Sajid net worth, biography, age, height, wealth, wife / girlfriend

Sajid net worth, biography, age, height, wealth, wife / girlfriend

Sajid Khan, Kamran Sajid Khan is known earlier. He was born on November 23rd in 1971, he said. He said his father was both Muslims and Parsis as a Muslim and his mother is Parsi. He is an actor, script writer, talk show host, film, Indian film director and presenter. Kehne Mein Kya Hai known as the Harz in his first film directed and Darna Zaroori Hai began his career as a TV serial.

Net Worth – Not Known
Sources of Income 

He is multi-talented and had been working in various fields, such as talk shows hosted film acting, directing and film script writer. Kya Hai in the Harz Kehne Mein his first show he played the role of triplet and was aired 200 episodes. Are various films directed by such Housefull are, Hey Baby, etc. and even years worked in various films such as Kaate to Jhooth Bole of Kauwa in 1998, I did the year 2004, Mujhse wedding Karogi of 2004 and the New Happy year of the year 2014. he has directed television programs procession Yaaron. He also Nach Baliye 5 and 6 Nach Baliye judged in various reality shows like.

  • Full Name –Sajid Kamran Khan
  • Born – 23 November 1971
  • Marital Status – Unmarried
  • Parents – Father – Kamran Khan; Mother – MenakaIrani
  • Car – Yes
  • House – Yes
  • Birth Place – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Height – 178 cm
  • Hobbies – Watching movies, cracking jokes
Personal Background 
As he said both Muslims and Parsis, Muslims belong to the family of his father and his mother is Iranian. His father worked as a filmmaker and he lost all his money in the film by Aisa Bhi Hota Hai in 1971. He had lead a very poor life in childhood. When he was 6 years old, his parents took him away. His father, because he had achieved in life and damage to the liver and Sajid Khan began the wines failure when 14 died. He started to live a very early age. He worked as a DJ at parties and celebrations of 16 years of age. He had relations with several girls in a boyfriend until she reaches the age of 30 years. Had ended their relationship and have succeeded

Career Graph 

He said he had one year to host music shows and TV serials in 1996 Ikke PeIkka Main Bhi Detective in 1995. Years later, the show was the Limca Book of Records for being being the host of his career was the longest running show on Indian TV channel. He was the director of films as well as acting in various films. Darna Zaroori Hai movie from the beginning of his career in 2006 and worked in the first film Kauwa Kaate the year 1998, Jhooth Bole. He had to face many struggles with his career and was appointed to a post in his attempts industry.

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