The Top 10 Hottest Canadian Models in 2015

The Top 10 Hottest Canadian Models in 2015

In Canada, there are many models and actresses on their personality and what has been known for attention. Unfortunately, moving to the United States to become the most famous supermodels of these girls. Here we present the top 10 hottest Canadian Model List in 2015.

1. Anna Paquin


The hottest Canadian model comes top of our list Anna Paquin. She is a business woman, an actress, a model, of course. He starred in HBO’s True Blood Sookie Stackhouse, and has performed very well.

2. Elisha Cuthbert


After being shot in the infamous bit old school 2003, Elisha Cuthbert has always been in the limelight. He is an extraordinary Canadian actress and model. He is best known for her roles in 24, the girl next door and the happy ending.

3. Grace Park

This Vancouver native captivating beauty is another hot and inspirational beauty of Canada. Grace Park has been a talented model and tv celeb her performance in CBS’s revival of Hawaii Five-0 has been superb.

4. Laura Vandervoort


The Toronto native Laura Vandervoort has been the star of the show named Instant Star. She is one of the most famous and prettiest Canadian females. She portrayed Supergirl in the now-canceled Smallville very well.


5. Tricia Helfer


Without any doubts, Tricia Helfer is one of the hottest Canadian models, and beauty queens. She is a famous television celeb as well. This multi-talented lady is best known for playing Cylon Number Six in the sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica.

6. Vanessa Morgan


Vanessa Morgan is an Ontario-based actress and model. His family called a Vampire My Babysitter is known for friendly series. Vanessa has modeled for various brands and fashion magazines during her career.

7. Jessica Paré

Jessica is a flawless beauty Pare. He is one of the hottest Canadian Model and Beauty Day. He has dominated the hearts of fans year after year, Mrs. Don Draper. Jessica is a remarkable woman. AMC as Megan Draper on Mad Men, and many others have praised its role well.

8. Emmanuelle Chriqui


When HBO delegation was canceled, we’ve been going through withdrawal of Emmanuelle Chriqui. The most impressive of Canadian women. He is not only a successful model of the hottest supermodel. Jewish immigrant parents born in Morocco. The best TV show is Mentalist and The Borgias.

9. Nina Dobrev


After starting her career as a teen mom in Degrassi, Nina Dobrev rose to fame across Canada and America. She is one of the most gorgeous models and actresses of Canada. She has also been starred in The Vampire Diaries, and is known for her impressive personality.

10. Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell is one of the most beautiful Canadians. He is known as a television editor and fashion models. Pretty Little Liars named Shay and rose to fame with her hit ABC Family series. She is editor of the French and Scottish / Irish born parents, as well as Hollywood.

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