The 10 Most Expensive Movies Of All Time!

The 10 Most Expensive Movies Of All Time!

A successful film speaks volumes about the amount of investment in this. It requires great actors and actresses, special efforts, special places, etc. 10 Hollywood Check made in Hollywood most expensive films and their loved ones really find out which did not turn out well, despite the cost and effort .

1. The Lone Ranger, $225 million

For this Disney Western film featured Johnny Depp film earned $ 260 million. Profits may seem satisfactory, but it was not because I was spending $ 150 million on marketing the excess mass.

2. The Dark Knight Rises, $230 million

Each beat is very profitable Batman movie, the main reason has been approved for $ 230 million budget for the film. Of course, it has to invest a good decision because the film earned $ 800 million profit.

3. Avatar, $237 million

Avatar, directed by James Cameron in 2009 and was the decade’s most abput was film. It also recorded with earnings of nearly $ 2.8 billion and broke a title for the highest grossing films of all time.

4. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, $250 million

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is around $ costed 260 million to produce, which is almost equivalent to a Hobbit movie. With revenues up $ 955 million, it proved to be very successful.

5. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, $250 million

This sixth installment of the popular franchise had proved to be the most successful one. Despite being released in the same year as Avatar, it still managed to make its mark in the history of Hollywood as the second highest earning movie of the year 2009. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince managed to earn four times the initial investment, which was not bad at all.

6. Spider-Man 3, $258 million

The third installment int the Spiderman series also seemed to earn more than it spent. The movie earned a profit of $890 million which was four times the initial investment.

7. Tangled, $260 million

Tangled Disney’s 50th animated film technically. That is why Disney went all out and approve a budget of $ 260 million. Although the list was not as impressive as other Disney films, the box office and grossed well over $ 591 million.

8. John Carter, $264 million

John Carter, Andrew Stanton, Wall E- growth and guided by the great man behind animated hits a science fiction fantasy film. It’s all going to some great budget, veteran director and actor, and even had a huge marketing budget. However, dissatisfied with not a lot of film people and that the performance hit. Not enough to recover the price we been more successful abroad, but still.

9. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, $300 million

Johnny Depp, a film that took a place on the list. It exceeded $ 300 million in production costs that the first film. Despite the high costs, the investors money in the box office worldwide, was calculated when they were very happy as more of $ 963 million from the movie!

10. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, $378 million

Another film featuring a pirate, Johnny Depp and the Caribbean movie. Although this film was to create premium pricing than the previous one, it’s actually earn more, about $ 1.05 billion of the world.

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