Jennifer Lawrence LOLing sorry for what many call a racist act

Jennifer Lawrence LOLing sorry for what many call a racist act

There is Jennifer Lawrence, he put his foot in his mouth. We love the girl and all, but sometimes (most of the time) Love does not think before he speaks.
Recently, during a press tour for his new film, traveler, with Chris Pratt, 26-year-old Oscar winner told himself as the very least, a racist warm water, is, culturally mixed indifference, acting. During the filming of The Hunger Games in Hawaii, he said, now that despite saying the crew were not considered culturally sacred stones to sit on – as “if your genitalia to them not to expose the “- they did it anyway. How they pulled this one bit rubbed loose stones to relieve itching and rolled down the mountain because it explained a voice almost killed him!

It was a big dramatic deal,” he said during a recent visit to Jennifer Graham Norton Show. “And all the air, like ‘Oh my God, it’s cursed! And, going to the corner, he will curse you in. I loose plot with my ass. ”
He joked about the situation, and received laughter from the surrounding people, but many people did not find funny on the Internet:

Miley Cyrus

Although never confirmed, rumor after Miley totally dig the Oscar-winning actress nude photo scandal to discredit former fiance Liam Hemsworth via text took last summer it was. He reports, “I heard about Miley and then looked at Jennifer nude leaked, she texted Liam. He was not Miley respect starred in thinking a Liam the problems that had broken out there baring dress you wore to put too much of your skin-. this message, said that a few times, but they texted ‘your friend’s picture and it just came out much more than I ever the body showed “and” I do not think taking racy photos stunning. the “Read more:



Lindsay Lohan

During an interview with speculation, Kode magazine, Mean Girls star said, “[Jennifer] is fake, I’m going to regret the role I do not F ***.” Um … what?The reps of Lilo, and that was through the “interview email to try to repair the damage. Why we made a media content and such irresponsible manner will be distributed there is no understanding. ”

However, Kode editor-in-chief of the competition: “I have taken this type of evidence that the gap back up everything.”

In any given case took place against the post, it’s a safe bet that could occur interview. Lindsay … I just forget?


Jennifer Lopez

We are on tonight’s show with Jimmy Fallon, J.Law a party in which they plan and called back to ask the late night talk show host J.Lo to dance. Only Jimmy, who ended up backing out, so Jennifer, remember that “this, and he has, and looking at me, J.Lo, leaving only ‘Dance with me!’ Well, that was, I think I’m just observing. ” [Jimmy] You made me look like a moron in front of J.Lo! Feel like you know? “To diss him round to J.Lo Jimmy himself until the end of the visit and madness, it will say, “[Jennifer Lawrence] was like, ‘Let’s Dance’ and I said, ‘no, I’m good right here. but I do not want to dance with you, like it did not mean that. ‘ I just mean, like, ‘so crowded that two totally stay here. “.” Read more:


Jennifer Aniston

We have no reliable news comes to diss the expected national demand, the price will take this one. However, it went down to the store is claimed: is Jennifer Aniston sure Hunger Games star, Emma Stone and Keira Knight, “dress like an old woman.” I trained well and wants to “Sex be it. ” The more we do not take it on the face value.





Jared Leto

When Jennifer was famous 2013 Fall Academy Award, found it endearing to everyone. Thus, it was serious, poor girl. Next year, though, when he fell into the same function, Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner Jared could not.In an interview, Dallas Buyers Club actor said, “You know, I’m starting to wonder if this is a bit of a drama.” Granted, they are to be kidding this time, but now seemed, those words somewhere stemmed, you know






Joan Rivers

When rendered Jennifer Lawrence Yahoo CEO Marissa took aim at the fashion police during an interview with Mayer tablets, saying, “fashion shows like the police and things like that to judge people based on things just Young people these races are showing [that do indicate it’s OK to just fat, ugly call them and call them, they call ‘t matter that fun. the values are wrong and this [show] that is, put in all things. “But, Joan, they rest in peace, took it to heart tweeting, “When we have a film that, to this were praised each week. But now he suddenly developed Jennifer Lawrence Award Season how strange that during E_FashionPolice loved that we’re picking on those poor, poor performers. ”

He said, “Wait! It just dawned on me fell on his way Jennifer Lawrence slipped on stage. His pride did to get your Oscar.” Ouch.Read more

Chloe Sevigny

It’s most recent person to tear down the J.Law. V in an interview with the magazine, he said, “I love it when a movie star is a great movie star. Angelina Jolie in my opinion is a great movie star. I do not think that this could happen, or I do not think an actor. I have to be I have charisma. I therefore never reached a level which might. Emma’s Stone. he himself when, really lovely. worried Jennifer Lawrence Search. very crass.

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