grande, known for films such as Susan Saradon actor Academy Award, and Italian director, producer and screenwriter, Franco Amurri,.

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