NIO meeting EP9 electric car: 15 facts you should know

NIO meeting EP9 electric car: 15 facts you should know

Do you think electric cars are slow and ugly? Let this new NextEV NIO EP9 scratch that thought off your mind.

Electric car is one of the first technologies that are changing our world. However, when it first hit the market, it was a popular choice due to some reasons. Today, electric cars have become the automotive future. It is next to the NIO EP9 online.Hindered the world by switching to electric cars and the speed of the main factors. They were way slower than the gasoline car. And the worst thing they did not look as luxurious as their price tags. But now, they have changed.

While most of the world have their eyes on Elon Musk’s Tesla, China NextEV is starting to claw their way to the new world of electric cars. The company has assembled to build some of the world’s best engineers and specialists in the world. Yes, they mean business.

Introducing made public just a few weeks ago, the NIO EP9 will hit the road next year. However, there will be only six units produced. And fifteen key facts while waiting you need to know about this new generation of electric car, take a look at. Enjoy amazing pictures as well!

15. NextEV has its own Formula E racing team.

Even more serious is taking the electric car. Two years ago, electric car racing was officially opened by the FIA Formula One Championship E format.

Of course, at this point, we can not compare to the legendary Formula E Formula 1 Grand Prix. But, who knows, we might be able someday.

Manufacturer NextEV NIO, EP9, has its own Formula E racing team. The team’s leading driver, the son of a legendary Formula 1 World Champion, Nelson Piquet. The fact is, Piquet Jr. won his first Formula E Formula NextEV NIO drivers’ championship season with the E team.

Although the team only finished fourth that season, this building is the fact that the car was able to get Piquet Jr. to win the race is a testament to the quality of NextEV NIO.

14. Powered by a 777-V full electric powertrain.

The NIO talk about the power of EP9. NextEV NIO “passive cooling abstract car battery system. By loading. All powerful.”

It is powered by a 777-V car battery exchange system. That allows the driver to change and quickly charged. It only takes eight minutes to change it. And takes forty-five minutes to charge it. Look for a car that makes charging faster than the smartphone in it.

NextEV NIO claims that the car battery can take over a distance of 427 km. Another interesting fact is the reason. In addition to faster charging, has a longer life than your smartphone with NIO EP9.

Passive cooling to work with its battery which is included in a complementary system. This car is to make sure it runs at a higher temperature. Thus, it is well maintained to its peak performance.

13. 1 MW power at the wheels.

A 777-V battery is good? As a starter, can deliver a megawatt car wheels thanks to its powertrain, NIO EP9 peak power. That horse is equal to the power of 1,360 PS.

NIO NextEV as “explains one megawatt of electricity to power the car. For an incredible ride.”

This is an amazing feature of the design and the results of his efforts in engineering NextEV EP9 NIO NIO. It was from the earth. It was all to prepare a car like no other existing electric cars, so they claim.
And the best part is zero emissions. What a way to do good and look good at the same time!

Therefore, the 777-V battery and 1 MW of power to do in terms of speed? We’ll take a look at those facts in the following pages.

12. With gearbox golden ratio.

We’ll take you through a journey of understanding before we meet the performance characteristics of the car to get to the speed and other performance characteristics. Like the gearbox and chassis.

NIO 1 gear ratio EP9: 4,283 and the golden ratio. It’s not just one, but is equipped with four of them. With such a ratio, can control those gearboxes and control on a smooth transition from the driver’s vehicle.

NextEV NIO is engineered to achieve exceptional power and exceptional claims to be the vehicle’s chassis. 165 kg and 30,000 NM / degree can strongly support this statement.

A significant proportion of weight and strength. And because it is possible to be used in formula car racing the car’s carbon fiber technology. This material is 70% lighter yet stronger than steel.

11. Bespoke-designed brakes.

Throttle and brake: a reason why there are two main parts in cars. Some car enthusiasts often forget that fact is important as it breaks throttling.

In the car race, for example, you do not hang with you a break if you miss your braking point that, then you will lose time, or position for another driver, or worse is going off the track and do not fade. Why is the powertrain and braking systems should be considered as important as top speed.

NIO EP9 is equipped with bespoke brakes. The car has to offer in terms of performance, it requires specially designed brakes to balance things. And collaboration with Alcon to develop this part of NextEV NIO car.

Front discs are 408 X 40 mm CCM-R. Rear discs are 408 X 36 mm CCM-R. And that in addition, 6 pot caliper car is bespoke. With such features, the NIO EP9 brake torque capacity is two times higher than the GT3 car.

10. Has four motor generating units (MGU).

Electric car manufacturers, including Tesla and NextEV, answered the questions in terms of their vehicles’ power. The best way to do this, four-wheel drive electric cars produced by such NIO EP9. Some of the world’s most expensive SUVs, we’ve learned such vehicles require features some top notch.

“Four wheels. Four MGUs. Riding a precisely controlled.” NextEV NIO is how he describes the car’s motor Generating Unit (MGU) system.

NIO EP9 allow fast cornering is equipped with four MGUs in order to monitor the stability levels. It is very rare in electric cars. But we should expect this type of feature Formula E car manufacturer.

He called torque vectoring of the facility. With four MGUs, can produce peak torque of the electric vehicle 6.334 NM to 1,480 NM and wheels from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in the motor. The 0 to 7,500 RPM.

9. Bespoke-designed tires.

We mentioned this is just how it is designed to keep up with the performance of the brakes on request. And with that, NextEV NIO also equips with special-made electric car tire.

The tire may request NextEV NIO claims, is to prevent the enormous power to survive. 19 “and 21” They come in two options. 19 “performance tires and a 320/705 R19 slick tires. It comes with bespoke wheel rim with carbon inlays 13 x 19 inch size.

The use with 21 “rims and tires of the same type. This show is a 295/35 R21 tires with bespoke cut pattern and the size of 10.5 x 21 inches.

Cut pattern is not the only thing certain about this. Its construction and compound is designed for optimal performance. These tires must be able to keep up with all the force to deal NIO Ep9 fast corners. We’ll talk about it in particular in the following pages.

8. Specially-designed suspension system.

NIO EP9 other components like brakes, tires, and suspension are designed to meet all car super performance. Engineers really put a lot of thought into building this car. Especially comes to maintaining the balance between performance and reliability.

It is equipped with an active suspension the new car 4-way adjustable dampers. NextEV NIO company’s website, “explains the third functional elements. Right where they are needed.”

4-way active suspension system is designed to NIO vehicles, including the all new and especially EP9 the NIO. So, what is the key to this new system designed? Enable third element mentioned above.

The 4-way adjustable dampers, the car is a third hydraulic actuator. Its main function is to maintain a constant ride height. And that while cornering at high speeds, allowing drivers to experience the performance of the car.

7. Cuts through air like silk.

I know I have mentioned a lot around, but we’ll get to that in particular only slightly since. The first car Walk takes you through aerodynamic.

Formula 1 fans aerodynamic word “” will have heard about a lot. Especially now that we are approaching the 2017 season is going to be about the most aerodynamic. In addition, the Aston Martin Hypercar AM-RB 001 project is an extra homework for the Red Bull Racing’s Adrian Newey.

Like a Formula 1 car’s aerodynamic, is a very important part of building a fast car. And NextEV NIO claimed to reduce the car through the air like silk with 170+ rounds of computational fluid dynamics NIO EP9 of aerodynamics.

With this, the car is able to handle the physical demands of G forces. It’s all about how solid the structure and how efficient aviation system to enable maximum speed.

6. Has 2 times the downforce of a Formula 1 car.

Downforce aerodynamic work of the party and a vehicle to create the best performance under exhilarating speed side. Serves as a system while the aerodynamic, downforce products. Without downforce, drivers will lose control of their car, or worse: in particular high-speed corners, the car flipping.

This day trip takes Downforce his car stick to the ground. It needs to stress the car faster, the largest fall. And that is why sports cars are as low as possible and build race cars.

A Formula 1 car’s aerodynamic forces can produce as much as three times the vehicle weight in downforce. And equal in magnitude to weigh up, downforce car 130 kilometers per hour.

NIO EP9 is longer than a Formula 1 car because I need to go as fast as the downforce. Thus, NextEV NIO full-length floor diffuser designed to achieve a functional downforce rear wing system and a Formula 1 car twice. Parking, low drag and high downforce: rear wing has three positions mode.

5. Gives you fighter jet force experience through the corners.

Fast car, the G-Force will specifically affect you when you drive through a fast corner. G Do not underestimate the power of the Force. You know the formula from about 2-6 pounds in just two hours of the race due to 1 drivers?

Therefore, G Force and why is this a big deal?

No, we are not talking about the movie G-Force squad of guinea pigs. It is something you will experience if you go under acceleration (or the other way around). The car goes faster as most people like the adrenaline pumping, I’d prefer to cook G Force as Ticklish feeling forced.

And fast corners, the NIO EP9 of 2.53 G forces laterally and longitudinally 230 kilometers braking in corners hourly promised 3.3 G forces experience. Casual comfort such power could be tested by drivers. In fact, this power is experienced only by Supercars born fighter jet pilots, until.

4. Light yet powerful.

Those features are designed to create a car that we have mentioned up to now, but powerful light. We know that this is a huge homework to electric car manufacturers. Because we are not as strong as in the case of fossil fuel supplies also know that the battery power and performance. For at least. I believe the technology to change the world.

So, the secret to building a high-speed electric car is located within the material. The lighter the car, the faster it can go. Formula E cars are so much lighter than the Formula 1 cars, that’s why.

Of course you can try to maximize the power of the car. But what about the battery is that it means big power big size. And in the other hand, is limited to a range of vehicle sizes.

We mentioned earlier that implements NIO EP9 carbon fiber technology. This material is 70% lighter than steel, yet it offers the same stability in particular fire hazard.

NIO EP9 165 kg weight. But it can provide a larger megawatt power wheels through the powertrain.

3. Driver’s seat? No, it’s a racing cockpit.

You would expect a Formula E car manufacturer to put his racy thoughts build another car. This applies to its exterior and interior design as well as components of NIO EP9, features

NextEV with NIO “watch the race, the car’s interior, especially in its cockpit. With a racing heart.”

As you can see from the above picture, it looks like the future of competition and racing. It just as soon as you step into the car and strap yourself gives you the vibe of driving in the future.

The steering wheel is definitely influenced by the car’s steering wheel racing with its LCD screen and control buttons. Count the gears and temperature information data about the vehicle is displayed on the screen. And buttons allow you to control the car in the way of a racing-fashion.

Those features can be complex, but promising digital experience that tweak the car with the driver through a wearable technology to make it easier instinctively.

2. 0-200 kph in five heartbeats.

Its performance: Now, to win the most important feature of the car.

If done right, the exhilarating acceleration and velocity can not bring in a powerful car? Therefore, NextEV NIO is described in the “Known as the evidence, provides unparalleled performance level NIO EP9. And goose bumps.”

As you step into the future of car racing cockpit and set your foot on the throttle pedal, the NIO EP9 will only take from 0 to 200 kph in five heartbeats. That is around 7.1 seconds. And if you live through a few more heartbeats, your car’s speed, will get to experience 313 kilometers per hour.

I think this car is extremely fast that you did not?

NIO EP9 really does offer a driving experience unlike any other electric cars. The gas cars have been designed to meet the performance without the risk of contamination through emissions.

1. Proven as the fastest electric car in the world.

He said he wants to build the fastest electric car in the world NextEV NIO did not just bluff. If they mean business we have to prove it. The best way to do this is by testing the car on a track designed for speed. So a few weeks ago, took on the challenge of NIO EP9 in Germany, set a lap time on the Nürburgring race track.

The lap record for electric cars was set up four years ago by Toyota. It was 7: 22.329. We’re talking about classic modern Grand Prix circuit layout here. Classic Nürburgring race track is 20.8 km long. And a lap here takes around five minutes to complete a Formula 1 car.

So, how EP9 NIO? 7: 05.120.

The fastest lap record for electric car. And seventeen seconds faster than the previous record around. However, for your information, one of the leading electric car companies, Tesla, there has yet to record a lap. Or anywhere else. It seems like they are not interested in more.

Unfortunately, the NIO EP9 will only be sold in China. We can not really be able to experience this, but at least it gives us the idea of the quality of cars NextEV NIO.

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