The Top 10 Best Lipstick Brands in the World in 2016 Reviews

The Top 10 Best Lipstick Brands in the World in 2016 Reviews

We can not ignore the importance of cosmetics in our lives. Whether you choose a brand or a new selection must be done carefully. Not only Brands brands of lipstick and nailpolish, but skincare is selected carefully by women. Are avaialble to choose from a wide range of brands these days. About product quality should be very careful. It is true that the content of each make-up, but the best choice is one of the most difficult decisions a woman’s life. Complete with a group of product markets. You have within your skin’s structure and limits of your budget should only choose what. The lipstick is the best brand in the world? That’s why we made the top 10 for its review in 2016 in a list of lipstick brands. I’m sure it will make your lipstick selection easy and convenient. When we checked!

1. Chanel

Is a high fashion house Chanel. The ready-made outfits, haute couture, specializing in fashion and luxury goods. Channel is famous among actresses and fashion models, and the most accessible products. Some of the best cosmetic products, fragrances, skincare products and lipstick. If you want to shine both internally and externally, so there is nothing better than the timeless Chanel lipstick. You will not have to choose the colors and the lack of features. Its low weight allow easy application of lipstick, and keep your lips moist all day.

2. Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever was created by makeup artist Dany Sanz Paris. He was a sculptor and painter from the original. This brand is famous for its colorful and attractive lipstick and other cosmetics and makeup products. For more than 25 years, is the pearl Makeup Forever, matte, and dominate the world with lipstick satine ranges. It Rouge Artist Intense leave are highly pigmented and long lasting effects on your beautiful lips. Also you can keep lip glosses, wet your lips that are rich in natural liquid and enjoy the whole day appeal.

3. Bobbi Brown

Which brand Bobbi Brown, CEO, is a beauty expert. Bobbi Brown cosmetics demands and trends are developed according to the needs of women. The company aims to make it look like a style icon of the era. Original Formula Bobbi lipstick to give them full color with a soft matte finish, delicate lips treatment. This lipstick all over your lips natural vitamins C and E to nourish the cells contain.

4. Dior

Dior is a renowned brand. Based designer, was founded in 1946 by Christian Dior. Today, Dior is known to offer awesome fashion accessories, jewelry, fragrance, skincare and makeup products. Most importantly, the company is renowned for its magic lipstick and eye-catching colors. To look like a modern and stylish woman, you are very good in quality Dior lipstick-which should not be missed for anyone in need, do not waste your lips’ natural texture.

5. Estee Lauder

Prestigious Estee Lauder fragrances, skincare, the document Haircare and makeup products is one of the most famous manufacturer. This time Joseph Lauder company was founded in 1946, and his lovely wife Estee Lauder cosmetics production in New York City. Today, Estee Lauder has become a top-notch brand to create variosu lipstick colors and features for women. This brand pure color, is famous for both young and adult women are effective for long-lasting lipstick providers around the world.

6. Lancôme

Lancôme is a French luxury cosmetic brand. It is known to provide high quality products and skincare products for customers worldwide. The company had been a part of since 1964 belong to L’Oreal’s luxury products, fragrances, skincare and distribution known for offering a wide range of makeup products. It has collaborated with many artists to expose some of the best lipstick colors of the company. It is considered a sign of eternal femininity of the best is L’Absolu Rouge lipstick. Pro xylane contains filling and is available in 31 colors. But because of Lancôme is offered to you, is not the end. Lancôme is a brand that is always listed in the top 10 brands in the world every time the redness.

7. Sonia Kashuk

Sonia Kashuk is a luxury brand that comfort is more than lipstick and reputation for quality makeup products. The best thing about this product is not available even when not disturb your lips and they have been dried to remove your lipstick. You should wear lipstick brand aware that leaving the cooling effects of copycats both real Sonia Kashuk lipstick on your lips in summer and winter.

8. MAC

Mac is famous for outstanding lipstick, glosses, and its wide range of tints. Do you trust me the season will not be less choice of colors and products to choose from in the season. MAC lipsticks are known for being cheap and shiny. You can have a wonderful and beautiful on your lips every time.


NARS is one of the best in skincare and cosmetic companies. It is a photographer and makeup artist, which is formed by Francois NARS. This is a line of lipsticks to choose from cometic brand. It started its operations common lipstick which was sold in 12 Barneys New York. But today it has become a trusted name in women. Some of the famous bronzers, blush, lipstick and eye shadow palettes of products. And as well as an excellent brand with red lipstick.

10. Guerlain

Is found in most classic cosmetics list Guerlain. It has a full range of makeup products-but this brand of lipstick colors are known for their quality and long-lasting effects. The company proudly serving a year for more than 175, and engaged in presenting its foundation in 1828. The sector has been mascara Guerlain, Eyeliner and lipstick to top quality products. Guerlain lipstick, a lasting symbol of style and beauty of every woman. Give your lips look brilliant and seducing.

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