Emilia Clarke Soccer Bowl

Emilia Clarke Soccer Bowl

Born in England in 1987, Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen throne is known in the HBO series. A lot of drama to the 2011 EWwy Clarke won the award for supporting actress. He has also been on the big screen with roles in Spike Island and starring James Franco in the garden last days.

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1 Emilia Clarke Walking Bare Feet

2 Emilia Clarke at the Airport Bare Feet

3 Emilia Clarke Crossed Legs

4 Emilia Clarke On a Print Ad

5 Emilia Clarke Wet Foot

6 Emilia Clarke Bare Feet

7 Emilia Clarke Side Pose

8 Emilia Clarke Feet Together

9 Emilia Clarke Standing Crisscrossed Feet

10 Emilia Clarke at the Red Carpet


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