The Top 10 Most Famous Furniture Brands in 2014

The Top 10 Most Famous Furniture Brands in 2014

A furnished and beautiful home is everyone’s dream. In addition to an interior designer to give their homes an ultra glamorous look, we have wisely curtains, furniture, kitchen needs to pick up clothes and other accessories. So that it is obtained an attractive and charming look, it is important to set the furniture wall. When making your choice of furniture, I believe you will love graceful, attractive and affordable.

1. Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois is the top brand in the list. The furniture manufacturer was found in 1960 by two families Roche and Chouchans. The elegant design and brand has now been launched by various user-friendly products. The company sells its furniture in more than 250 showrooms, 300 retail stores in 50 countries worldwide. The main buyers are as Colombia, Venezuela, Bulgaria, from the US, UK, and Indonesia.

2. Henredon


Henredon is a quality home. This is one of the strongest in the world and the best furniture manufacturers, and has been working for 65 years. The company produces hundreds of office furniture items and accessories, and come with a lifetime warranty that is known for its high quality products. For the buyer to make the most of the antique pieces that create an attractive range of varieties. Henredon furniture is comfortable.

3. Christopher Guy


Christopher Guy is a designer brand with the same name. He started the company back in 1999. It is an international leading brand, its furniture, kitchen accessories, bathroom accessories, mirrors, elegant sofas, chairs, dining tables, head boards, upholstery and various other is famous for its products. The best thing about this brand is that all of its products. The company has shown a genuine sense of furniture designers.

4. Restoration Hardware


Restoration Hardware furniture is a fastest and reliable manufacturing industry. It produces brand furniture, textiles and decor, bath ware, kitchen utensils, electricity, garden and outdoor products, with products like children’s room accessories. It is manufactured by the classic, unique, contemporary, known for contemporary and stylish accessories and export quality products to its global customers.

5. Kartell

Kartell was founded in 1949 in Milan. This brand of unique and high quality furniture combined with innovative ideas. Almost all of its products to attractive and glamorous look to enhance your home decor. The company manufactures both wooden and plastic furniture and accessories to create a variety for our customers. Each item of furniture is so beautiful that none of the customers will never feel satisfied with creativity and style. The Italian company is more dominant in furniture stores across Europe.

6. Theodore Alexander

Theodore Alexander is a trust and name of variety. It is famous worldwide for the brand, unique and exclusive furniture design. Both import and export quality furniture every year for the company’s offices and homes. Also, the customer service with the interim traditional and eclectic furniture and various accessories. Best craftsmen and professional furniture designers are hired to ensure the quality, and the company also produces traditional and antique style furniture for your room decor.

7. Fendi Casa

Casa Fendi came into being in 1989. The brand is known for its creative and innovative furniture. It offers both contemporary and classic style furniture. It started like this because of the high price of commodities, especially antique furniture items to buyers. Brand focus has always been to offer some great products to beautify your room and make your home look like a real place. The leather cushions and arm chairs, sofas, coffee table with plaids, dark brown Ivory addition, furniture, like sofas sun.

8. Henkel-Harris

Henkel-Harris is in the markets since a long. This American furniture brand produces awesome and stylish furniture for your office and home. BothMary and Carroll Henkel, and John Harris launched their services in 1946. The best designer of this brand has had been John Harris. He used to design amazing furniture items in stylish and luxurious way. With the passage of time, his furniture started getting fame the world over and was proudly sold by Henkel. Mary Henkel went to Europe for promoting their furniture items. And this was the start of brand’s popularity.


9. Edra


Edra is another great furniture brand, was founded in 1987. It exports its furniture to all parts of the world in a Tuscany-based brand. Tuscany is short of furniture manufacturers, in fact, it is a city with a rich history of arts and crafts, cultural and traditional values. Edra elegant furniture can be placed in offices and homes. This, in addition to both the traditional and the modern classical style furniture.

10. French Heritage


The high-quality home and office in Europe and the United States are made by mostly French Heritage of furnishing accessories. It is a popular European furniture brand, known for its graceful style and antique design. Excellent management and professional designers and workers who only makes sure you can get services with passionate views and comfortable home furnishing accessories. European handcrafted furniture, including furniture, comfortable and contemporary styled beach hostelry features of this brand.

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